The appearance can be called small Xingrui. It is built based on BMA architecture. It takes real photos of a new generation of Geely Dihao in the store

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appearance small xingrui. xingrui built

If we say the best-selling compact car of our own brand

Everyone must first think of Geely Dihao

Since the first model came into the market

The imperial family sold a total of 321 Ten thousand new cars

This figure is for many joint venture compact cars

Absolutely out of reach

Today, , A new generation of Regal is coming

As the fourth generation model

New car based BMA Built from modular architecture

The whole vehicle can be said to have undergone a completely new change


It can remind you of auspicious Xingrui


There is nothing wrong with its design and materials


At the same price, it basically has

In space

It still ensures practicability as always


Not strong , But for smoothness and fuel saving

what's more

According to the selling price of cash Imperial

The starting price of the new generation of imperial may only be 6 More than ten thousand

Buy such a car at such a price

It's definitely worth it

So it can be predicted that

The new generation of imperial has been booked to explode

Continue to sit firmly on the throne of the first brother of independent brand cars

At present, the new car has been opened for pre-sale

The pre-sale prices of noble and flagship are

8.70 Million and $ 9.20 Ten thousand yuan

There are also a lot of pre-sale benefits waiting for you

Like friends can start as soon as possible

What changes have been made to this new car

Click the video below

Look at the changes of the new generation of Geely Imperial !

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