1.5t/300 n · m new Dongfeng Fengguang 580 power exposure

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1.5t new dongfeng fengguang power

[ Car home   information ]  recently , We learned from the authorities that , new Dongfeng scenery 580( Parameters | inquiry ) It will be equipped with the self-developed... Of Xiaokang power 1.5TGDI Miller cycle engine , And match 6 Speed automatic transmission . According to previous news , The new car will be on the market within this year .

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motivation , New scenery 580 carrying 1.5TGDI The engine , The most powerful 184 horsepower , Peak torque 300 cattle ・ rice , This engine was independently developed by Xiaokang , Miller combustion cycle technology is adopted , High torque 、 high efficiency 、 The high quality 、 Low emissions 、 Low fuel consumption 、 Low noise and many other advantages . Drive system part , New cars will match 6 Speed automatic transmission .

 Dongfeng Xiaokang scenery 580 2022 paragraph Basic type

 Dongfeng Xiaokang scenery 580 2022 paragraph Basic type

Review the appearance , The official name of the front face of the new car is “ Birds pay homage to the king Gather and take off ” Grid design , Based on the shape of the bird's wing , The overall visual effect focuses on fashion 、 motion . meanwhile , collocation “ The skyline ” Through lamp set design , Make the contour and visual hierarchy of the front face of the whole vehicle clearer .

 Dongfeng Xiaokang scenery 580 2022 paragraph Basic type

Look at the side of the car , The side line of the new car adopts “ Penetrating Aesthetics ” Design , One of the waistlines runs from the front face “ The skyline ” The lamp group runs through the rear tail lamp group , Match with the second waist line from the lower wheel eyebrow , Make the new car's side layering feel significantly improved . In terms of size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4720/1865/1710mm. The wheelbase is 2785mm, The wheelbase is increased compared with the current car model 5mm.

 Dongfeng Xiaokang scenery 580 2022 paragraph Basic type

In the tail , Official expression , The tail lamp group is named “ The wild goose returns ” Through type stereo tail lamp design , During driving, the interior of the lamp group presents “ people ” Glyph or “ One ” Glyph flow effect , High degree of identification . meanwhile , There are two exhaust ports on both sides, and the design is exquisite and simple .( writing / Car home Xue Lian Zhang )

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