I feel like taking high-speed rail. What else do you want GL8

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feel taking high-speed high speed
This GAC motor M8 What is the driving quality of ? Let's talk about this topic today .

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Power take-off


At present, this car is equipped as standard 2.0T Turbocharged four cylinder engine , The most powerful 185 kw , Maximum torque 390 Cattle meters . From the data point of view , The power of this engine is still quite strong .


From the actual driving experience , Although this car has a large body , Self weight is also great , but 2.0T The power of the engine is not at all . As long as the throttle goes to the end ,390 The big torque of nm can burst out directly , Whether starting or overtaking , The power reserve of this car is all right . in addition , The noise control of this car is quite good , Engine noise 、 Chassis noise , Even wind noise , All controls are quite good . Sit in the back two spacious rows , Look out through the wide window , I feel like taking the high-speed rail .


This car is equipped with Aixin as standard 8AT transmission , The overall shift process is very smooth , No extra frustration . During the acceleration , Gear shifting is quite active , There is not much lag .

Driving feeling



The overall tuning style of the car is more comfortable , After all, it's a MPV, Radical sports style is doomed to be unacceptable . The chassis suspension is also biased towards comfort , But not too soft , The filtering property of the road surface is very good , It's very comfortable to sit up .


This car doesn't have much handling in the traditional sense , Of course , You can't ask for a car according to the standard of an ordinary car MPV. This car seeks stability 、 It's comfortable , Flexible and flexible, nature has nothing to do with it . When driving, especially at high speed , The steering wheel is not drifting , The car body is also quite stable , It won't make you lack confidence .

Steering force



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We're on the same road ( The ground friction is the same ), Adjust the tire pressure to the manufacturer's standard tire pressure , Use standard mode , Rotate the steering wheel with a tension meter at a constant speed 90 degree , Take the maximum value .


This car has both standard and sports driving modes . In standard mode , The steering force of the steering wheel is 1.262 kg ; motion In mode , The steering force of the steering wheel is 1.532 kg . Low speed steering and parking are convenient .

Engine vibration


The test method : After the water temperature is normal , Turn off the air conditioner , At idle speed , Use a vibrometer perpendicular to the crankshaft , Touch the probe to the highest position in the middle of the metal body of the engine , Measure the vibration acceleration of the engine , The lower the value , Indicates that the smaller the vibration .


This GAC motor M8 With one 2.0T Four Cylinder engine , The idle vibration value is 3.2 rice / second ².

Engine noise



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The test method : The engine is completely hot , The water temperature is normal , Turn off the air conditioner , Test at normal idle speed ; Open the engine cover 、 Remove the hood , Above the engine block 20 Cm , Conduct noise acquisition , Average. , Is the value of engine noise outside the vehicle (dBa); In the car , Close the window , The engine runs at no load 2000 turn / branch , Place the noise meter directly above the steering wheel , Average. , For the engine noise inside the vehicle (dBa) The number . And in the car 30%, Outside the car 70% The weight of .


The machine 2.0T The noise of the engine itself is pretty good , The idle noise outside the car has reached 75.1dBa, But inside the car 2000 turn / The noise of sub operation is only 48.8dBa, It means that the car's sound insulation and noise reduction treatment is pretty good .

Low beam lighting


The test method : Based on the front end of the lamp , Distance from vertical wall 2 Meters away , Carry out the test under the normal working condition of the engine , Use the illuminance meter to take the maximum value within the illumination range of the low beam lamp .


The headlights of this car are LED The light source , The maximum illuminance is 3000 Lex .

Paint color difference


The test method : Use a color difference meter to take the reference value at the center of the hood . Carry out comparative measurement at other positions of the vehicle body , Record the position with the largest value . The sampling point of body test shall not be less than 100 individual .


After testing , The maximum color difference value is located at the front bumper , The color difference value is 0.96ΔE, Black and less yellow than the reference point . In numerical terms , Gac and kei M8 The quality control of painting process is quite good .


Comfortable and comfortable

This GAC motor M8 Driving quality , It's beyond our imagination , It smells like Toyota .“2.0T+8AT” The golden combination of , It reflects high hardware quality . Although the handling performance cannot be compared with that of a car , But for the MPV Come on , The most important thing is not extreme control , It's not high-speed chopping , But smooth and calm . Provide a comfortable riding environment for the distinguished second and third rows of passengers , That's what it's going to do . In terms of this demand , This trumpchi M8 Well completed the task .

So what about the interior materials of the car ? Please continue to pay attention to the subsequent disassembly contents .( The measurement data and conclusions in this article and video are only responsible for this vehicle , The measurement data shall be responsible for the published experimental method .)
2021 GAC motor M8 Test drive score



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