Yu Yuexian claimed to be an old girl picking mushrooms. She died three days later. The heat of her life could not equal the cold car accident

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yu yuexian claimed old girl

Life is impermanent , No one will ever know what will greet them in the next second , Some are the inevitable result of doing evil that they think they may not come , For example, the signer who just won the sex card , Another example is partially mosaic “ The Forty Thieves ”, But some are really sad life accidents , An ancient costume play is so amazing that people are always not popular , But with an actress who is popular all over the country with the role of rural women in a rural love story ―― Yu Yuexian died forever because of a car accident .

I've read it before “ Thank you ” The article , The article focuses on don't look “ Thank you ” This character is rustic , In fact, the actors look very foreign , Some people even assert that the actor Yu Yuexian will play the role of a rural woman because of her poor appearance , The main basis is that she is 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 The look in the is too amazing , Even later 《 Water margin 》 The role of Jin Cuilian, who was bullied by the town of Kansai, also makes people feel far away from rural women , However, the role of Xie Dajiao was interpreted by Yu Yuexian as real and close to life , Also let people see this 71 Born in , Chinese opera 92 The superb acting skills of the actors who graduated from class , The appearance of throwing away after acting in different plays itself shows strength .

From Yu Yuexian's quiver video, Yu Yuexian still feels tiktok's love for life and the innate appeal , The last video is her gathering mushrooms on the grassland of Inner Mongolia , Adaptation of nursery rhymes 《 Mushroom picking girl 》 The lyrics , Claiming to be an old girl picking mushrooms , Watching the video makes people feel in a trance , I don't think this man is dead , Still in the world . But the news that she died in a car accident was clearly written on the top of the hot list , Let people realize that she may live in her own works forever .

So what a pity , ride SUV Speeding on the grassland of Inner Mongolia , He collided with two camels , Such news is really unbelievable , An accident , Took the lives of her and two camels , Although the others were seriously injured , But fortunately, he was safely out of danger , How can this make people not feel the unpredictability of fate ?

If you want to blame speeding , So whether it's the dead or everyone still alive , Even those who are now as anxious as ants on a hot pot , Cherish the present , Cherish everything you still have, including life , No matter on the wide road , Or the narrow path of life , Try to love yourself and the people around you , Can't avoid what's coming , Just live with everyone and have everything now , Every second is the present , Every second will be the future , The lost will never come again .

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