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great wall sold units july

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8 month 9 On the first day after the closing of the Olympic Games , Great Wall Motors announced its first half results . It's like the results of the Chinese team , The performance of the great wall can also be used “ good ” Two words to describe .

Great Wall Motor's performance express shows that , This is the leading Chinese car company in this year 7 Realize new car sales in January 91555 car , Year-on-year growth 16.9%,1-7 The cumulative monthly sales reached 709766 car , Year-on-year growth 49.9%. among , Outstanding performance in the international market . stay 7 month , Great Wall overseas sales 12438 car , Year-on-year growth 97.4%, and 1-7 Monthly cumulative overseas sales 74110 car , Year-on-year growth 176.2%, Accounting for the overall sales volume 10.4%.

actually , Great Wall Motors is in 2020 It only published its overseas market performance in the monthly sales express in 2007 , This is an embodiment of the Great Wall's core strategy of internationalization . It should be affected by the overseas epidemic , Suppressed demand is released centrally , This year, the overall overseas market of Chinese auto enterprises is in “ The outbreak of ” situational , For example, Chery, which has always been a big exporter, this year 7 Overseas exports in May 26624 car , Year-on-year growth 194.8%.

last year 7 month , Great Wall overseas sales 6300 platform ,1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 26836 platform . Following this trend , The Great Wall's overseas market may reach a new high in the second half of this year . however , Compared with these big exporters, the overseas market , The great wall needs further efforts . After all, according to the calculation of the Great Wall , This 10% The proportion of is far from enough to meet its grand strategic goal of internationalization .

By brand , Under the Great Wall 5 A brand has its ups and downs . First look at the data , Haver brand 7 Monthly sales of new cars 57196 car , Year-on-year growth 20.4%, Among them, Harvard as a pillar H6 On the pin 25746 car , Year-on-year growth 8.5%, Cumulative 98 Months to obtain domestic SUV Sales champion ;

Great Wall pickup 7 Monthly sales 17632 car , Year on year -14.66%,1-7 Monthly global cumulative sales 135698 car , Year-on-year growth 16.5%, The domestic market share is close to 50%, The monthly sales of the Great Wall pickup gun is 10006 car , Cumulative 14 The monthly sales volume exceeded 10000 , Ranking the first in pickup sales . Great Wall pickup trucks are now facing more and more opponents , Geely is also attacking pickup trucks after completing the layout of commercial vehicles in the past two years , In addition, Changan Chery and others have launched new products , stay 50% Under the market share of , As long as the foundation of the Great Wall is stable, it is victory .

New energy vehicle brand Euler brand 1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 59798 car , Year-on-year growth 378.4%; Euler 7 The monthly sales volume is 7251 car , An increase of 136.65%. Eulerian 7 The monthly sales volume is not mentioned in the Great Wall Newsletter , The reason is very simple, because the number is down month on month . This year, 6 month , Euler brand sells new cars 10791 car , On a month on month basis, the decline is not small . But there should be no special worry about Euler's sales .

As previously published , Euler's “ Good cat ” Models this year 1-6 Monthly delivery 11,677 car , And the number of terminal orders exceeds 10000 . This part of the order sales volume is released , Enough to make this year's performance have a beautiful growth .

Another thing not mentioned is WEY brand , As a luxury brand of the Great Wall ,WEY This year, 7 The monthly sales volume is 4006 car , And last year 7 Month is 7091 car , Another year ahead , stay 2019 year 7 month WEY Sales are 7246 car . Year on year -43.51%, The large decline is not reflected in the press release, which is the main factor .

These two years have been good for WEY It's very controversial , Many people think that as the two representatives of China's independent high-end : The Great Wall WEY And Geely link , Lingke won completely WEY. Led the g 7 Yuelingke car 7 Monthly sales volume is 18225 car , rose 18.88%, Sequential rise 6.72%.1-7 The cumulative total sales volume of all Lingke models reached 556046 car . Among them, Lingke 01、 Led the g 03 Sold... Separately 4694 car 、5724 car .

Lingke's products have been distributed to 09, It has 01、02、03、05、06、09 etc. 6 Products , The earliest product was link 01,09 Not yet on the market . Led the g 01 Since its launch, the sales volume of this product has also increased from 7000 to 7000 per month , Down to the current three or four thousand . Led the g 01 also PHEV、HEV Blessing of version . Led the g 02 Not to mention the sales of , Last month sales 817 platform , Are these two original models successful ?

That link 03 Well , And link 01 Our sales are about the same , The best time is when the monthly sales arrive 1 ten thousand , Now it's basically four or five thousand, even if it's normal . Led the g 06 The sales volume is about 45000 a month , And link 05 Relatively tragic , It was three or four thousand a month before , Now it has fallen to the scale of more than 1000 vehicles a month .

Lingke's sales growth is better than enough products , Launch fast enough . however , More products and faster updates are also a kind of ability .WEY The decline is precisely because there are few products , The two products lasted three years , It's really not easy . Very not easy ,WEY Its tanks 300 coming , But how often does the idea of the great wall change , Tanks declared independence ,WEY Continue to be short of food and grass . If you add tank sales to WEY On , be WEY This year's sales can increase significantly .

Just in 4 Independent tank brand in June , Its tanks 300 Keep selling ,7 Monthly sales volume 5470 car , 1-7 Monthly cumulative sales reached 38543 car . If WEY Plus this sales volume ,7 The month can reach 9476 car , It's a good achievement .WEY New models are needed to add , This is also a pity in the report of the Great Wall in recent months . But fortunately, tanks continue to rush high , Great Wall's desire to have a high-end brand is ongoing .

stay WEY In the sales of , Newly launched WEY mocha ,7 Monthly sales 3,018 car . The car 1-7 The monthly sales volume is 2.7 Thousands of cars . But I have to say ,WEY Several old products need to be updated , Led the g 01 And so on 4 About 1000 monthly sales , and WEY The original product obviously can't reach this level . Besides ,WEY The new Macchiato is coming into the market soon , After the launch of the new product ,WEY There may be better performance . The foundation of supporting brand development is products ,WEY We should further develop , Accelerating product updates is the key .

Considering the low base last year , This year, the year-on-year growth of many auto enterprises is relatively high , Most sales are just a digital boom , No practical significance . Feiling automobile selects the sales volume of Great Wall Motor in recent three years , As the main force, Haval brand grows steadily .2019 year 7 The monthly sales volume is 42888 car , And this year 7 The month is 57196 car , But the main models H6 Our sales are no longer as huge as before , This is mainly due to the increased saturation of the market segment . The warning to the Great Wall is , We need to find alternative products under the Harvard brand as soon as possible , Develop new blue ocean segments .

7 What we should pay attention to in January is , The overall sales volume of Great Wall Motors fell month on month .7 Great Wall wholesale 91555 car , Chain ratio -9.05%. Harvard brand sales 57196 car , Chain ratio -4.59%.WEY Series sales 4006 car , Chain ratio -14.89%. Tank brand sales 5470 car , Chain ratio -23.60%. Great Wall pickup sales 17632 car , Chain ratio -2.37%. Among several brands , Only Euler's sales increased month on month , Its current month sales 7251 car , Chain ratio 32.81%. At the exit , Great Wall motor 7 Monthly export 12438 car , Chain ratio -9.22%.

The month on month decline may be 8 month 10 The reason why the Japanese capital market reacted , The Great Wall fell sharply that day 6.7%, It fell for three consecutive days . However, it is a wrong judgment to hold a pessimistic view on the follow-up trend of the Great Wall because of the month on month decline .“ The main reason is that the impact of chip shortage continues + Due to the high base ”.8 month 10 Japan , Some securities analysts pointed out in the report .

Analysts say , The Great Wall 7 The core reason for the month on month decline in production and batch is that the impact of the epidemic in Southeast Asia on chip shortage still exists + High temperature shutdown ( tanks 300 Stop production 10 God ), As a result, each sub brand is affected to varying degrees , Simultaneous superposition 6 The monthly production batch data base of great wall is high , Month on month comparison of production and batch -11.82%/-9.05%.

Year on year changes , The Great Wall 7 The overall production batch of the month was respectively +20.74%/+16.88%, Among the sub brands, Harvard brand and Euler brand perform best , It is mainly the absolute incremental impact of new models . In terms of vehicle segments , The harvard H6 On the pin 25746 car , On a month on month basis +8.5%/-13.21%; Huff big dog monthly sales 7299 car , Chain ratio -19.21%;WEY Brand Mocha monthly sales 3018 car , Chain ratio +50.45%, Follow up with the increase of production capacity , The stock is gradually increasing , Terminal recognition and delivery sales are expected to continue to improve ; tanks 300 Delivered this month 5470 car , according to APP The order shows , Orders that have not yet been delivered still exceed 9 Ten thousand units , Demand continues to be hot .

In short , Among the Great Wall's major brands , At present, tanks are in short supply ,WEY In the restart stage of midfield force . The harvard 、 The gun pickup plays stably , Euler is in a period of rapid growth . The Great Wall is at a new growth starting point .

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