The "falling behind theory" comes from the silent period of listing in the first half of the year, and Weima's travel / private market attack in the second half of the year

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falling theory comes silent period

“ The theory of falling behind ” It has been haunting Weima for half a year , Some people may feel a little confused , How come Weima, one of the top four new forces on the front line ,2021 After the Spring Festival in, suddenly in the world of public opinion “ disappear from the scene ” 了 ?

Doubts about Weima's car sales , It's getting bigger and bigger recently , The main reason is that Weima has not announced its sales for a long time . Many people think that , Weima, as an earlier brand in mass production , Wei Lai and Xiao Peng are the same group of new forces , Others have done it well , Weima's performance is not satisfactory ? Do you really run Zero 、 Nezha can't compare with these backward students ?

A six-month silent period for listing

Get into 2021 year , Weima once “ disappear ” On the sales list .

2021 year 1 The month and 2 month , The sales volume of Weima automobile is 2040 Vehicles and 1006 car , Decline in chain ratio , The total amount has been widened . Also from this year 3 In the beginning , Weima is not like other new forces of head car making, as before , Publish sales data at the beginning of each month .

in fact , Weima automobile has been preparing the scientific innovation board since the beginning of this year IPO, Wait IPO The approval process for . According to the regulations of the CSRC , There can be no too many actions between the silent periods of enterprises preparing to go public .

According to the announcement of Weima automobile at the recent communication meeting 2021 year 6 Monthly sales data display , The monthly sales volume of Weima is 4007 car , Year-on-year growth 97.6%.

2021Q2 sales 10116 car , Up year on year 105.6%. meanwhile , Also according to official data from Weima ,7 Monthly sales are also 4000 More than , By the end of 7 month , Goodway 2021 Total sales in the first half of the year 15665 car .

Say Weima car “ Left behind ”, Relative to their peers .

data display , Vemma 2021 Cumulative sales in the first half of the year 1.57 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 103.8%, Ranked fifth among the new forces of car making , Not as good as 2019 The second and 2020 The fourth year .

however , Shen Hui also admitted that :“ Compared with enterprises with higher sales than ours , The network layout of Weima automobile is relatively small , The speed of new product launch is not fast enough , It's not easy to double the sales volume year-on-year .”

While striving for the listing of science and Innovation Board , Weima automobile is still overweight the travel industry .7 month 26 Japan , Weima smart travel technology ( Shanghai ) Industrial and commercial changes have taken place in the joint stock limited company , The registered capital of the company consists of about 6.89 To about $100 million 12.09 One hundred million yuan , Added 5.2 One hundred million yuan , Growth of 75.42%.

“ The new energy track is a long-term track , Make a comparison , We're like playing football , Now at the beginning of the first half 15 I haven't finished typing for a minute , Who wins and who loses is still unknown ”, Shen Hui talked about .

The first car M7 Released in the second half of the year

At present, Weima's models on sale include EX5-Z、EX6 Plus as well as W6, The products basically cover the mainstream 14-28 Ten thousand Yuan pure electricity SUV market .

One of the most popular models is EX5-Z, The cumulative sales volume of new cars has reached 5.8 Thousands of cars , continuity 20 It has been the champion of new power pure tram sales for three months . And this year 4 Just launched in January W6 The order volume has also exceeded 10000 , With the delivery of new cars , The overall sales volume of the brand will also rise further .

Shen Hui judged , In the future, China's new energy vehicle market structure will change from “ Dumbbell type ” towards “ Spindle type ” Accelerate optimization . Expect to 2030 year ,15 Ten thousand yuan -25 The electric vehicle in the price range of 10000 yuan will occupy about 60% Market share , Permeability will be from 3% Growth to 40%.

Weima is also very clear about this , In this year 4 Weima, which went public in June W6 At present, it is the main sales force of Weima .

In the second half of this year , According to the plan , Weima's first car M7 Will release , It is currently in the road test stage . New car based Maven Concept car building , Equipped with multiple lidars , With full scene automatic driving ability . Endurance ,M7 NEDC The endurance under working conditions is 800km.

in addition , Cars for the travel market E5 The declaration map has also been exposed , The new car adopts family design language , The appearance is stable and atmospheric , The future will focus on the travel market .

Weima was silent in the first half of the year , But the results are still not too far behind . In the second half of the year , Weima will also release two cars , Meet the needs of online car hailing and household vehicles .

What you can see is , From the second half of this year , Weima is SUV, Cars and online car Hailing markets have come up with powerful pure electric intelligent models , also IPO It is also advancing normally , The follow-up development will certainly continue to be optimistic .

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