The scene was tragic! A Weilai ec6 collided and caught fire in Shanghai, and the owner was killed! Official: battery pack intact!

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scene tragic weilai ec6 ec

7 month 30 Japan , According to Sina auto , A Jianghuai Weilai card EC6 Electric cars collided and caught fire in Pudong, Shanghai , Unfortunately, the driver died in the accident . From the video , Wei to EC6 Stop in the middle of the road , There was a raging fire in the front cabin of the vehicle , The front cockpit was badly damaged .

For this network transmission event , Xia Qinghua, general manager of Shanghai Weilai automobile User Service Co., Ltd In Weilai APP Post a response to :

this morning (7 month 30 Japan )5 Some more , A serious traffic accident occurred on Lingang Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai .

According to the information we have so far , A car EC6 After the high-speed impact on the isolation stone pier, the vehicle was seriously damaged , Unfortunately, the user died .

We extend our deep condolences to the victims , Express deep condolences to his family and friends .

We will assist the user's family members to deal with the aftermath .

We are cooperating with relevant departments to analyze the cause of the accident .

Any information that needs to be synchronized with you will be informed in time .

Xia Qinghua said ,“ According to the preliminary judgment of the damaged vehicle , The battery pack is basically intact ”. Wei to CEO Li Bin also left a message in the statement ,“ I heard the news early in the morning , Very sad , Mourn the unfortunate death of users A team has been organized to help deal with the aftermath and accident investigation ”.

You can see it in the video : The accident vehicle crossed the middle of the road , The fire was raging , Initially focused on the front half of the vehicle , Swallow the cab and front hood . The front of the vehicle was severely damaged after impact , The front left wheel is skewed .

After the fire was put out , The front half of the burned car has been completely damaged , The front half of the passenger compartment completely collapsed 、 Front hood 、A column 、 Front double door 、 The windshield, etc. were completely destroyed .

Vehicle bumpers and other parts are scattered on the ground , The left rear of the car was also burned into a frame , Blackened , The picture on the right side of the vehicle shows , The roof was completely blackened , The right rear door is still recognizable , The rear of the vehicle is slightly damaged .

according to the understanding of , Wei to EC6 It is a pure electric sedan run under Weilai SUV, It is the third mass production model of Weilai automobile , On 2020 year 7 Official listing ,2020 year 9 Officially delivered in , The price range after subsidy is 36.8-52.6 Ten thousand yuan .

motivation , Wei to EC6 Equipped with front and rear dual motors , The most powerful 400kW, Can be carried 70kW·h or 100kW·h Three element lithium battery pack . Depending on the motor configuration , The range can reach... Respectively 430 km 、440 km 、605 Kilometers and 615 km . data display , This year, 6 In wei to EC6 Delivery volume is 2830 car , Between Wei Lai ES6 He Weilai ES8 Between .

It is not clear what caused the accident , In response to this event, we will also continue to pay attention to .

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