"Wtcr regulations" is a white paper on street car performance modification with high cost performance

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wtcr regulations white paper street


If you want to play regular racing in China , It is said that the most cost-effective solution is to play TCR Racing .

Modification based on mass production models , There is a unified standard , Have similar performance . The overall equilibrium is TCR The biggest feature of the car . Give consideration to Lap speed 、 Stability and cost , This is the most important thing about track cars 3 In terms of .

Many players have or have begun to consider buying TCR The car is coming to the track .

In their words ,TCR The racing car is much faster and more stable than what I modified with a streetcar , And cheaper .WTCR yes TCR The highest level event in the series , Take a look at WTCR Technical specifications for , It will help you choose what suits you TCR The car .

TCR The highlight of the car is the cost-effective modification on the basis of mass production vehicles .

If you're a street car , Looking at these design ideas also helps to make more reasonable modifications .


  Basic data  

For body dimensions 、 Wheel base 、 Wheelbase and other data shall be measured on a horizontal ground , The tolerance is ±5mm. The requirements for the height of the vehicle bottom from the ground are 80mm,±20mm.


If it's not on the production car ,TCR Titanium alloy is also not allowed in racing cars 、 magnesium alloy 、 Ceramic coating and other advanced materials .

engine 、 transmission 、 Bushings at subframe, etc. can use harder replacement parts than those on mass-produced vehicles , However, its size shall be consistent with that on the mass production vehicle .


Vehicle weight

stay WTCR In the rules , Yes Vehicle weight and Race weight It's two concepts .

  Vehicle weight    It doesn't include drivers and fuel 、 Drinking water 、 Empty vehicle weight of consumable liquids such as glass water . This includes the weight of non expendable fluids such as brake fluid , It also includes the weight of the counterweight .


  Race weight    After the driver wears a full set of necessary equipment , The weight of sitting in a car that can start .

Including the consumable liquid required for the game , But it does not include equipment that is not mandatory ( Such as : radio 、 Cooling clothing system, etc ) weight .

WTCR The minimum race weight of the car is 1365kg.


The counterweight must be made of metal , It must be in the cockpit or trunk , Must be fixed to the body .

The bolts for fixing the counterweight shall be at least 8.8 level 8mm Diameter . At each fixed point , The contact area between the counterweight and the vehicle body shall be greater than 40cm².


In the course of the game , Anytime The load ratio of the front wheel shall be higher than 59%.

The load is the positive pressure of the tire on the ground .

The load on the front wheels is the smallest when going uphill and accelerating out of the corner , When accelerating out of the corner , A large amount of load will be transferred to the outer rear wheel , If the outer rear suspension and tires may have sunk to the limit , And the driver continues to accelerate , The load will be transferred to the inner rear suspension .


Inner rear suspension , The outer front suspension is lifted up .


The inner front suspension is under the influence of the outer rear suspension sinking to the bottom , At this time, it has been raised to the maximum height .

therefore , Both front suspensions are in a large lifting state .

At this time, the load of the front wheel may be lower than the requirements , It is also possible to push the head .


batch production

The so-called mass production , It's a request in lately 12 Within months, the production of this model will reach 5000 Ministry . If an engine other than this model is used 、 transmission 、 Turbine and other components , The output of these parts is also required in the near future 12 Reach... Within months 5000 have .

  Data records  

For cars playing the track , Data recording is very important . If you have changed ECU Or writing it yourself ECU It's even more important , These data are accurate feedback on vehicle conditions . We strongly recommend that you equip your car with data recorders .


Vehicle dynamics 、G value 、 Cornering speed 、 Many data such as engine status can only be known through the recorder .

The record items of data flow mainly include

  • 4 Wheel speed
  • Engine speed
  • Longitudinal acceleration (X towards )
  • Lateral acceleration (Y towards )
  • Accelerator pedal position
  • Throttle position
  • Target and actual values of engine load ( If the throttle and accelerator pedal positions do not strictly correspond, you need to )
  • Coolant temperature
  • Intake air temperature ( Unified use Marelli PT1000 M6 Temperature sensor )
  • Boost value ( Additional sensor measurement )
  • front 、 Rear brake caliper pressure
  • Lambda value
  • Ignition angle
  • Start and end time of injection pulse
  • Injection pressure
  • Camshaft angle
  • GPS The signal ( Video and radio antennas need to be connected with GPS The antenna has 30cm The distance above )
  • Steering wheel angle
  • gear

WTCR Prohibited sensors are

  • Pitot tube
  • Tire pressure sensor
  • Tread temperature sensor 、 Tire temperature sensor
  • Non contact vehicle height sensor ( The shock absorber travel sensor can use )
  • Turbine speed sensor
  • Cylinder pressure sensor
  • Engine torque sensor
  • Wireless signal 、 temperature 、 distance 、 Optical and other non-contact sensors

In terms of working principle ,WTCR Racing cars are allowed to use magnetic fields 、 Pressure film 、 Sensor with the working principle of the resistance in direct contact with the measured object , It is also allowed to use 10Hz Of GPS The signal . Piezoelectric knock sensors are not allowed , Differential is not allowed GPS, Remote sensing is not allowed .


  Driving AIDS  

In case of mass production models, the engine management system must have TC、ABS、ESP Wait for the driver assistance system ,TCR Racing cars can use these systems , However, its software and hardware shall be consistent with those on the mass production vehicle , And the driver cannot adjust the settings of these systems in the car .


The ejection control and maintenance area speed limit system can have , The engine speed control function in the ejection system can also have . But the engine speed 、 The closed-loop control logic between the wheel speed and the clutch pedal position cannot have .


WTCR The purpose of not allowing the re adjustment of the auxiliary control program is mainly to balance the performance between cars , It is also to control the test and R & D cost of each team .

  Body parts  

TCR The requirements for vehicle width shall not be greater than 1950mm.

Continuous seam welding can be used instead of original spot welding , Or as a supplement to the original spot welding .


To fit the race tire , The wheel well can be changed . In order to fit the transmission control line 、 Brake pipe 、 Fuel pipe 、 Fire extinguisher pipe , Firewall can be changed .


The top part of the McPherson tower can be reinforced locally , However, its main shape shall be consistent with that of the original factory . There can be reinforcement between the tower top and the firewall .


On chassis and subframe , It can be used to add and exhaust pipes 、 The clearance between transmission shaft and shock absorber is changed . The modified subframe cannot touch the coaming outside the vehicle body , Do not touch the suspension components .

Body reinforcement

In order to install the roll cage , The roof can be removed during construction .


The shape of the reinforcement shall be consistent with the original shape of the reinforced part , And only the reinforcement function .

For steel parts , Measure from the surface of the original part , The distance to the outside of the reinforcement shall not be greater than 4mm. in other words , Reinforcement plus possible gaps , The total thickness shall not exceed 4mm. For aluminum ( Or aluminum alloy ) For parts , The total thickness cannot exceed 12mm.


On the roll cage 、 Seat bracket 、 Fuel tank baffle 、 When the pedal and brake master cylinder support are changed , No new features can be added to these components .


In terms of body rigidity , In order to ensure a good combination between the roll cage and the upper body , When making roll cage, the roof should be cut first . After the roll cage of the upper part is made , Then weld the connection between the roof and the roll cage .

The hood 、 Spare case cover

The engine cover and spare case cover shall be able to be opened without tools .


If the spring on the cover is to be removed , We need to design other supports , Keep the cover in the open position . The maximum opening area on the hood is 1050cm², Need to be covered with wire mesh , Mesh area not greater than 500mm².


The maximum outward protrusion of the guide plate at the opening is 15mm, The maximum inward protrusion is 50mm. If there is an original reinforcing strip at the opening , The reinforcing strip in the area of the opening can be removed .


The hood should be able to open easily and keep open automatically , Mainly considering that these covers may need to be opened in time during rescue .

The requirements for the air guide opening on the hood are not strict , The opening position and shape can be designed by yourself . Well designed , This... Protruding outward 15mm It can make the airflow at the lower part of the front window more reasonable , To reduce wind resistance .

door 、 cover

Door lock 、 Hinge 、 Crash bar 、 handle 、 The window regulator of the driver's door shall remain in the original state , And shall be able to work normally . The front door must be able to 、 Play outside . The back door must be able to open from the outside , No need to be able to open from the inside of the car .


The window regulator outside the driver's door can be removed , But the windows should be fixed , Prevent it from moving by itself .

The sound insulation materials and decorative strips in the door can be removed . Engine compartment 、 Sound insulation of the trunk compartment 、 Thermal insulation materials and decorative parts can also be removed .


The original trim panel on the inside of the door must be replaced with a thickness of 1mm Above the plastic plate . The plastic plate shall lock the door 、 Handle mechanism 、 The door inner parts such as window lifting mechanism are completely covered .


There can be an interior ventilation and temperature control port near the rear-view mirror .

If there is an accident such as fire , Drivers may need to get out of the car as soon as possible .


If the driver's side is close to the tire wall 、 If the enclosure or door is damaged , The driver needs to escape the car from the front door on the other side . So both front doors should be able to open quickly from inside the car . Requirements for quick opening from outside the vehicle , So that rescuers can remove the driver from the car as soon as possible .


The requirement of door interior trim panel is to prevent in fierce operation or accident , The driver's arm hit the steel or aluminum door frame , Get hurt . It is also to prevent sharp parts on the door from stabbing the race suit , Cause the race suit to lose its fire protection function .


It is suggested that when you reduce the weight of the door , Try to keep the original plastic interior trim panel , Or replace with a flat plastic plate . Don't let the steel plate inside the door be exposed . Empathy , The air conditioner on the centre console was removed 、 Behind the audio panel , These holes should also be closed , To prevent your hands from getting into it .

The window

The front window can use original glass , Electric heating glass can be used , You can also use a thickness of 5.85mm Above polycarbonate windows . There can be up to... Outside the front window 4 A protective film .


If the rear window is made of polycarbonate , The minimum thickness shall be 3.85mm.

All windows must be colorless and transparent . Side window 、 There must be colorless and transparent film on the rear window and interior rearview mirror , To prevent the window from cracking and splashing . Do not apply the film too perfectly , In case the vehicle inspector can't see the film .


When replacing polycarbonate windows , The thickness of polycarbonate plate shall be in accordance with WTCR The rules are good .

For track cars and street scooters , Even if the original factory has laminated glass, or if you don't like changing the color of the window , It's best to stick a layer of transparent glass film . The film quality of the front window is excellent and needs careful construction , So as not to affect the line of sight too much .


The central rearview mirror in the car is also made of glass , It's best to stick the film . The large screens on the central control of the original car are made of plastic .

The purpose of not using the common glass screen on the mobile phone here is to prevent the glass from breaking and hurting people . therefore , Even if the original plastic screen is easy to scratch , Don't buy glass protective film for the car machine !

  Appearance parts  

If a radio is used in the car 、 Temperature sensor 、 Pressure sensors and other equipment , There can be at most... Outside the body 3 Holes , The maximum diameter of each hole is 12.5mm. If you don't need to use a hole in this game , Then this hole should be closed , And maintain the original appearance .


The original license plate cover on the front bar can be removed .

The rear wheel arch can be enlarged , The rear door shall be reconstructed according to the wheel arch .


Adhesive tape is not allowed to be used between the body outer coaming 、 Joints and other items are connected , It is also not allowed to use self-made rubber 、 Filling with foaming agent and other materials .

front 、 The position and shape of the edge of the rear cover shall not be changed , But its sealing rubber ring can be removed .

  Interior parts  

The trim under the centre console can be removed , But its spatial location 、 The overall shape and connection points shall be consistent with those of the original factory . Thermoplastic materials and glass fiber materials can be used freely on the center console . Including pipeline and fixed parts , The total weight of the centre console must not be less than 2kg.


The pointer meter and digital display screen can be installed on the center console or steering column , It does not affect the driver's vision and safety .

Various control switches can be installed on the center console, the center console or the steering column . The holes left on the center console due to changing the switch position shall be closed .


While driving , Used by drivers to adjust ECU The keys or knobs of are only allowed to have : Speed limit in maintenance area 、 Ejection control and GBX Neutral and reverse . Other functions ECU The controller must be installed in a position inaccessible to the driver .


The original air conditioning system can be removed , However, the defogging function of the front window must be retained . When removing, close the air outlet, control panel and other openings .

The original plastic pedal can be replaced with metal pedal .

  Pneumatic components  


The original tail wing must be replaced with a unified standard aluminum or resin tail wing . When looking sideways , Any part of the tail wing to the level of the rear axle of the car (X Axis ) The distance cannot exceed 1050mm, And the height of any part shall not be higher than the roof .


Chord length of main wing surface 250 +/-1mm, Width 1380 +0/-1mm, Trailing edge thickness 2 +/-0.5mm.


The vertical plates at both ends of the tail shall not have holes except screw holes , The whole circle of the edge of the vertical plate shall be no less than 3mm The chamfer of the .


The distance between the two tail supports cannot be less than 100mm, The distance from any support to the vertical plates at both ends shall not be less than 100mm. Considering the moment , The farther the horizontal distance from the tail to the rear wheel , The more obvious its effect .


The smoother the air flow in front of the wing , The more efficient the airfoil is . therefore , Without fluid simulation or wind tunnel testing , Setting the tail height above the roof is a simple and effective method .


Even if it's a pure track car , It's better to be on the front wing 、 Make a smooth shape on the tail . Prevent accidental injury in the workshop , It can also reduce the cutting force of these parts in accidents .

Front wing

The front wing doesn't require much .


Rear bottom diffuser

TCR The design rules of this part of the car are not too complicated . Mainly : Maximum width 1650mm, The maximum included angle with the extension line at the lower edge of the rear door is 25°, No air circulation design , There shall be no fins or other parts to guide the air flow .

Side skirts

The original side skirt can be removed . stay WTCR On the racing car , The side skirts count as part of the body , Not an air force device .



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