I bought a car you didn't expect

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bought car didn expect

Not afraid of jokes , Some time ago I bought an electric car . Not only is this car not “ intelligence ”, And it is also commonly known as “ Oil to electricity ” That kind of .


Whether it's colleagues in the company or other friends in the same industry , My first reaction when I learned about it , Are expected to be highly consistent : Wide eyed 、 Eyebrows slightly raised 、 Open your mouth slightly , Send out at the same time “ ah ”( Second voice ) The sound of . In fact, for their reaction , I'm not surprised at all .

Because if time goes back more than a month ago , I can't believe I will do such a thing in the eyes of others “ Stupid thing ”—— A car critic who specializes in new energy vehicles now , I bought one “ Oil to electricity ”.

But in fact , I really put this GAC Honda VE-1 Bought it back . I don't have to say one more word , Everyone can see at a glance from the shape of the car , The machine VE-1 Of “ The predecessor ”, It's the Binzhi of GAC Honda .
In fact, since last year, we bought four of the hottest electric cars at one go , Used as a car owner for nearly a year , Almost every car has a mileage of more than 20000 kilometers , We also use cars frequently , Feel and learn all kinds of advanced intelligent and electric technologies , Witnessed the birth and development of various new technologies .

Spoiler , Yesterday we released “ Million yuan car purchase plan ”, Naturally, there are also various advanced intelligent electric vehicles to be launched next .

Let's go back to what we care about most : Why did I buy this car ?
The first thing that must be clearly stated is , This car was purchased directly from the dealer , Didn't enjoy any media discount because of the identity of media people , It doesn't involve any business cooperation .
Let's briefly explain the background of my car purchase .

as everyone knows , A Zhuo for “ It's convenient for my daughter to get on the bus ” And refit his Toyota C-HR, Then he bought a new Honda Fit in order to let his wife learn to drive , And you can enjoy yourself in your beloved Subaru winged leopard station wagon , It's really enviable .

Under the example of ARJO , I'm also beginning to feel , Let my family succumb to my four seat BMW 2 In a convertible , It's really thoughtless .


And over the past year , After long-term use of our four electric vehicles , It not only basically eliminates mileage anxiety , And I have a deeper understanding and thinking about electric vehicles , As a means of transportation for short distance travel , Electric cars are really a pretty good option .
Plus now there are electric cars “ License free ”, Considering the limited budget , So buy one more at the right price 、 An electric car that can make your family sit comfortably , It has become the direction of my consideration .


So what kind of electric car to buy ? Look at these electric cars in the garage downstairs , tesla Model 3、 Xiao peng P7、 Wei to ES6、 Byd han EV、 Ideal ONE, There may also be some new cars that will be included in the company's car purchase list , Seems to be the most “ advanced ”, The electric cars that can arouse my curiosity most have ( Or about to ) In our pocket .
let me put it another way , I don't have to pay for it myself , You can enjoy the freshness brought by these latest technologies . So since it's out of your own pocket , That's totally unnecessary “ Reinvestment ” 了 , Why not do it .

Then the coincidence came .

I learned from a chat with my friends , Hiromoto 4S There's just one in the store VE-1 Your show car is on sale , When the price is quite beautiful , I suddenly felt a little excited .
Everyone knows , In the past year , The domestic new energy vehicle market has really changed a lot ,“ Pure electric platform ” It is almost the most basic requirement for everyone to buy electric cars now , and “ Oil to electricity ” Because of the innate original sin “ Spit on ”, It has become one of the few factions in the market .
A lot of people are right “ Oil to electricity ” Sniff at , I use it specially “ The disadvantage of changing oil to electricity ” Searched for keywords , I checked many articles of media peers , The results mainly include : The interior space is occupied 、 Poor endurance 、 Poor handling performance 、 Lack of driving texture and poor safety .

To be honest , Maybe our happiness came too soon , Experience the latest electric vehicles in one step , Keep up with the latest intelligence and three electricity technology , Basically understand the latest intelligent electric vehicle technology “ ceiling ”, But on the contrary, for the present “ Lower limit ” Lack of cognition .
Don't get me wrong , What I'm talking about “ Lower limit ”, There is no derogatory meaning ,“ Lower limit ” Not at all “ Bad ” A synonym for , It's just a relative statement , It's like the top of the mountain and the bottom of the mountain , Just a relative position , The foot of the mountain is not equal to the absolute altitude of zero .
A lot of people say “ Oil to electricity ” Is very poor , I also very much agree with the necessity and advantages of pure electric platform , But if someone asks me , How big is the gap , Where is the gap ? I really can't answer at once , Because I haven't really experienced “ Oil to electricity ” The electric car .
And after all, after such a long knockout , real “ Bad ” The car , It's already gone . I can still live now , I believe there is always a reasonable place .

After some tangle , I finally became VE-1 The owner of the .
In order to avoid “ advertisement ” disrelish , The selection process between several candidate models will not be discussed much , But there is no denying that , Leaving aside various performance parameters ,“ High cost performance ”(pian yi) Is a key factor that finally moved me .

And because this car is an exhibition car in the dealer's showroom , After all kinds of bargaining , Finally, the price , It's a little lower than the preferential rate on the market , The landing price is cheaper than ARJO's new fit .

VE-1 There are various shortcomings , For example, you can't use your mobile phone app Remote door opening and air conditioning 、 Unable to view vehicle location via mobile phone 、 No full LCD dashboard 、 No voice interaction 、 No driving AIDS 、 No automatic parking 、 Cannot be installed in the vehicle engine system app Tiktok and look at the jitter , But in “ cheap ” In front of these two words , It seems that it is not so unacceptable at once .
I've run nearly 1000 kilometers since I collected the car , After that, I may share this one from time to time “ Backward electric vehicles ” The feeling of using the car , Even participate in some small tests , Use personal experience and objective facts to solve all kinds of questions in my heart .
Car experience —— Guangzhou Honda  VE-1
by  Wei Xiyu

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