Listed in September! Take a 1.6T all aluminum engine with a maximum volume of 1640l and a pre-sale price of 143700

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listed september 1.6t aluminum engine

8 month 9 Friday night , Dongfeng Citroen's new medium-sized car — Versailles C5 X Open presale . The whole department launched 4 models , The pre price range is 14.37-18.67 Ten thousand yuan . New car based EMP2 Platform to build , And equipped with the latest 1.6T Turbocharged all aluminum engine . Versailles C5 X It is expected that this year's 9 Official listing .

In terms of pre-sale policy , The new car provides a triple gift for the extraordinary reservation owner : Including a private custom badge 、500 Buy Premium black roof and light aluminum alloy luggage rack 、 payment 2999 Yuan reservation customer ( Including blind customers ), You can share Versailles C5 X Growth Fund .

aesthetic , The new car adopts Citroen's latest family design , The overall shape is exquisite and fashionable . Split headlights are very personalized , Match with V Word based diurnal lights , Form a line in the front face X Shape effect . The upper and lower lamp groups are made with brand LOGO Chrome plated grille , Enhance the three-dimensional sense of the front face .

To the side , Versailles C5 X The body shape of the car is very smooth . The raised waist line on the side of the new car matches with the black wheel eyebrow below , Make the new car look dynamic . Besides , The new car also comes with a petal 19 Inch wheels , Full of styling . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4805、1865、1505mm, The wheelbase is 2785mm. The volume of the rear compartment reaches 545L, The highest 1640L.

Look at the tail , The tail lamp shape of the new car echoes with the headlights , The convex rear bumper of the new car further highlights the sporty temperament of the whole vehicle . Besides , The spoiler at the rear is equipped with two side exhaust , sporty .

Compared to appearance , Citroen Versailles C5 X The interior design is more convergent . Suspended instrument panel is set on the integral central console of the embracing type 、 Suspended atmosphere lighting 、 Frameless central control screen / Suspended instrument, etc .

configuration , The new car will be equipped with 3D colour e-HUD Head up display screen 、7 Inch meter and 12 Inch center control screen , The central control screen will be equipped with C-Connect 3.0 Intelligent networking system , Have 360 Panoramic parking image 、 Natural speech recognition 、OTA upgrade 、 KuWo music, Himalayan radio and other latest car Software .

motivation , Versailles C5 X Will be equipped with a new 1.6T Turbocharged all aluminum engine , Its maximum power is increased to 175 horsepower , Peak torque is 250 cattle · rice . The gearbox matches 8 Speed automatic transmission . Besides , The plug-in hybrid version will be launched in the future .

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