China Evergrande may sell some of its assets, including but not limited to automobiles

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china evergrande sell assets including

8 month 10 Sunday night , China Evergrande announced that , The company is contacting several potential independent third-party investors to discuss the sale of some of the company's assets , Including but not limited to the sale of part of the interests of China Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. and Evergrande Property Group Co., Ltd., the listed subsidiaries of the company .

source : Screenshot of China Evergrande group announcement

announcement , As of the announcement date , No specific plan or formal agreement has been determined or entered into . If the final agreement on the plan is implemented , The company will further announce .

On the same day , Evergrande motor has also issued a similar announcement .

Focus on Evergrande ,8 month 9 Sunday night , Its release 2021 Profit warning in the first half of the year , It is estimated that the net loss in the first half of the year is about 48 Billion element RMB , It's a net loss for the same period last year 24.5 Twice as much as 100 million yuan .

announcement , The loss in the first half of this year was mainly due to the expansion of new energy vehicle business . The business is currently in the investment stage , Purchase of fixed assets and equipment 、 R & D and other related expenses increased and interest expenses increased significantly . The company will 8 The results of the first half of the year were officially released at the end of the month .

since 2019 Since entering the new energy vehicle market in , Evergrande car passed the big “ Buy buy buy ”, Finished the technology 、 Qualifications 、 The battery 、 sales 、 Talents and other automobile upstream and downstream industrial chain layout , Obtained the vehicle manufacturing license 、 Chassis architecture 、 powertrain 、 hub motor 、 Core technologies in power battery and other fields .

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This year, 3 The moon is in its place 2020 At the annual performance Conference , Evergrande's management revealed , The company has accumulated total investment in new energy vehicle industry 474 One hundred million yuan , In vehicle R & D and design 、 Power battery 、 The investment in the fields of automatic driving and intelligent networking is 249 One hundred million yuan . In accordance with the plan , Hengda general R & D 14 New energy models , And in 2021 At the end of the year to 2022 Mass production was realized at the beginning of the year ,2025 The annual production and marketing realized 100 Thousands of cars .

But at the same time , Judging from its financial results ,2020 Net loss of Evergrande motor in 76.65 One hundred million yuan , a 2019 Net loss for the same period of the year 49.47 Billion yuan to expand 54.93%. Plus the first half of this year 48 A loss of 100 million yuan ,2019 So far this year , Evergrande has accumulated losses of more than 174 One hundred million yuan .

So , Since last year 9 Since the month , Evergrande motor has raised funds accumulatively 406 One hundred million yuan , Options are also granted to employees 1.3 Million shares .

Trend chart of Evergrande automobile stock price ( picture source : Oriental wealth )

Or affected by this , Since this year, 4 month 19 On the opening day of Shanghai auto show, Evergrande's share price once rushed to 70.85 element / Post thigh , Then gradually lower , And in 7 month 27 The day touched 10.34 element / stocks , Over fall 85%.

At the same time , In the near future , The overdue business ticket of Evergrande has once again aroused people's attention to Evergrande's business situation . A well-known real estate analyst commented on such sales plans of Evergrande , Or help calm creditors , It releases the signal that the enterprise's liquidity can be improved in the future .

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