Huofeng sent a document to support Huo Zun. The comment area overturned and mocked his son with his father. So far, the party concerned has not responded

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huofeng sent document support huo

After Huo Zun was exposed “ abandon ” Fall in love 9 After years of girlfriend , He was supported , Others condemned him .

8 month 11 No. In the morning , Huo Zun's father Huofeng rarely appeared and sent a document , call “ Zun'er is a kind child , My son, I know . Let time and facts prove everything ”. He obviously doesn't believe what Chen Lu exposed , But to support his son .

The attitude of Huofeng is predictable , After all, they are father and son , Just like netizens' comments “ Son again , It's all good in dad's eyes ”.

however , Most people don't approve of his remarks , And said “ You also have a daughter , I hope your daughter won't meet a man like your son ”, I hope he thinks from the woman's point of view .

There are many people who open it directly “ Mockery mode ”, A word of “ A dragon begets a Phoenix , The son of a mouse can make holes ”, Scold Huofeng and huozun , Say Huo Zun “ residue ” With his father .

Recall the year , When Huofeng was with Zhong Xiaoping , He hasn't released yet 《 Big sedan chair 》, Just a little unknown singer , But Zhong Xiaoping was quite hot at that time , He was the first person in mainland China to bring Teresa Teng's songs to the stage .

Zhong Xiaoping doesn't care about fame , Without hesitation, he married Huofeng ,1990 He gave birth to his son Huo Zun . however , Because Huo Zun 1 I got lost when I was half a year old , She chose to completely withdraw from the circle to teach her husband and children .

The stable life of such a family of three did not last long , In huozun 2 At the age of , Huofeng and Zhong Xiaoping's feelings faded and they divorced , This matter was kept secret until Huo Zun went to junior high school .

Huofeng divorces from her son here , But I met my second wife over there .2001 In, he and Jiang Hua, a graduate of Beiying film, registered for marriage , A few years later, I had my daughter Huo Miao .

I don't know if Huofeng's alimony is not enough , Zhong Xiaoping takes her eldest son through hardships alone , For Huo Zun to go to school 、 play the piano , She took out her jewelry and sold it , Life is hard .

so to speak , When Huofeng is nameless, he meets Zhong Xiaoping , The woman gave up her career for her family after marriage , However, the child was only two years old and they divorced , Later, Huofeng had a new family , Not too much control over Huo Zun .

This experience of Huofeng , There are indeed similarities with Chen Lu's disclosure .

For example, Chen Lu said that she accompanied Huo Zun from having nothing to being famous , In order to make Huo Zun easier , She quit her job in a promising Dance Company , Own a small studio , Fall in love 9 In exchange for Huo Zun's sentence “ Make an offer ”.

Huo Zun never made a sound , Whether it's himself or the studio , There was no movement . Most netizens don't believe him. This is “ Since the qing qing ” I don't respond , And think he's escapism , After all, even his father was shocked , How could he not know .

If what Chen Lu said is false , Then Huo Zun can clarify , If everything is true , He should also take responsibility . I hope he has the courage to face it directly , Show up early .

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