Unbounded · symbiosis 2021 new automobile consumption forum will open

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unbounded symbiosis new automobile consumption

The historical journey of the global automotive industry has entered 2021 year , Almost all practitioners are coerced forward by the same problem : Under the great changes that have not happened in a hundred years , What should everyone in it do ? What you can see is , Fast rising upstarts , Trying to show off , Race against time , Dance with capital ; And unwilling to be behind others , Have made up their minds to break and stand , The elephant wants to turn , Start a revolution from within .

The border , It seems that with the progress of science and Technology , Be artificially divided more clearly ; competition , It seems that due to the influx of new players , Stirred cruelly . But the ultimate picture of the auto industry , Should this really be the case ? No . On the way to 2021 year 8 month 19 At the China new consumer car forum officially opened on the th , The theme is set as “ unbounded ・ symbiosis ”.

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So-called “ unbounded ”, That is to break the original or acquired boundaries of the automotive industry , When the situation changes , Everyone is “ New forces ”; and “ symbiosis ” Is to take a higher perspective , Looking for a business model 、 Market structure 、 Ecological integration and development in the future . This is also the third consecutive China auto new consumption forum , Always committed to the cause .

This year's China auto new consumption Forum , It is sponsored by China Automobile Industry Association , Undertaken by motor home , It's a car home 818 Part of the global auto Festival series . The forum brings together many heavyweight celebrities in the industry , Is due to 8 month 19 Day and 20 It's held online on Sunday . The forum will invite leaders from industrial institutions 、 Senior management of the manufacturer group 、 Marketing front-line cadres 、 Industry experts and scholars 、 Technology R & D Daniel and other elites , Through their perspective , Talk about the observation of great changes in the automotive industry , And give your own thoughts and answers .

except “ Cloud Forum ” outside , Also worthy of attention , And the most exciting big party for young consumers ―― Auto home and Hunan Satellite TV jointly built “2021 Car home 818 Global car night ”. By integrating cars 、 entertainment 、 Culture 、 Cross border marketing of multiple elements such as art , Build the automobile industry “ Breaking circle ” Super IP. Let car lovers all over the country have the opportunity to participate , Enjoy the beautiful life of the car together , Build China Auto Festival .

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meanwhile , stay 8 month 18 day , The car house passed for nearly 6 Months , By collecting massive user data , Upgrade and build science 、 Reasonable data calculation model , The results are verified in several rounds 、 After proofreading ,“2021 Annual release of China's automobile consumption ” Will be officially announced ,16 Cumulative release of items 80 A shortlisted candidate . The brands on this list 、 models , Not just a leader in the automotive industry , It will also play an important leading role in the development of the whole industry .

There are a lot of dry goods in this China auto new consumption Forum , There are five highlights , Let's knock on the blackboard , Start to focus .

* Watch it 1:“ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” How did you start ? The big guys have something to say

2021 It's been an unusual year . This year , both “ Post epidemic Era ” The beginning of , But also 《 The fourteenth five year plan for national economic and social development and 2035 The outline of the long-term goals for the year 2000 》( abbreviation “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” planning ) The first year of the game , Its importance can be seen in . Specific to the automotive industry , China's auto market experiencing sustained negative growth , Also in the 2021 The year ushered in a recovery momentum , Production and sales have rebounded significantly .

The tao “ A year's plan begins in spring , One day's plan is in the morning ”, Complete the plan as soon as possible , In order to make the road of the enterprise more stable . At this forum , Fu Bingfeng, executive vice president and Secretary General of China Automobile Industry Association , The Central Party school ( National School of Administration ) Deputy director of economics department 、 professor 、 Doctoral advisor Wang Xiaoguang , Wang Qing, deputy director of the market economy Research Institute of the development research center of the State Council, and many other industry giants , Will start from their own experience , Reading “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Opportunities and challenges for the automotive industry at this stage .

* Watch it 2: Big data report which family is strong ? Insight into the car market, look here

2021 What are the characteristics of automobile consumption in ? How to grasp the needs and pain points of the main consumer groups ? What kind of products and marketing are more likely to impress consumers ? Want to know the above questions , Then you must lock 《2021 China auto consumption INSIGHT REPORT 》, This is based on the big data capability of Auto Home , It's really a marketing idea 、 Crowd positioning 、 Product planning is necessary for people's work .

Besides , At this forum , Autohome will also release 《2021 Evaluation and analysis report on the competitiveness of new generation automobile enterprises 》, The report will conduct in-depth analysis based on the dimension of enterprise competitiveness . Want to know what kind of company , Is to meet multiple standards 、 A good company with a new generation of competitiveness ? Just pay attention to this report .

* Watch it 3: Where is the big car going ? Listen to the leader point out the way

Some people say , Old times “ Tradition is expensive ” People , It is accelerating to be abandoned by the new era . But those leaders who are in charge of the ship against the wind and waves , Never agree with this statement , In their strategic vision , The traditional automobile giants can still send a message in the new era “ Tonic ”. Judging from the competitive situation , With “ Matthew effect ” Highlight of , Industry concentration is increasing significantly .

At this forum , We will specially invite a number of car group leaders , Feel the pulse of the car market with us , With a higher vision , A broader perspective , Insight into the historical trend and law behind the evolution of China's auto market .“ Listen to your words , surpass ten years of reading ”. I believe these industry leaders who have been floating and sinking in the car market for many years , It will certainly give us a lot of new enlightenment .

* Watch it 4: You say smart electric is the future ? I said now

When will electric vehicles enter thousands of households ? When will high-level autopilot be realized ? Everyone has his own answer . Some people think this is an irreversible trend in the future , Others believe that this is what is happening now .2021 In the first half of , The production and sales of new energy vehicles in China have both broken through 120 Thousands of cars , Hit a new high ; And with the entry of more and more technology companies , The east wind of automatic driving is also blowing stronger .

As the hottest topic in the industry , This forum not only gathered BYD 、 Xiao peng 、 GAC AIAN 、 Euler and other new energy vehicle enterprises , Also invited to engage in relevant technology development 、 Experts and scholars in the field of regulation making , Let's discuss the changes of green intelligent travel to China's automobile ecology and travel life .

* Watch it 5: Is marketing getting harder ? exactly , But it's also more direct

The maturity of young groups 、 The trend of consumption upgrading 、 The evolution of communication form …… Changes in the external environment , Let the knowledge of automobile marketing , Become more complex than ever . Many professional managers sigh , Now do marketing , There's too much to know , There are too many things to learn , that , Is marketing getting harder ?

The answer may be yes , After all, marketing now needs to burn money , More need to be distracted . fortunately , Technological change and social development , So that enterprises can face consumers more directly , And this needs to return to the original intention of marketing . This forum , Let's listen to SAIC Volkswagen 、 Gac and kei 、 BMW 、 Share with Volvo brand leader , Maybe it will also inspire you .

Talk about “ A great change that hasn't happened in a hundred years ” This word , On the surface, it seems to be aggravating people's anxiety . But looking at the development of automobile and even the world , The only constant is “ change ” In itself . Not so , In order to encourage all Autobots to continue to innovate and change , Promote the continuous progress of the automotive industry and travel . The meaning of boundary existence , It's just breaking the limit ; Significance of development , It's symbiosis and reciprocity .2021 The most anticipated automotive industry in “ Cloud event ”, Don't miss it !

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