Nissan plans that 40% of U.S. sales in 2030 will come from pure electric vehicles

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nissan plans u.s. sales come

According to foreign media reports , After the U.S. government officially announced its electrification goal , nissan Also announced 2030 in , Among its car sales in the United States ,40% From pure electric vehicles .

If other forms of electric vehicles are included , This proportion will be higher , But the company did not disclose the details . The company said :“ The goal of Nissan North America is , To 2030 in , Of U.S. car sales 40% The above will come from pure electric vehicles , The proportion of electric vehicles will be higher .”

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Not long ago, the goal set by the U.S. government was ,2030 in , In new car sales 50% From electric cars ( Including pure electric vehicles 、 Plug in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles ). It means , Nissan can easily achieve this goal , In addition to pure electric vehicles , Nissan also sells plug-in hybrids in the United States .

As early as 2010 year 12 month , Nissan launched the leaf in the United States (LEAF) electric vehicle . By the end of 2021 Second quarter , The company has sold... In the United States 159,200 Leaf . In the second quarter of this year , Leaf accounts for... Of the total passenger car sales in the United States 4.8%.

Nissan also announced earlier that , Will be in 2022 In, a new... Was launched in the United States ARIYA Electric cars . The company said :“ Get... In the leaf success On the basis of , We will also 2022 Sales of pure electric models began in ARIYA.ARIYA Will drive fun 、 Acceleration and handling are related to the tranquility of electric vehicles 、 Exquisite cabin , And advanced technology , Make driving easier 、 More interesting .”

Besides , Nissan also said it would release more pure electric models in the future , But the company did not disclose any details . Nissan said :“ With the improvement of consumer acceptance , Launch ARIYA after , We will also launch more pure electric models , Provide consumers with more choices , And help them find vehicles that can meet their daily needs .”

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