The income level in transit is not high? In fact, far more than most white-collar workers have cars and houses in Shanghai

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income level transit high fact

《 You are my glory 》 It is a TV play that reflects the current situation of many entertainment circles , Many open and secret fights in the entertainment industry and the hidden rules of the industry have been exposed , The income gap between Qiao Jingjing played by Dili Reba and Yu Tu played by Yang Yang is also a problem that many people are very concerned about , It has aroused heated discussion among netizens .

It's not just the audience talking about , Even Yu Tu, the hero of the story, is very hard to talk about it in his heart .

My first love, Xia Qing, broke up with Yu Tu because he wanted to work in a low-income Aerospace Research Institute .

Later, there was a little sign of falling in love with Qiao Jingjing , But Yu Tu thought about his family , The income was not as good as Qiao Jingjing, so she refused her confession .

This gives many people the illusion that their income is not very high , But in fact, this is just Yu Tu compared with the same excellent people around him , If compared with ordinary people , Yu Tu's income is relatively high .

In recent years, the income of scientific research workers has increased a lot , The benefits are getting better and better , And Yu Tu, as a very top talent , The annual income is not comparable to that of ordinary people . This can be seen from some details .

First of all, I spent more than a month with Qiao Jingjing , There was no mention of money , At that time, Yu Tu was considering his next work direction , There is no income for the time being , Therefore, during this period of time, Yu Tu should be relatively tight , After all, it costs to eat and drink every day , But he never mentioned money to Qiao Jingjing .

You know, for a star like Qiao Jingjing, the most important thing is money , Being her coach for a month , But also “ nine nine seven ” The working system of , Normal people talk about salary conditions , Yu Tu, who is under great pressure, doesn't think about this at all .

It can be seen that his savings are still very sufficient , There is no problem not working for at least half a year .

The second is that Yu Tu bought a house and a car , The working time on the way should be about six years , It also includes part-time work and part-time study during postgraduate study , And he can buy a house in Shanghai with some family money , This seems incredible to many ordinary people , When I have to repay 10000 mortgage every month, my life is still very moist , It can be seen that his income is not low .

As for the later cars, he bought them with his year-end bonus and some technical breakthrough bonuses , Didn't spend a penny at home .

A young man who has worked for less than ten years can make such achievements in Shanghai , It can be seen that his income is not low , Of course, it may also have something to do with his finance major , Have done some financial investment .

Finally, Yu Tu's technical male characteristics can help him save a lot of money , Although he doesn't make as much money as Qiao Jingjing , But the cost is much less than her , Almost everything and any household appliances can be repaired on the way , Helped Qiao Jingjing save a lot of money , In the past, I also helped myself save a lot of money , So there is still more disposable income .

It's really rare for a versatile boyfriend like Yu Tu who is not only good tempered but also knows everything , No wonder Qiao Jingjing likes him. He hasn't changed his mind for so many years , Although he is compared with many rich second generations who pursue Qiao Jingjing , Worse in terms of money , But his beauty and talent are obvious to all .

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