Renault China: details of cooperation planning with Geely are under discussion

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renault china details cooperation planning

8 month 9 Japan , Renault group and Geely Holding Group jointly announced , The two sides have signed a memorandum of understanding , Build innovative partnerships . Hybrid vehicles will be developed in markets such as China and South Korea .

Renault group said , The innovative cooperation between Renault group and Geely Holding Group will accelerate Renault's development “Renaulution plan ” Landing in China and South Korea . among , In China, , The two sides will jointly develop Renault brand hybrid models based on the advanced platform technology of Geely Holding Group . In Korea , The two sides will cooperate based on Lingke energy saving platform , Jointly develop models suitable for the Korean market .

In a nutshell , The two sides will jointly develop Renault brand hybrid models based on the vehicle platform technology of Geely Holding Group . In cooperation , Renault's role is “ Make full use of the brand strategy 、 Content and channels 、 Advantages in developing ecological services and optimizing user journey , Create value for consumers ”.

For the ways and specific contents of the so-called innovative cooperation between the two sides , Renault group did not disclose in detail .

According to a source , Renault group and Geely will cooperate by establishing a joint venture .

Regarding this , The relevant person in charge of Renault China reported to 《 China business daily 》 The reporter said , At present, the two sides are “ be engaged ” Stage , Not yet arrived “ marry ” The point of , The specific cooperation mode and planning content are still under discussion .

The person in charge said , This cooperation , It is the first step for Renault to return to China in an innovative and rapid way , There are more plans and arrangements in the future .

Renault has been in the Chinese market for many years , Have had in-depth cooperation with a number of local car companies , The product covers passenger cars 、 Commercial vehicles and electric vehicles .

2013 year , Renault and Dongfeng jointly established Dongfeng Renault , The company is mainly engaged in R & D and manufacturing of fuel vehicles and engines ;2017 year , Renault and brilliance cooperated to establish brilliance Renault golden cup , Mainly engaged in light commercial vehicles , Same year , dongfeng 、 Renault 、 Nissan's tripartite joint venture established yijiete new energy Co., Ltd , The main business covers R & D and sales of new energy projects ;2019 year , Renault paid 10 RMB 100 million shares in new energy of Jiangling group , holding 50%, The business focuses on new energy vehicles .

However , Renault's performance in the Chinese market has never fluctuated much .

Light commercial vehicles , Renault group regards brilliance Renault golden cup as an important base for developing light commercial vehicle business in China , And plan to 2023 Launched through this platform before 5 A core competitor , But the market feedback was less than expected . Public data display , Brilliance Renault 2018 Annual sales for 4.3 Thousands of cars , The year-on-year decline is close to 30%;2019 Annual sales for 4.02 Thousands of cars , fell 6.5%;2020 Annual sales for 2.3 Thousands of cars , fell 42.8%.2021 First quarter , Driven by new products , The sales volume appears “ Three consecutive rises ”, There is a phased trend towards good .

New energy vehicles , Renault repulsion 10 At present, there are only two models on sale of Jiangling group new energy with an investment of 100 million yuan , The specific sales data has not been found yet . In terms of new energy, yijiete produces more than sells , According to the data of China Automobile Industry Association ,2020 Yijiete new energy SUV And the cumulative sales of cars 6673 car , And 2019~2020 Annual sales have declined , near 2 The total annual output is greater than the total sales .

Passenger cars ,2017 At the beginning of , Dongfeng Renault's sales volume has reached 7.21 Thousands of cars , An increase of up 140%, But then it went from bad to worse .2018 year , Dongfeng Renault put forward the annual plan 9 Sales target of 10000 vehicles , The final sales volume is 5.01 Ten thousand cars ended ;2019 The annual sales volume is only 1.7 Thousands of cars ;2020 First quarter , Dongfeng Renault's sales volume is only 672 car , Operating profit loss 2.29 One hundred million yuan .

2020 year 4 month , Due to poor operating conditions , Renault terminated its seven-year joint venture with Dongfeng , Exit Dongfeng Renault . meanwhile , Renault announced , Shift the business focus of the Chinese market to electric vehicles and light commercial vehicles .

2021 year 1 month 14 Japan , Renault Group officially released “Renaulution” New strategic plan .

The strategic plan is divided into 3 In stages :“Resurrection” Revival stage , From the release of the new cut-off plan to 2023 year , Focus on profitability and cash flow ;“Renovation” Innovation stage , From now on until 2025 year , Continuously update and enrich the product matrix , Improve brand profitability ;“Revolution” The stage of change ,2025 Years later, , Turn the business model to technology 、 Energy and travel , Make Renault group a leader in the new travel value chain .

In the new strategic plan , Renault group has set stricter cost targets . That is, reduce fixed costs , Finish ahead of time 2o22 Annual plan and in 2023 It was further promoted before , Make the cost reduction target reach 25 Billions of euros ,2025 reach 30 Billions of euros ; Reduce variable costs , To 2023 Reduce the cost of each vehicle in 600 euro ; Reduce investment , To 2025 Will invest in ( R & D and capital expenditure ) The proportion of revenue from 10% Down to 8% following . Through these efforts , Renault group hopes to 2023 Reduce its break even point in 30%.

Product layout , Renault group plans to 2025 Launched in 2013 24 Products , At least 10 Pure electric vehicle .

China is the key market for Renault group to implement the new strategic plan .

Renault group said , Will reshape the business model in China , Using assets in China , At the same time, with the help of China's competitive industrial ecosystem , Develop new mobile solutions for China and the global market .

This year, 3 month , Renault group has adjusted its organizational structure , Appoint Su Weiming as CEO of Renault China , Schgomer (Guillaume Sicard) As chief operating officer of Renault China , It is intended to strengthen the strategic position of Renault group in the Chinese market .

This time with Geely , To the outside world , It means that Renault will return to China's passenger car market . This is also the first major landing project presided over by Su Weiming since he appointed the CEO of Renault China .

Can Renault group use Geely to pry open the gap in China's passenger car market , Get a place , Let's see the specific cooperation plan and later implementation .

Renault said :“ The two companies will uphold the spirit of open cooperation , Continue to explore the possibility of in-depth cooperation between the two sides .”
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