The space is worth looking forward to the exposure of the declaration map of Lingtu's new models

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space worth looking forward exposure

[ Car home   Domestic spy photos ]  recently , We have obtained a group of application drawings of new models from the Ministry of industry and information technology . The new car is a pure electric model , The appearance adopts a more square modeling design , The interior space is still worth looking forward to . motivation , The car is equipped with maximum power 29 Kilowatt drive motor .

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 Car home

 Car home

In appearance , The overall shape of the new car is square and strong , The front face adopts closed grille design , And the headlights on both sides are connected through black trim strips , Quite a sense of design . The shape of the rear is more concise and practical , Because the declaration chart is vague , It can be seen vaguely that the tail mark at the lower right is “ Big X”, Or will be the name of the car . Besides , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 3390/1650/1595mm, The wheelbase 2275mm.

 Car home

In terms of configuration , The tire specification of the new car is 155/65 R13, The rim is available in aluminum alloy and steel . In terms of motivation , The new car is equipped with maximum power 29 Kilowatt drive motor , And equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery , However, the mileage has not been announced yet . Follow up more information about the car , We will continue to pay attention .( writing / Car home Hou Minghao )

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