Inner volume upgrade, new energy vehicles speed up the beach shopping center!

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inner upgrade new energy vehicles

source : Win business cloud think tank (ID:sydcxy2014)

The upsurge of new energy track listing is surging .

7 month 7 Japan , Xiao peng car (9868.HK) Ring the bell to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange , The first share of new energy vehicles in Hong Kong stock market was born .

Xiaopeng has been on the market soon , Faraday's future (FF) follow up a victory with hot pursuit , Listed on NASDAQ ; and Ideal 、 Wei to Also waiting for the opportunity to sprint IPO.

“ Double carbon ” Under strategic pressure , The growth rate of new energy vehicles is much higher than the market expectation , millet 、 Huawei and other technology giants have entered the game , The track has been expanded again and again .

In technology 、 Hard core areas such as capital PK outside , The shopping center has also become a battlefield for these new energy vehicle brands . The trendy practice of opening an experience center on the first floor of the quality shopping center , By trass on 2013 Pioneered in . after ,“ Wei Xiaoli ” Wait for the latecomers , Follow the example of .

According to Yingshang big data monitoring , end 4 month , In the sample Shopping Center , tesla 、 Wei to 、 Xiao peng 、 The ideal number of stores in the shopping center is 87 home 、131 home 、125 home 、57 home .

Yingshang cloud think tank monitors the whole country 23 city 5 ten thousand ㎡ The above shopping centers , nearly 20 Nearly of new energy vehicle brands 1100 Home store as the research object , Number of stores from new energy vehicle brands 、 Switch shop than 、 Proportion and distribution , Also found :2020-2021 year , The number of new energy vehicle stores has increased significantly , And the switch shop ratio is as high as 7.64, It is expanding at a high speed .

Statistics deadline :2021 year 4 month

Statistical range : Shanghai 、 Beijing 、 Shenzhen 、 Guangzhou 、 Chengdu 、 Chongqing 、 Hangzhou 、 nanjing 、 tianjin 、 Xi'an 、 wuhan 、 Xiamen 、 Changsha 、 Qingdao 、 kunming 、 Hefei 、 fuzhou 、 zhengzhou 、 Suzhou 、 guiyang 、 quanzhou 、 foshan 、 nanning 23 Cities , Commercial area 5 ten thousand ㎡ And above shopping centers ( The same below )

“ Brand store switching ratio ”= Number of stores opened / Number of stores closed : The ratio of >1, Indicates that the development of brand stores is expanding ;( Number of stores opened > Number of stores closed ) The ratio of =1, Indicates that the development of brand stores is flat ( Number of stores opened = Number of stores closed ); The ratio of <1, It indicates that the development of brand stores is shrinking ( Number of stores opened < Number of stores closed )

New energy automobile Shopping Center store atlas

As the track gradually “ Internal volume ”, Of new energy vehicle enterprises “ Geo port ” The competition was promoted to a new level .

Shanghai 、 Hangzhou 、 Number of leading stores in Shenzhen , High speed City Beach grabbing acceleration

Win business big data monitoring 23 City shopping center data show , Number of new energy vehicle stores introduced TOP3 The cities are Shanghai 、 Hangzhou 、 Shenzhen , Are all “ Car purchase and licensing restrictions ” A mega city .

among , Shanghai has the richest brand of new energy vehicles , Only Shanghai Nanjing West Road business district has settled in Tesla at the same time 、 Weilai, Xiaopeng and other new energy vehicle experience stores .

The overall number of stores in Shenzhen is lower than that in Hangzhou , However, the entry performance of the head brand of new energy vehicles is very eye-catching , tesla 、 Xiao peng 、 The ideal number of stores are 49 home 、34 home 、9 home , All higher than Hangzhou .

The specific term , Shanghai has become the most popular city for new energy vehicle brands mainly due to 2 spot :

First , Shanghai is one of the megacities with the largest car ownership in China , There is a strong demand for cars , It has become the main position of new energy vehicle enterprises . In addition, according to public statistics , share 8 New energy vehicle brand headquarters 、 The R & D center or production base is located in Shanghai .

  picture source : Tesla guanbo

secondly , The new local policy adds another fire to new energy vehicles .2 month 10 Japan , Shanghai announced 《 Measures of Shanghai Municipality for encouraging the purchase and use of new energy vehicles 》, Indicates that in the next few years , New energy vehicle enterprises betting on pure electric technology , Will continue to enjoy the bonus of free licenses .

The present ,“ Those who get Shanghai , To the world ” This subtext , More and more gold .

Hangzhou 、 Shenzhen , As the main growth city of new energy vehicles , The market performance is also very good .

Especially Shenzhen , Have a policy 、 Enterprises 、 Technical advantages . As early as 2009 year , Shenzhen was selected as one of the first pilot cities for the demonstration and promotion of energy-saving and new energy vehicles in China ; As “ Technology City ”, Shenzhen attracts BYD 、 Wuzhoulong 、 Watma and other famous enterprises in the field of new energy vehicles have settled in ; meanwhile , Huawei 、 Tencent and other high-tech enterprises also contribute to the system R & D and renewal of new energy vehicles .

Besides , Shenzhen takes measures against the number plate of new energy vehicles 100% Winning lot system , Loose policy , This undoubtedly attracts new energy vehicle enterprises to speed up their store closing .

And in Guangzhou next to Shenzhen , Although few stores have been introduced , But it is the city with the highest switch stores , The growth rate of Tuodian is obvious . It is reported that , Evergrande automobile 「 henci 」 The production base in Guangzhou is under construction , It may stimulate the vitality of Guangzhou new energy vehicle market .

From the perspective of urban line level ,2020 Since then , A line of 、 New first tier cities have introduced 664 home New energy door store , Proportion is as high as 90%, New energy vehicles are still infiltrating the front line 、 New frontline market .

But this proportion , comparison 2019 Annual decline , And the second line 、 The proportion of brands in the third tier cities has increased . so The smoke of new energy vehicles has quietly spread to the sinking market .

It is reported that , This year, Xiaopeng will lay out more third - and fourth tier cities , Such as Ma'anshan 、 Putian 、 baotou 、 luoyang 、 zhangjiakou 、 Wenzhou and other places .

Core business district first , Gradually spread to regional business districts

Focus on the business district , Year on year 2019 year , New energy vehicle 2020-2021 year The ratio of switch shops in municipal business district has decreased , The regional business district shows an upward trend .

In recent years , With “ Wei to center ” This kind of “ stay The core business district opens big stores ” The idea of , Set off a competition for high-end stores of new energy vehicle brands , Leading to the prosperous core business circle into a place of contention .

  picture source : Wei laiguan bo

However , One side , As the core business district of the first and second tier cities , Especially on the first floor 、 The golden position with good display has always been “ cannot meet the needs of the people ”, And the demand for a new round of horse racing enclosure , New energy vehicles are taking to the core urban area 、 Customer focused CBD First of all , Location strategy of gradual outward diffusion ;

On the other hand , There is a large demand for new energy vehicles , Relatively speaking , Low rent 、 The regional business district close to the residential area of the target customer group has become a new choice , Attracting new energy vehicle enterprises to settle in .

Seize the shopping center , passenger flow 、 Customer dynamics is the key

2020 year , It is the outbreak period of new energy vehicles entering the shopping center , Shopping centers with high occupancy rate are even called “ Auto City ”.

Victor big data shows , A shopping center introduces 3 There are not a few new energy vehicle stores . They tend to occupy the mall entrance 、 Escalator entrance, etc , Sucking customers 、 Brand leads 、 Rent contribution and other aspects of strength can not be underestimated .

It is worth noting that ,2020 Since then , New energy Gradually from middle and high grade to middle grade 、 Popular shopping centers spread .

In terms of the number of stores introduced , The number of stores in the popular shopping center has reached 371 home , Good performance , To some extent, it also shows that new energy vehicles are stationed mall Purpose Gradually from making topic volume , Turn to seeking more stable consumption power

According to Yingshang big data - The win lies in , Beijing SOLANA Blue Harbor , Between the working population and the resident population ,25-44 Year old customer group terminal Bida 7 As above . Savills Zhang Lei said ,“ The customer quality near Beijing blue harbor is excellent , It is mainly surrounded by residential areas , The family customers with strong consumption ability are relatively concentrated . This is exactly the target user group of medium and high-end electric vehicle brands .”

  picture source : Beijing chaoyang SOLANA Blue harbor guanbo

at present , Weilai has been introduced into the project 、 Ideal 、novat Three new energy vehicle brands , among , Wei Lai and ideal , Once created a single month super 200 platform 、150 Sales performance of Taiwan .

Why do new energy vehicles pile up in shopping malls ?

With the movement of new energy vehicle enterprises to seize the shopping center in full swing , The channel war between automobile enterprises has gradually “ New energy vehicles without 4S The shop played ” That's what I'm saying .

From the outer suburbs to downtown , Take the initiative to walk into the crowd

“ Want to buy a car , To 4s shop ”, This is the first reaction of many people to the channel of buying a car .

Traditional automobile brands have a long history , A wide range of customers , Good customer base , Buy targeted customers , Will come to the door .

New energy vehicle , As a latecomer , Want to break through in the fierce battle , You need to take the initiative , Go into the crowd .

Tradition 4S The store needs a large maintenance area , Most of the sites are far from the city center , Mostly in the suburbs . Compared with 4S shop , There are many new energy vehicle stores “ Separation of sales and after-sales ”, Emphasize experience .

such “ Light function , Focus on experience ” The pattern of , Make new energy vehicle stores have more choices , Including supermarkets in the busy market .《2020 China auto sales channel development report 》 Show , The proportion of urban exhibition halls of new energy brands is about 65%, Its site selection focuses more on large shopping malls or office buildings in the city center , Sales showroom channels are 100% A large supermarket located in the downtown area .

To subvert tradition 4S shop , The new forces of car building compete to open offline stores in shopping centers . among , Tesla and “ Wei Xiaoli ” The number of stores has obvious advantages , In total, there are more than 400 An experience store opened into the shopping center .

One side , Brand awareness of new energy vehicles is low . Yes “ Offline flow collector ” The so-called shopping center can just shorten the contact distance between new energy vehicles and consumers , Increase exposure , Enhance brand image .

On the other hand , New energy vehicles as a new species , The age of mainstream customers is 25-40 Between the ages of , Willing to touch new things , Value service experience and consumption quality , Strong consumption ability . The passenger flow with high consumption capacity attracted by the shopping center , It is also expected to be transformed by it .

in addition , With the prominent dividend of new energy vehicle stores in shopping centers , Strive for high quality mall The car company , Not limited to the new forces of car making , BYD 、 baic 、 saic 、 Dongfeng and other traditional automobile enterprises have also participated in .

Create a third space : You can't sell cars , But we have to plant grass

Brush presence , Just the first step in the layout of the shopping center , The greater ambition of new energy vehicles lies in the education market , Occupy the minds of consumers .

With the Internet of things 、AI And so on , New energy vehicles are not only a means of transportation , It has become a new way of life . therefore , New energy door stores tend to be in 4s Store and single sales space , Create a third space that can provide consumers with experience , Let consumers feel the lifestyle provided by the brand , Realize grass planting .

1、 As “ The first person to eat crab ”, Tesla's site selection is mostly the core business district landmark of every inch of land and every inch of gold .

Such as , The first store in China is located in Beijing “ The most artistic Shopping Center ” Qiaofu fragrant grassland ; Shanghai's first store is opened in Jinqiao Shopping Center , Opposite Bitian Sports Park ; Shenzhen's first store is located in Nanshan happy coast , Adjacent to Shenzhen Hospital of the University of Hong Kong 、 Facing OCT ......

After Tesla ,150~300㎡ It has become the mainstream of the site selection area of shopping centers for new energy vehicle enterprises , In a small and sophisticated store , Only 1~2 A car show , Car selection 、 Order the car online , Offline stores focus on experience .

  picture source : Tesla guanbo

2、 Positioning high-end Weilai automobile , In creating a mainstream area 200-400㎡ Beyond the Weilai space , Keep adding weight Plus Third space , Wei to center .

In Shanghai Mixc store ,1000㎡ In the Weilai Center , The owner's Club covers an area of 600㎡, Covering living space 、 Coffee dessert 、 Private meeting room 、 Additional services such as children's play area ; The vehicle display area covers only 400㎡. Many people in the industry make fun of ,“ Wei Lai doesn't sell cars , yes ‘ High end circle ’ Tickets for ”.

  picture source : Weilai auto official blog

in general , The focus of the new energy vehicle experience stores in these shopping centers is not direct selling , Its performance measure is no longer sales , It's store traffic 、 User retention 、 Number of test drives, etc .

The expansion of new energy vehicles is fierce , Who is behind the scenes ?

Players from all sides rush into the car making track , After further squeezing the competitive space ,2021 In, the new forces of car building are speeding up horse racing and enclosure ——

  • Ideal car plans to expand its stores to... This year 200 home , cover 100 Cities ;

  • Xiaopeng automobile plans to increase the number of sales outlets to 300 Above home , Override 110 Cities ;

  • Wei Lai plans to open a new 20 home NIO House and 120 home NIO Space, The total number of stores increased to 366 home .

Looking back a few years ago , New energy vehicle enterprises have a short endurance 、 Insufficient charging pile 、 Low hedge ratio 、 Poor quality and other problems have been criticized , It has not been favored by the market for a long time ,” Wei Xiaoli “ It's even called “ Electric three fools ”.

But in the 2021 year , Shanghai Auto Show “ New energy vehicle enterprises have become the protagonists , Traditional car companies have become supporting roles ” A historic scene . New energy vehicles are generally bad mouthed , Until it's completely red , The motivation behind , From the consumer side 、 Supply side to capital side 、 Technical side , There are traces to follow .

The consumer end :“ It's delicious ” user , Willing to pay for the smart experience

5G Time , New energy vehicles continue to develop new application scenarios 、 Add new configuration , Let consumers start to pay attention to parameters 、 for entertainment 、 Intelligent experience, etc .

Wall street news data show that :56% Of Chinese consumers are willing to choose a new brand for a better Internet experience . Consumers' attitude towards new energy vehicles , Gradually from “ Commuting requires ”、“ No choice ” Gradually convert to “ The preferred ”、“ It's worth a try ”.

Walk into the shopping mall , Take a turn around the new energy vehicle experience store while playing and shopping , It has increasingly become a common thing .

  picture source : Weilai auto official blog

Supply side : New energy vehicle products blowout , The supply of high-quality models has increased

With the acceleration of electrification , The products of new energy vehicle enterprises “ The moat ” Gradually establish , The product matrix is getting richer , A number of net red class models have emerged in the market , Such as BYD Han 、 Wei to ES6、 Xiao peng P7、 Ideal ONE etc. , Let consumers pay by the power of products .

among , The main “ Daddy's car ” The ideal of ONE, In large space 、 High intelligence 、 But oil and electricity 、 Long life and other product advantages have accurately harvested a number of family users ; The main “ Intelligent experience ” Xiaopeng of P7, Also has a group of smart enthusiasts .

Capital side : Capital plus , New energy vehicle enterprises expand their stores at a high speed

2021 year , According to the statistics of enterprise survey big data Research Institute ,2020 In, investment and financing in the field of new energy vehicles totaled 89 rise , The amount of financing has exceeded 100 billion yuan . Compared with online channels , Opening offline stores requires a lot of money . And after a round “ Gold absorption ”, New energy vehicle enterprises have made great achievements in horse racing and enclosure , The capital of holding high and beating high .

This year, ,“ Shop maniac ” Weilai plans to expand its store to 366 home ; Weima automobile has put forward “ Thousands of stores in thousands of cities ” The goal is ; Even by “ Pick the door ” Famous ideal , I'm also making up my homework quickly , Store layout in the first and second tier cities .

  picture source : Ideal car official blog

Technical side : Traditional car companies 、 Technology giants enter the game , Promote technical system iteration

At the technology end , With the entry of traditional automobile enterprises and technology giants , New energy vehicles are in the manufacturing process 、 Automotive chips and other aspects will also be iterated at a high speed .

This wing , Traditional car companies have set their swords on new energy , Geely launched SEA Vast Intelligent Architecture ; Public listing ID.6 X And ID.6 CROZZ Two new energy models …… in addition to , With TOYOTA 、 The public 、 Universal 、 The traditional car companies represented by Ford , Because the manufacturing foundation is thick , Bring a lot of ingenuity to the market ;

The other side compartment , Internet “ The old gun ” We enter the game in various ways to build cars ,“ sound of dripping water + BYD ”、“ Huawei + BAIC polar fox ”…… He is good at “ Technology migration ”, Enrich the intelligent ecology of new energy vehicles with intelligent products .

Look back , New energy vehicle enterprises that have experienced the tempering of capital and market , In terms of channel layout, it is not only facing the squeeze of peers , And the hunting of traditional car companies and cross-border giants . New and old players compete on the same stage , The battlefield of new energy vehicle stores is still full of variables .

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