"Three electricity" are all included in the guarantee of exclusive insurance for new energy vehicles

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electricity included guarantee exclusive insurance

8 month 4 Japan , Issued by China Insurance Industry Association 《 Exclusive terms of new energy vehicle commercial insurance of China Insurance Industry Association (2021 Draft for comments )》 and 《 China Insurance Industry Association new energy vehicle driver and passenger accident insurance model clause (2021 Industry exposure draft )》, Ask the public for advice . This means that the long-awaited exclusive terms of new energy vehicle insurance have finally been unveiled , The launch of exclusive insurance products for new energy vehicles is not far away .

According to the latest data of China Automobile Industry Association , In the first half of this year, the production and marketing of new energy vehicles were completed respectively 121.5 Thousands of cars and 120.6 Thousands of cars , Year on year growth exceeded 200%. In the first half of the year, the cumulative sales of new energy vehicles have been compared with 2019 The annual level was flat , Among them, pure electric vehicles exceed 100 Thousands of cars . The penetration rate of new energy vehicles increased from... At the beginning of this year 5.4% Improve the performance of the first half of the year 9.4%, among 6 The monthly penetration rate has exceeded 12%.

New energy vehicles, no matter the body structure 、 dynamic system , Or use scenarios 、 Maintenance is quite different from fuel vehicles , Its risk characteristics and accident causes also show some particularity . However , Since there are no exclusive terms , New energy vehicle underwriting can only use traditional vehicle insurance terms and rates , Cause battery failure 、 Charging spontaneous combustion and other unique risks are not included in the insurance coverage . Liu Dongjiao, director of the Insurance Research Institute of Zhongnan University of economics and law, said , In recent years , The sales volume of new energy vehicles has maintained an upward trend , Launch in time “ Model clauses ” It shows that the insurance industry attaches importance to the risk management of new energy vehicles . This can relieve the worries about the risks of new energy vehicles different from traditional vehicles , Good sales of new energy vehicles .

Clarify the scope of protection and depreciation rate

stay “ Model clauses ” In the interpretation of , Article 1 defines the new energy vehicle . New energy vehicles include not only pure electric vehicles , It also includes plug-in hybrid ( Including adding program ) Cars and fuel cell vehicles . before , Consumers are worried about the difference between pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles 、 Fuel cell vehicles are not included in the insurance coverage and so on .

“ Model clauses ” The depreciation rate of new energy vehicles has been redefined . Depreciation of new energy vehicles is calculated on a monthly basis , The part less than one month is not depreciated . The maximum depreciation amount shall not exceed... Of the purchase price of the insured new energy vehicle at the time of insurance 80%.

such as ,9 The depreciation of pure electric new energy vehicles for household use and non operating pure electric new energy vehicles with passenger cars below seats is divided into four price ranges according to the vehicle price , Respectively 0-10 ten thousand element 、10 Ten thousand yuan -20 Ten thousand yuan 、20 Ten thousand yuan -30 Ten thousand yuan 、30 More than ten thousand yuan , The corresponding depreciation factors are... Per month 0.82%、0.77%、0.72%、0.68%.9 The depreciation coefficient of plug-in hybrid and fuel cell new energy vehicles for household use and non business use of passenger cars with less than seats is not distinguished by vehicle price , Unified for each month 0.63%, Compared with the current provisions 0.6% Some improvement .

Zhu Junsheng, director of China Insurance and Pension Research Center, Wudaokou School of finance, Tsinghua University, said in an interview with economic daily , The exclusive clause of new energy vehicle insurance is based on the in-depth study of the risk characteristics of new energy vehicles , Propose industry model clauses , Expanded insurance coverage , Help to meet the unique needs of new energy vehicles , Promote and standardize underwriting and claim settlement practice .

Large scale expansion of guarantee responsibility

Compared with traditional fuel vehicles “ The engine + transmission ” The basic configuration is different , The core technology of new energy vehicles is “ Three electric ”, That is, electric drive 、 Battery and electric control .“ Model clauses ” Clearly put forward , The protection liability for vehicle damage insurance of new energy vehicles includes “ Motor and drive system 、 Battery and energy storage system 、 Other control systems ”. It means “ Three electric ” All included in the scope of protection .“ The terms and rates of traditional auto insurance do not match the risks of new energy vehicles , The rate does not fully reflect the body structure 、 Components constitute 、 Impact of risk factors such as battery life mileage , Power battery is not included 、 The motor 、 Pricing factors related to electronic control system , in fact ,‘ Three electric ’ It is closely related to the safe driving of vehicles , High proportion in vehicle value .” Zhu Junsheng told reporters .

Although in “ Model clauses ” in “ Three electric ” Become a must protect project , however “ Model clauses ” At the same time make it clear “ Natural wear 、 Battery attenuation 、 Decay 、 corrosion 、 fault 、 Its own quality defects , The insurer is not liable for ”. Liu Dongjiao thinks , In the design of insurance products, the natural loss of property value is generally not guaranteed . Attenuation of batteries of new energy vehicles during use , Consumers can go through “ Three packs ” Policies and services provided by manufacturers to solve these problems . Many industry insiders also said , Battery decay is as inevitable as depreciation of other equipment , It makes sense to make a non indemnity provision in the insurance clause .

The reporter learned in the interview , Consumers have been paying high attention to the safety of new energy vehicles , The spontaneous combustion of some new energy vehicles has aroused widespread concern in the society . Spontaneous combustion of new energy vehicles can be divided into three types : Spontaneous combustion occurs during charging , Spontaneous combustion occurs during driving and static process . Whatever kind of spontaneous combustion , Will seriously threaten the life safety of drivers and passengers , At the same time, it will also cause losses to the new energy vehicles themselves and surrounding properties .

according to “ Model clauses ”,“ In the process of using insured new energy vehicles , Due to natural disasters 、 an accident ( Including fire burning ) Causing direct loss of the following equipment of the insured new energy vehicle , And it does not belong to the scope of exemption from the insurer's liability , The insurer shall be liable for compensation in accordance with the provisions of this insurance contract ”. let me put it another way , New energy vehicles spontaneously ignite under any circumstances , Insurance companies must bear the responsibility of protection .“ Judging from the present situation , Compared with fuel vehicles , The risk of new energy vehicles will be relatively higher .‘ Model clauses ’ The provisions in expand the scope of risk protection , It solves the worries of consumers .” Liu Dongjiao said .

The characteristics of additional insurance protection are prominent

In terms of additional insurance ,“ Model clauses ” Compared with the traditional auto insurance, it has been greatly simplified , But it highlights the security characteristics of new energy vehicles , Specifically, it includes additional external power grid fault loss insurance 、 Additional self use charging pile loss insurance 、 Additional self use charging pile liability insurance 、 Additional intelligent driving assistance software loss compensation insurance 、 Additional fire accident limit doubling insurance and additional special terms for value-added services of new energy vehicles .

From the setting of additional insurance clauses ,“ Model clauses ” Although it is aimed at new energy vehicles , However, in terms of the delineation of the scope of automobile insurance liability , It has been extended to various use scenarios related to motor vehicles . This is conducive to protecting the interests of consumers to the greatest extent , It is also conducive to the expansion of the overall base of auto insurance premium . for example , Additional intelligent driving assistance software loss compensation insurance , To a certain extent, it solves the problem that it is difficult for traditional auto insurance to reasonably price the losses caused by software upgrade . Additional fire accident limit doubling insurance , If the additional legal holiday limit doubling insurance clause is superimposed , It can even double the responsibility guarantee .

Zhu Junsheng thinks , The exclusive clause additional insurance of new energy vehicle insurance further expands the relevant property insurance and liability insurance , Such as high voltage battery fire 、 Property damage caused by explosion , Fire caused by overcharge of battery or power connection problem, resulting in property damage, etc , It makes up for some security gaps . meanwhile , He also suggested further strengthening the crash test of new energy vehicles , Deepen vehicle crashworthiness 、 Research on maintainability and maintenance economy , Improve the research on vehicle safety index , Consolidate the basis of pricing and product development . Strengthen the application of science and technology , Explore motor vehicle mileage insurance (UBI) And innovative products .

According to our country 《 New energy automobile industry development plan (2021—2035 year )》, To 2025 year , The sales volume of new energy vehicles shall reach... Of the total sales volume of new energy vehicles 20% about . Strong policy support , There is broad room for growth . It is easier to buy a car than to keep it , Although new energy vehicles can enjoy subsidies when purchased , The charging cost is also much lower than the fuel cost . But because there is no exclusive insurance clause , Insurance expenses and maintenance expenses have become the main expenses of many new energy vehicle owners “ Big head ”. Industry insiders expect , With the advent of exclusive terms , The launch of exclusive insurance products for new energy vehicles is just around the corner , This will further stimulate the purchasing power of new energy vehicles , And then promote the rapid iteration of the upgrading of the automobile industry .

Liu Dongjiao said ,“ Model clauses ” In line with the general direction of comprehensive reform of auto insurance since last year , Terms are more subdivided , Consumers get more targeted protection . Because the new energy vehicles have not been available for a long time , The understanding of its risk needs to be further deepened , This also forms a back force mechanism , Require insurance companies to speed up the application of Insurance Technology , More comprehensively understand and master the various technical routes of new energy vehicles and the risk characteristics of all links of production and use , Strengthen the risk management of new energy vehicle insurance , Realize the sustainable development of new energy vehicle insurance , Provide consumers with continuous and high-quality auto insurance services .

Since the comprehensive reform of auto insurance , It is an indisputable fact that the premium income of auto insurance products has decreased . Both large and small companies are looking for new growth points for the auto insurance market .“ The arrival of exclusive terms of new energy automobile insurance , It is undoubtedly helpful to improve the whole auto insurance business , Especially with the improvement of auto insurance service , Consumers will also have less worries when buying new energy vehicles .” Zhu Junsheng said .

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