High end intelligent electric vehicles "advance" into the battlefield of 200000 yuan

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high end intelligent electric vehicles

Past year ,25 The 10000 Yuan electric vehicle market consists of Model 3、 Xiao peng P7 And bydihan are three-thirds of the world . With Tesla Model 3 Strong leadership , Biadihan and Xiao Peng P7 With 「 People have me. 」 The differences compete for a considerable number of rational consumers .

Before that ,25 The 10000 yuan price segment is the territory of the entry-level luxury car market . The reason why smart electric vehicles can successfully open the market in the shortest time , brand 、 Price 、 performance 、 To configure , Be short of one cannot . But now , The three cars are constantly testing , Drop the price to... Again 23 About 10000 yuan , About to face a challenge with a joint venture brand intermediate car , This round , Can you take it easily ?

25 Ten thousand yuan , The first hurdle

last year 10 month , tesla Model 3 The lithium iron phosphate battery was officially replaced in the standard life rear drive version , The selling price is reduced to 24.99 Ten thousand yuan , One step break in 25 Mainstream automobile consumption market below 10000 yuan .

This budget is not easy for consumers to cope with , hand 25 Ten thousand yuan , I can't wait to buy a high-level feeling of three or four hundred thousand yuan . The competition in this price segment is also very fierce , Consumers can buy the top model of the intermediate car of the joint venture brand , Configuration full , Li Zi gets the best care ; They can also choose luxury brand entry compact cars , Taste La man , Face is well displayed .

but 24.99 Ten thousand yuan Model 3 coming , Gave an unexpected direction to solve the problem :

The first is Tesla's brand image, technology and avant-garde , Have a lot of topics and attention , It's called the top flow of the upper circle , This gives consumers who like to show themselves a fashion trend identity recognition ;

And as an electric car ,Model 3 The power performance is much higher than that of fuel vehicles of the same level , Plus Tesla's geek configuration route , Bypassing this price, consumers are habitually picky about the luxury of fuel vehicles .

Of course , what's more , Less than a year Model 3 From import to domestic , All the way from 30 More than ten thousand fell to 25 ten thousand , Consumers are still looking at it from the perspective of high-end cars :24.99 Ten thousand yuan can buy one Model 3, It's not a big bargain, it's something ? Lithium iron phosphate ? What is lithium iron phosphate ?

Tianji horse racing began .

Model 3 Reduce price to 25 Ten thousand hours , Xiao peng P7 It has been on the market for half a year 、 Biadihan is also listed 3 It's been months , Pricing at 23-28 Ten thousand yuan between , Obviously deliberately avoid Model 3 The impact of . It's just , In the face of price reduction to 25 Ten thousand yuan Model 3, Xiao peng P7、 Biadihan also has many advantages .

such as , BYD Han's long-range two-wheel drive version uses a blade battery , recharge mileage 605 km ; Xiao peng P7 The follow-up version of long endurance uses ternary lithium battery , life 586 km , And only 468 Km range Model 3 Compared to the Standard Version ,「 Basic quality 」 The duel is no longer on the same dimension .

besides , That's the differentiated playing method similar to traditional fuel vehicles : BYD Han and Xiao Peng P7 Bigger size 、 More space , Luxury material 、 The use of luxury configuration is more abundant , Intelligent interaction can also better reflect the advantages of localization , wait . The final result is Xiaopeng P7 Both BYD and Han have found their places , To impress those who claim to be rational 、 Know the car 、 Consumers who are not brainwashed by Tesla .

Peak period , Byd han 、 Xiao peng P7 The sales volume of was once close to Tesla Model 3, Especially this year 4 month Model 3 After the rights protection event, the sales volume fluctuated , The outside world thinks that domestic Model 3 A new round of price reduction will be launched soon , To counter the impact of Chinese brands on it .

23 Ten thousand yuan , Further exploration

7 month 30 Japan , domestic Model 3 Adjust the price again , Price of standard rear drive 23.59 Ten thousand yuan , It's lower than before 1.5 Ten thousand yuan ( A few months ago Model 3 Prices 1000 element ). Although the decline is not as great as before , Still attracted outside attention : tesla Model 3 Every price reduction , The official response is to reduce costs 、 The price is down , Price adjustment that seems unaffected by market changes , In fact, every time it sets off a new round of market turmoil .

from 25.09 000 yuan to 23.59 Ten thousand yuan ,1.5 The price difference of 10000 means Model 3 Of 「 butcher 's knife 」 It has extended from the entry-level luxury car market to the mainstream joint venture intermediate car market , Shake the absolute influence of traditional fuel vehicles at this level .

Different from before Model 3 Passive response to price reduction , This year Xiaopeng P7 Both BYD and Han quickly made countermeasures . As early as this year 3 month , Xiao peng P7 Two standard battery life versions of lithium iron phosphate batteries have been listed , pricing 22.99-23.99 Ten thousand yuan ; Biadihan is 8 month 2 The standard endurance deluxe version was launched on the th , pricing 20.98 Ten thousand yuan .

It's not so much about launching a more affordable version and lowering the threshold for buying a car , We prefer to think that , This is Xiao Peng P7 And BYD Han adjusted their strategy again 、 Answer Model 3 Price reduction , also , what's more , follow Model 3 The influence of , Enter the mainstream joint venture intermediate vehicle market with greater potential .

It is worth noting that , Xiao peng P7 And BYD Han's latest two entry-level models , Basic performance has been compared with Tesla Model 3 The same . For example, endurance ,P7 Standard renewal 480 km 、 BYD Han standard endurance version 506 km ,Model 3 It is 460 km , All three cars use lithium iron phosphate batteries , Security 、 Stability tends to be consistent , Weakening the level of Technology 、 Differences in performance .

In addition to endurance changes , Xiao peng P7 The standard endurance version of BYD and Han is exactly the same as the configuration of long endurance and low configuration , But after the same price reduction Model 3 comparison , Their leapfrog advantage becomes less obvious : All lithium iron phosphate batteries 、 Standard endurance , The power performance is not as good as Tesla , As a low configuration model , In the division of some high-value technology configurations , It's no match for 「 Only one model 、 Configuration is equal 」 The tesla .

therefore , One thing is for sure , Reduce price to 23 The price of 10000 yuan is Model 3 It is the vanguard to guide consumers to transition from mainstream fuel vehicles to electric vehicles . Borrow Model 3 And expanding attention 、 Xiaopeng at the same price P7 Biahan and deahan , It will be a little different in the target audience .

We can try to analyze Xiao Peng P7 And the changes of BYD Han standard endurance version .

Xiao peng P7 The standard endurance version is launched , It didn't lower the entry price of the whole product ,22.99 The price of 10000 yuan is the same as that of long-range low configuration , But the endurance is reduced 106 Kilometers away 、 All configurations are consistent with those in the long endurance configuration . Spend less 2 Thousands of dollars , The battery pack is missing 10.6kWh、 Correspondingly less 106 Km range , This is basically the corresponding cost price of the power battery , There is no big sale .

In addition to the characteristic configuration of automatic parking , Xiao Peng at this price P7 And Model 3 More tit for tat , It may be more difficult to shake the rational consumers who are not loyal to Tesla ; And more expensive than Tesla 2 More than ten thousand P7 Long endurance medium configuration , Besides endurance , There are no other obvious advantages that he must have .

by comparison , Pricing to 20.98 The BYD Han standard endurance version of 10000 yuan is more 「 modesty 」, The same is 2 The price difference of 10000 yuan is close to 100 The endurance of the kilometer , Other configurations are the same as the long-range entry-level model ; relatively speaking , BYD Han's image of intelligent technology is weaker , The standard endurance after price reduction does not have complete benchmarking P7、Model 3 The strength of the , What's more, let BYD's potential buyers have one more option .

But neither Model 3、 Xiao peng P7 Or bydihan , Push forward 23 The goal of 10000 yuan price segment is the same : After standing firm in the higher price segment , They are eager to expand their sales 、 Expand market share ,23 The mainstream joint venture intermediate vehicle market of less than 10000 , Will be their key stop .

Speed up the competition for the fuel vehicle market

With the increase of localization scale ,Model 3 There is no suspense about further price cuts . A reference standard is made in China Model 3 And Model Y The price difference between : 7 At the beginning of , domestic Model Y Lithium iron phosphate version on the market , The price is 27.6 Ten thousand yuan , soon Model 3 The price is reduced to 23.49 Ten thousand yuan ; Now , domestic Model 3 The price of the performance version 33.99 Ten thousand yuan , and Model Y Long life 34.79 Ten thousand yuan .

To form a distinct price difference between the two cars 、 The sales volume will not be affected by price overlap ,Model 3 It is possible to further reduce the price to close to... By the end of this year 20 Ten thousand yuan , Let's make the present 23-24 The 10000 yuan range is reserved for Model Y Standard renewal .

It is almost certain that ,Model 3 To achieve stable annual sales in the Chinese market 20 Thousands of cars , The price will be infinitely close to the high configuration range of the intermediate car of the joint venture brand , Touch Camry 、 Accord's established market . Need to know , In accord, monthly sales are close to 2.5 Ten thousand cars , Hybrid models with higher prices can also achieve sales 5000 car .

A long time ago , China's electric vehicle market is big at both ends 、 The middle is small , Sales focus on low-cost micro electric vehicles and high-end intermediate and above models ; Compact class with a large user base 、 Intermediate car market , That is to say 18-23 10000 yuan price segment , It's the vacuum area of the electric car .

It seems that only GAC can say its name Aion S, But this is just a compact pure electric car , It is difficult to influence private users outside the online car Hailing market , Not to mention the shell changing Toyota iA5 And Honda EA6 了 . Another BYD Qin with overlapping prices Pro EV, Due to the relatively low-end product image of the same fuel vehicle and plug-in hybrid , It's hard to convince 20 Consumers with a budget of 10000 yuan .

For those first tier city users with limited license and line restriction pressure , Tesla's further price reduction is very attractive : hand 20 About 10000 people want to buy a car , You don't need to compromise and buy a Volkswagen plug-in mix 、 There is no need to buy a Weima Xiaopeng , You can buy Tesla in one step soon .

Once Tesla opens this consumer layer, users' Thoughts on electric vehicles , Xiao peng 、 BYD and other electric vehicle brands will benefit from this : Give consumers who don't like Tesla a a better choice . By then , The consumer market will suddenly find , Driven by Tesla , They can choose more models : Xiao Peng of the new forces has P5、P7, The public of traditional brands have ID3、ID4, And those high-end product lines of independent brands are already on the way .

Yaston's summary

Import from the beginning Model 3、 Wei to ES6 And so on 30 More than 10000 yuan to open up the market , Later on Model 3、 Xiao peng P7、 Byadihan is in 25 Open the sales volume in the price segment of 10000 yuan , Consumers have gradually formed their values for electric vehicles . Considering that it is difficult to reduce the cost of power battery significantly , In the next few years, fuel vehicles will shift to electric vehicles , The greater potential is 20 Million yuan joint venture in the field of intermediate vehicles .

from Model 3 led , More and more new electric vehicles will arrive 20 Ten thousand yuan battlefield .

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