The average price of used cars has risen by more than 20%, but carmakers are eager to see it

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average price used cars risen

American used car dealers Carvana CEO Ernie - Garcia (Ernie Garcia) Recently expressed , Unless carmakers' production capacity returns to pre epidemic levels , Otherwise, the price of used cars in the United States will remain high .

actually , And 2019 Compared to , U.S. used car sales data have not changed much , The difference is that the production capacity of new cars has fallen sharply , Pushing up the price of used cars . Garcia said ,“ Before completely solving the supply chain problem , Automobile production capacity will still be affected in the long term .”

It is reported that , Chip shortage has led to ford automobile 7 month 、8 Cut North American factory production in June . The second quarter report disclosed , The company's supply shortage is improving , But the loss of auto production capacity in the quarter reached 70 Thousands of cars .

GM also said , The shortage of chips will reduce its revenue 15 Billion -20 Billion beauty element , As a result, some North American factories are idle .

nissan automobile 5 Monthly representation , Production is expected to decrease this year 50 Thousands of cars , At the same time, Daimler and Stellantis Also warned , The shortage of chips is expected to continue until 2022 year .

According to the consulting firm AlixPartners stay 5 The report released in June , This year, , The shortage of chips has cost carmakers their promises 1100 Billion dollars .

The decline in carmakers' production is a major challenge for American used car dealers “ Gospel ”. According to online automobile resource network Edmunds The data of ,2021 In the second quarter of, the average transaction price of used cars in the United States was 25410 dollar , Higher than the first quarter 22977 dollar , Year-on-year growth 21%.

This virtually improves the profitability of used car dealers . The largest used car dealer in the United States CarMax Revenue increased year-on-year in the first quarter 138.4%, reach 77 Billion dollars . Total sales 452188 car , Year-on-year growth 128%.

Sonic Automotive Second quarter earnings also hit a record , reach 5.956 Billion dollars , Year-on-year growth 88.9%. Year on year growth in retail sales 68.9%.

Carvana The second quarter report released on Friday also showed , Revenue increased year-on-year in the second quarter 198% to 33 Billion dollars , Net income of 4500 Thousands of dollars , Delivered more than 10.7 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 96%.

When will the price of used cars fall back to normal , Garcia said , It's hard to predict in the next six months to a year . Because suppliers may be more vulnerable than expected , COVID-19 is breaking out all over the world. , This cast a shadow over the return of production to normal .

Of course, there are optimistic predictions , Such as Sonic Automotive President Jeff - Decker (Jeff Dyke) Recently expressed , The chip shortage is expected to ease in the coming months , At the same time, the price of used cars will also decrease .

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