Tesla's sales plunged nearly 70% month on month, and its exports soared four times. Will it give up the Chinese market?

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tesla sales plunged nearly month

It was announced by the Federation 7 Monthly data shows , Tesla produced... In China 32968 car , comparison 6 The output of the month 33155 The car slipped slightly , However, the sales volume in the domestic market fell sharply month on month 69% to 8621 car , That means it exports three-quarters of its vehicles to markets outside China .

Tesla's sales in the Chinese market are quite unstable ,model3 Monthly sales in the Chinese market have soared to 2.5 More than ten thousand , But this year model3 Sales have been up and down ,6 The sales volume of this model in the Chinese market in January was 16515 car , Compared with the previous two months 1.3 About 10000 vehicles have improved , But more than 30% lower than the peak .

model3 Although sales fell , But Tesla will model Y After the price reduction ,model Y Quickly made up for model3 Loss of sales . At the end of last year 、 Earlier this year, ,model Y In the Chinese market 16 Wan to 33 Ten thousand yuan or so ,model Y The monthly sales volume in the Chinese market quickly exceeded 10000 ,6 month model Y Sales are also 11623 car .

But then 7 month , Tesla's car sales in the Chinese market are only 8621 car , Compared with 6 In the model3 and model Y Total 28138 The car fell sharply 67%, The ring ratio of the passenger Federation fell sharply 69%, It should mean 6 Months and model X、model S And several other models contributed to some sales .

Tesla's sales volume in the Chinese market plunged month on month , But exports soared month on month , From the comparison of the above data, it can be concluded that 6 Tesla made in the Chinese market in January model3、model Y The export volume is 5017 car , and 7 The month soared to 24347 car , The month on month jump was nearly 4 times , Some people in the industry say that Tesla's cars made in China are mainly exported to Japan and European markets .

Tesla's car sales in the Chinese market fluctuate , The reason is that its pricing in the Chinese market is quite unstable , last year model3 First, reduce the price to 27 Thousands of multivariate , Then it launched the price as low as 24.9 Ten thousand yuan lithium iron phosphate version model3; since this year on model Y Slash the price to 33 After ten thousand yuan , And the price is reduced to 27.6 Ten thousand yuan lithium iron phosphate version model Y; stay model Y After a big price cut ,model3 Recently, the price has been reduced again 1.5 Ten thousand yuan .

Rapid price changes , Cause consumers to be at a loss , After all, Chinese consumers buy Tesla's 20 More than ten thousand model3、model Y Car models consume a considerable proportion of their family wealth , However, the car depreciated sharply as soon as it was bought back , Any consumer will be upset , Therefore, consumers who intend to buy choose to wait and see .

The factors that affect Tesla's sales and its continuous quality problems , Among them, Henan female car owners 4 The brake failure incident at the Shanghai auto show in June had the greatest impact , This also led to Tesla 4 Sales in the Chinese market plunged in January , However, some people in the industry pointed out that the female victim model3 It's not brake failure .

When the Chinese market has been questioned , Tesla seems to have lost confidence in the Chinese market , Start turning to export markets , Take advantage of the low cost of Chinese Manufacturing , Large scale export of cars made in China to Japan and European markets , But Tesla is speeding up the construction of factories in Europe , Once the European plant is put into operation , I'm afraid the cars produced by Tesla's Shanghai factory still have to be digested in the Chinese market .

From Tesla's actions , It seems that its effective means to attract Chinese consumers is to reduce prices , Every sharp price cut can trigger a rush buying boom among Chinese consumers . It is reported that in addition to Tesla's current sales in the Chinese market model3 and model Y Two models sell for more than 20 In addition to the 10000 yuan model , It's under development. The price is about 16 An economic model of 10000 yuan , Perhaps the launch of this low-cost model will help Tesla set a new record in sales in the Chinese market .

Boming technology believes that the Chinese market is the world's largest auto market , There have been continuous 4 In, it became the world's largest new energy vehicle market , Tesla should not give up this market easily , Even in the face of many difficulties, it cannot ignore this market .2020 In, Tesla sold nearly in the Chinese market 15 Thousands of cars , It accounts for nearly one-third of the overall sales , The Chinese market has great development potential , Tesla should want to sell more cars in this market .

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