They say Versailles is good? Let's hear what the little sister says!

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say versailles good let hear

Dongfeng Citroen Versailles C5X 了
The last time I mentioned a car
I say that brands can promote their own brands
But then I found out I was wrong
In fact, legal brands do not carry out some high-profile publicity of their own brands
This is precisely its own brand tone

It has high cost performance
It has some advantages that are not inferior to other brands
But it thinks that I don't mention these
I don't publicize these
If you agree with me 、 Choose me
You will find more and more advantages of me
This is exactly where some Versailles of legal brands are located

Versailles C5 X
It is not bound by traditional definitions
Neither a car nor SUV
It doesn't belong to a station wagon

If you think you need a car
If you need large space at the same time
Then I think it's a perfect choice for this car

Versailles C5 X The overall shape of
No one can pursue a sense of movement
No exaggeration for the sake of exaggeration
It maintains some unique styles of the legal system
One is to be your own attitude

The front face does not drift with the current, and the large opening design is adopted
But here comes the point of Versailles
It uses an active air intake grille
This configuration is usually available on some luxury brand models
For one tone of the whole car
In fact, it has improved the brand's Level

Another place in Versailles
It's the standard configuration of the whole series 19 Inch wheel hub
I just said it belongs to a cross-border model
It feels very sporty under the large-scale blessing
But it's not very publicized

The third place of Versailles
yes 360° Around " Light sense " Glass design
The effect is that the light sensitivity in the car is very good
And it doesn't make people feel special

Looking from the outside
It forms a two-color suspended roof
Color “ Double spelling ” Good transition

For appearance
Personally, I like the tail shape of Versailles
A double tail design is used
But there is no exaggeration
There is a sense of stability in sports

The design of the whole car is not very high-profile
Didn't say all kinds of show off
But if you choose it
It's the tone of the whole brand
What gives us the feeling is to make us feel
I chose it as a taste of my own No mistake.
Will like her more and more

The first feeling of sitting in the car
It's just that the chair is too soft and comfortable ~
It's not too much to say that it's the softest car seat I've ever sat in
I think this is too Versailles
It doesn't publicize these advantages

Then there's another thing we can see
It has a lot of storage space
Whether it's on the door panel or “ Central console ”
Everything at hand can be well placed

Versailles carries a piece of 12 Inch Touch central control screen
Vehicle settings 、 Connected to the Internet 、 Car home interconnection and other functions will not be absent
At the same time, there are real models 3D Color head up display

The comfort of sitting in the back
There is no discount compared to the front row
Equally soft and comfortable
Simultaneous leg 、 Head space is not depressed

It is worth mentioning that the rear central headrest has been added
This is the result created by Citroen users

8 month 9 Japan
Citroen officially announced Versailles C5 X Pre sale price of
by 14.37-18.67 Ten thousand yuan
Are you right ~

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