How to enter the Mercedes Benz wiper maintenance mode? And some good notes on the use of Mercedes Benz wipers

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enter mercedes benz wiper maintenance

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The service mode of Mercedes Benz wiper is on :

Switch on the vehicle ignition , Quickly switch off the ignition or remove the key . stay 10 In seconds , Pull down the wiper lever to the lowest gear , The wiper will be set to maintenance state , Just lift the wiper arms manually .


Precautions for use :

For vehicles that automatically identify the wiper, it is best to turn off the automatic identification function , In case the ice on the front windshield has not been completely removed , And cause damage to the wiper blade . When using the wiper to remove the dust on the windshield surface on a sunny day , Be sure to spray glass water , No dry scraping . When driving in light rain , Without affecting the line of sight , You can't turn it on right away Wiper , It can only be activated after the wiper and front windshield are wet , Wet with glass water first .

If there is anything else on the glass 、 Hard dirt , It should be cleaned by hand . These things can easily hurt the wiper blade , The wiper is not clean . Serious words , The wiper motor will also be affected . When the wiper blade needs to be lifted for car washing and daily cleaning , Hold the back of the wiper blade , Gently return when placing .

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