What about the national station wagon? Test drive new Baojun Valli

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national station wagon test drive

When it comes to station wagons , We always blame the market for having too few choices , Strange joint venture station wagon configuration is low, strange imported station wagon is too expensive . But when xinbaojun Valli When it appears , What else would you blame ? Blame him for his lack of qualifications , Or the price is too cheap , Can't hold up your longing ?

And xinbaojun gives Valli Of Slogan It's awesome , Namely “ Add some longing to your daily life ”!

2021 year , A brand-new station wagon of the national shenche brand xinbaojun Valli, Officially announced the listing , New car launches 4 models , Price range: 7.98-10.58 Ten thousand yuan . New Baojun Valli Whether it's design , Or style , In the face of joint venture or imported station wagon , No stage fright , This idea is due to the adoption of a full range of design ideas , Very discerning , Keep yourself parallel to these competitors from another dimension .
With xinbaojun Valli( It is abbreviated to Valli) After a week of in-depth experience , Many details are awesome. . Of course , Xinbaojun is not so perfect , Let's take a slow look down .
# Unique design , Station wagon features
Valli Very unique in design , As the latest family design of xinbaojun brand , This design language first appeared in RC-5 On the body . At that time ,Valli Not yet Valli, But is called RC-5 W. But under the packaging of a new marketing concept ,Valli Let the brand of xinbaojun catch fire again .
Under the leadership of SAIC GM Wuling Baojun brand , There have also been many popular models , Such as baojun 510、 Wuling Kaijie 、KiWi EV、MINI EV wait , Today's protagonist is obviously more special , Because he's a station wagon .

Valli Adopt the brand's latest family design concept , Overall shape similarity “ Alien Ship ”, Design elements through future technology elements , Collocation split LED Lamp group , And inverted trapezoidal medium network design , The whole front face is very bold and unique . This design style , Among the new products in recent years , Can be called a boutique .

Of course, as a station wagon , The most beautiful angle must be the rear of the car 45° Direction . The perfect angle of the station wagon appears at this time , Through LED The rear tail lamp group is covered with a black frame , Match the turning point at the tailgate , The whole rear of the car is filled with a strong retro flavor , Only the rear of the station wagon can exude such a charming atmosphere .
Of course , Whether careful friends have found a trace of detail , That's the front face link LED Chrome plated decoration of daytime running lamp , Through with the rear LED The tail lights echo , It is interesting to .

Body size part , New car length, width and height ( Luggage compartment without roof ) Respectively 4685/1806/1485mm, The wheelbase is 2700mm, Such data makes Valli There is no pressure during daily driving , Overtaking in cities or reversing in narrow parking lots are still very flexible .
Besides , Compared with the traditional hatchback car ,Valli The ground clearance is relatively objective , Can adapt to more bad roads , This is also a major feature of station wagon , After all, it is a car suitable for pursuing distance and dreams . Of course, if you're just driving in the city , Then a set of twisted teeth shock absorbers , Refit a set of handsome wheels ,Valli Will also become the most beautiful on the road “ Whelp ”.

# Simple interior design , Space is practical
Compared with the eye-catching design style , The interior design is mainly simple , Complex sketching techniques are not used . But in many places , We can still find xinbaojun's careful thinking in design , It is most appropriate to use simplicity but not simplicity .

Valli The interior of the car is dominated by the driver , Adopt the driver led surround design style , Meter 、 The steering wheel 、 Multimedia screen 、 Air conditioner 、 The bumper, etc. are all around the driver , This design has one advantage , That is, it can facilitate the driver to operate the required functions at any time , Not to distract driving concentration . But there's one thing that's not good , The front passenger area is a little too “ light ”.

In practice ,7 The display information of inch full LCD instrument is still relatively rich , The display clarity is also very good , Only in strong light , It is easy to reflect light .
Another place with the same problem , It is the air conditioning control touch key area under the multimedia screen , When the sun is strong, you can hardly see the font on it , It would be better if you could use entity keys .

Valli The steering wheel design is also very future , Two spoke style is rare in the same level , And the steering wheel leather coating feels good . The steering wheel multifunction buttons are large , Clear functional identification , Very clear to use .
On the left L2 Level driving assistance , On the right are multimedia control and instrument control buttons . It should be noted that , The lane keeping function on button is at the top of the steering lever , This needs to be familiar with first .

Multimedia screen part , The whole design is relatively conservative , Use a narrow border with the next crowd 、 Compared with the brand of thin screen ,Valli The design of multimedia screen is more conventional , The air conditioning outlets on both sides are also relatively low-key .
however , Personally feel , In hot summer, when the multimedia screen is turned on for a long time, it will also heat up , Air conditioning outlets are designed on both sides , There may be some idea of heat dissipation , Of course, this is just personal speculation .

Get back to business ,Valli New Internet of vehicles system , Intelligent voice interaction is quite mature , Able to control most functions in the vehicle , Navigation 、 music 、 Air conditioning is nothing , It also supports mobile phones APP Remote control .

meanwhile ,Valli Also preset 4 Profiles , It can be turned on by voice control , For example, in smoking mode , The front window will open a gap , The sunroof will also tilt up automatically , Pretty close .

Configuration , Because the test drive is the top model , The overall configuration is quite rich . L2 Level intelligent driving assistance system 、 Driver's seat heating / ventilation / Electric adjustment 、 The automatic air conditioning 、 Automatic headlight 、 Panoramic skylight can be opened 、9 The speaker 、 Mobile phone wireless charging, etc .
however , What's more puzzling is , Even the top model of this test drive , The co pilot is still manually adjusted , And the front passenger seat does not have heating and ventilation functions .

Ride space , The front and rear seat fillers are relatively soft , Thanks to the high performance of the car , The comfort of the front and rear seats is very good . Especially the rear seats , Soft internal filler , Answer 2 About an hour's drive is OK .
Of course , The front and rear seats still have some small details to improve . First , The adjustment range of the main seat is too small , Especially the seat forward adjustment. , I have reached the top of the slide rail before I find a suitable sitting position , Unable to adjust ahead. . But considering that the driver's seat has a comfortable entry function , Close the door , Start the vehicle , The seat will automatically return to the sitting position before getting off , I'll just bear it .
In the rear seat section , Under normal circumstances, in order to ride more comfortably , Rear passengers will put their feet under the front seats , but Valli There is basically no space under the front seats , This will cause the rear passengers to feel relatively uncomfortable .

Naturally, there is no need to worry about the rear compartment space , In the normal state, it benefits from the shape of the station wagon , There is plenty of space in the rear compartment , The height and width performed well , It's no less than SUV The storage space of .
And when you put down Valli Rear seat rear , It can form a basically flat rear compartment space , The included Valli Custom mattress , Don't be too comfortable .

# Dynamic smoothness 、 The chassis is comfortable
As a station wagon ,Valli I know my position very well , Both power and chassis adjustment are based on the premise of ensuring vehicle comfort .Valli carrying 1.5T The engine , Maximum horsepower reaches 147Ps, Peak torque is 250N·m, Collocation can be simulated 8 In the way CVT The transmission , The ride comfort of the whole vehicle is guaranteed .

Daily driving ,Valli The ride performance is very good , Whether it's starting or on a congested road , The performance of this power system is worthy of recognition . meanwhile , The low torque performance of the engine is good , It also ensures the vehicle's demand for power .
And daily driving , The adjustment of the whole power is relatively light , I don't feel weak . When power is needed , It only takes a short reaction , The car can get good acceleration performance .
Valli The whole dynamic performance of is still very light , But after all, the match is CVT The transmission , Don't expect too much for the demand of sports . Especially on mountain roads , If you want to get timely power when turning , You need to predict in advance and step on the accelerator . Of course , Shift into gear S Behind the block , The increase of speed will be more active , But I like it better Valli Everyday driving experience , Relaxed and comfortable .

Chassis tuning also conveys comfort , The initial suspension section will filter the fine vibration of the road surface , Ensure the comfort in the car and the smoothness of driving . The rear section of the suspension has more toughness , This can be felt in the face of large ups and downs or in curves , The suspension is firm for the longitudinal and transverse support of the vehicle , But the whole is still to ensure comfort .

The steering system is relatively moderate , For, after all, Valli For this kind of station wagon , You don't need to escape extreme control . Moderate steering force setting , Everyday driving is a relatively easy type . The strength of the brake pedal also belongs to the lazy type , Need to adapt , To avoid rear end collision .
Valli Of L2 Level intelligent driving assistance system is very easy to use , Keep a distance from the vehicle ahead , Acceleration and deceleration , And lane centering, etc , Do very well , It belongs to a very useful system . For users who like to travel , It can be very worry free on high-speed roads .

But I have to say that ,Valli There is still much room for improvement in the overall sound insulation . When driving in daily city , The car is relatively quiet , But when the speed exceeds 80km/h when , Chassis road noise and wind noise will be more obvious .
But because of Valli There is no direct competitor at the same level , So considering the price of its top model, it's just 10 All s , Such performance can also be recognized .

summary :
The domestic station wagon market has always been relatively unpopular , Among the Chinese brands, the only one with a station wagon is Baojun brand , For example, the protagonist of this article Valli, And Baojun launched a few years ago 310W. Have to say , Whether it's Baojun , Or xinbaojun , Walking on this road is very lonely , But they also insist on bringing us good products .
And the protagonist of this article Valli, As a top placement price, only 10 A station wagon , Large practical space , Very rich intelligent technology configuration , And fully available L2 Level intelligent driving assistance system , Only Baojun brand can do it .
Think about the same 10 Ten thousand pieces , What model of joint venture brand can we buy , Maybe the headlights are halogen 、 The air conditioner is still manual , Not to mention seat heating / ventilation 、 The panoramic sunroof can be opened. These practical configurations . Now , New Baojun launched Valli, Not only give us more benefits in terms of allocation , At the same time, the shape of the station wagon , While fully meeting the practical needs , It also meets our expectations for style .
although ,Valli There are also some details . But on another level ,Valli The comprehensive quality and competitiveness of our products have been in the leading position at the same level , Isn't it .

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