*St Zhongtai no one took over the offer and the recruitment of restructuring investors ended

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st zhongtai took offer recruitment

[ Car home   information ]  8 month 10 On the afternoon of Sunday 5 Point is *ST The deadline for recruitment and registration of Zhongtai reorganization investors , But so far , Zhongtai automobile did not release the news about the registration of restructured investors . Because the expectations of new restructuring investors are unknown ,*ST Zhongtai's share price 10 The sun also rises first and then suppresses , After the morning opening limit , Fall quickly in the afternoon , To the close of the day , offer 7.41 element , fall 0.13%.

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After Zhongtai released the information of pre reorganization last year , There is a lot of news in the market , Rumored targets include Tesla 、 Great wall and many other vehicle enterprises , But it turns out that it's mostly groundless . This year, 1 month 11 Japan , Zhongtai automobile disclosed relevant information about pre restructuring investors : Shanghai Zhiyang Investment Co., Ltd 、 Hunan Zhibo Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. appeared one after another . however ,5 month , Shanghai Zhiyang decided to postpone the investment in Zhongtai automobile , as a result of “ Based on the company's assessment of Zhongtai automobile's due diligence results , And the recent stock price change of Zhongtai automobile 、 Seriously deviate from its fundamentals ”.6 month 25 Japan , Zhongtai automobile announced that it had received a letter from the intended investor Hunan Zhibo to terminate its investment .

7 month , Zhongtai automobile released a new reorganization investor recruitment , According to the announcement of the company , Applicants “ Commitment conditions ” yes : To be no less than 20 The restructuring consideration of 100 million yuan participated in the restructuring , And specify the restructuring consideration in the letter of intent ; Obtain the qualification of reorganization investor 、 After becoming the controlling shareholder , Continue to inject funds 、 resources , Lead Zhongtai automobile to develop and grow in the field of vehicle manufacturing . so , Zhongtai's ambition is still in the field of vehicle manufacturing , But will any company take over the offer , It's still a problem .

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Zhongtai automobile carried out bankruptcy liquidation of many of its companies last year , This year, 8 month 2 Detailed creditor's rights figures were released on the th . According to the company's announcement , By 2021 year 7 month 30 Japan ( That is, the deadline for declaration of creditor's rights ), share 33 Creditors declare their claims to the manager , The total amount declared is 7524709329.33 element ( about 75.3 One hundred million yuan ), The final amount of creditor's rights shall be subject to the creditor's rights table reviewed by the manager and ruled by the court .

In the past year , Zhongtai automobile touched the daily limit for more than 70 Time , Even if the company warned many times “ There is uncertainty in the ability to continue as a going concern ”, as well as “ The stock may face the risk of delisting ” It is still difficult to curb the rising stock price trend .“ For shareholders , Or gambling .”( Source of information / The first finance and economics, ; compile / Car home Wang Jingbo )

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