Press the line, reverse, turn left for no reason, Tesla's strongest FSD "rollover" one after another

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press line reverse turn left

Tesla, who is not afraid of fog FSD By traffic lights and cement columns “ Play ”?
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Tesla pure vision FSD Is it really reliable ?
Tesla has launched a pure vision automatic driving system for a month. , Many overseas netizens have updated and started on the road , But with the increasing number of measured videos , The problems of this system are also beginning to increase .
North American local time 7 month 10 Japan ,FSD Beta V9.0( hereinafter referred to as FSD 9.0) Officially launched , When there are few vehicles , carrying FSD 9.0 Our models can really cope with the roundabout 、 Fog and other scenes .
When the road situation is more complex , The performance of this system is not satisfactory .
A car owner found that , Under the condition of heavy traffic , tesla FSD 9.0 It directly shows that there is no distinction between the left and the right 、 Solid rolling line 、 Such an outrageous operation as retrograde , In the typical test of unprotected left turn, the success rate is not high , There are even car owners who almost suffered major accidents during the test .
After realizing these problems , Tesla launched... At the end of last month FSD Beta V9.1( hereinafter referred to as FSD 9.1), Officials say some... Have been repaired Bug.
that , Original FSD 9.0 How much crotch is there ? by comparison ,FSD 9.1 What are the differences ? Car things refer to the test videos of many overseas netizens , New version FSD With more understanding .

01 .
9.0 It's hard to turn left at the intersection Practicability needs to be improved

Youtube Blogger Chuck Cook( hereinafter referred to as CC) Was the first to FSD One of the netizens who conducted a series of tests , It is also one of the first netizens to release its road test video to the network . His car is 2020 Annual money Model Y, This is a factory built-in HW3.0 However, the quasi new vehicle of millimeter wave radar has not been removed .
Although it is equipped with millimeter wave radar , but FSD The system is based on pure visual perception system , It itself will not call the reflected wave information collected by the radar , therefore CC Your car is responsive FSD 9.0 The strength of .
It should be noted that , When CC Quickly pull down the Huai gear twice , A white steering wheel on a blue background lights up on the central control screen Logo, It means FSD Has been activated , It is in full charge of operating the vehicle . When the driver forcibly takes over , This Logo Will automatically go out , It means that the vehicle is now completely controlled by humans .
By looking at this Logo The state of , One can easily judge whether it is FSD Or the driver himself is controlling the vehicle .

▲ On the central control screen Logo Can be displayed FSD Is it activated

And then CC Started his test . According to the information displayed on the central control screen , The navigation system has set the destination somewhere on the left of the vehicle , The vehicle should complete an unprotected left turn at this T-junction , Then drive into the scheduled route .
It is a pity ,FSD 9.0 I didn't hesitate to steer the vehicle to the right , Into the wrong lane , The first test failed .
and , From the aerial view of the UAV ,FSD The choice of left turn timing is not very good . When a dark blue SUV Coming fast from the middle lane in front of me , Tesla walked a little further ; When the three lanes in front of me are empty , Tesla won't go .

▲ In the first test FSD 9.0 Wrong direction , The timing is not good enough

CC Never be discouraged , He took the second test at the same intersection . unfortunately , The second time not only failed , And the performance is not as good as the first test . This time, FSD Not only did he manipulate the vehicle to turn right , And let the car turn a more “ Big ” Bend of .
The so-called more “ Big ” Bend of , In other words, the steering angle of the steering wheel is not large enough at the turning stage , The front of the car went straight , The car body doesn't travel along the curve .Chuck Good luck. , From the beginning of the turn to the end of the turn , There were no cars in the three lanes in front of me ,FSD Also slammed the steering wheel at the last minute , Let the vehicle drive safely into the outermost Lane . If the traffic flow is large at this time 、 High speed , the Model Y It is likely to collide with external vehicles .

▲ In the second test FSD 9.0 Wrong direction , And turn around “ Big ” 了

CC The third test was conducted at the same intersection , Unfortunately, the third test also failed , and FSD 9.0 And made a mistake in the second test , Turn around “ Big ” 了 .
Then ,CC A fourth test was conducted . This time, ,FSD 9.0 Finally completed an unprotected left turn , The test was successful .
Here's the thing , This time, the vehicle encountered a real left turn scene at an unprotected intersection , There are many vehicles driving at high speed in the front six lanes ,FSD Indeed, we have found the right time and space , Successfully steer the vehicle into the predetermined Lane .

▲ In the fourth test FSD 9.0 Successfully manipulate the vehicle to complete the left turn at the unprotected intersection

After the fourth test is successful ,CC Intend to “ follow up a victory with hot pursuit ”, Carry out the fifth test , He hoped FSD 9.0 Can repeat the fourth success .
But in the fifth test ,FSD 9.0 My performance is not as good as the first three times . I saw the vehicle first turn left and cross the yellow solid line , At this time, the rear of the car is still in the original Lane , The front is already in another lane on the left side of the body .
If this behavior is done by human drivers , It's enough to be sentenced by the police for retrograde violation . After a brief retrograde ,FSD 9.0 Steer the vehicle and turn right decisively , On the road opposite to the scheduled route .

▲ In the fifth test, the vehicle rolled over the yellow solid line again 、 Short retrograde and right turn

CC Have to take over manually , Make a detour and drive back to this T-junction , Prepare for the sixth test .
In the sixth test ,FSD 9.0 My performance is worse than the fifth time , It steers the vehicle to the left for the second time , The front of the car crosses the yellow solid line again , Then he drove back into the next lane .
suddenly CC Find out , There are a lot of cars on the road ahead , Those cars are also faster 、 The distance between them is not long enough . If let the FSD 9.0 Steer the vehicle forward , No matter which direction you turn , May collide with other vehicles . For safety's sake , He decisively took over the control of the vehicle , The sixth test was over before it started .
And then CC The seventh test . This time, FSD 9.0 More than that , As soon as he came up, he manipulated the vehicle to cross the yellow solid line , Drove to another lane on the left side of the body , This time, most of the cars went straight to the next lane , In the eyes of the police, it is actually retrograde .
After a brief retrograde ,FSD 9.0 Steer the vehicle again and turn right decisively , On the road opposite to the scheduled route .

▲ In the seventh test, the vehicle has successively rolled the yellow solid line 、 Short retrograde and right turn

It turns out that in seven tests FSD 9.0 Only successfully completed once , Of the six failures ,FSD 9.0 The mistakes made one by one are more outrageous .

02 .
I don't know a one-way street 、 Cement column 9.0 The version almost caused an accident

Give Way FSD 9.0 It's not just the unprotected left turn scene at the intersection , It also includes many scenes in daily life . These scenes don't even have anything in common , It is difficult to generalize these scenes according to their nature , And the mistakes made by the old version are frightening and unimaginable .
The protagonist of the previous article CC There have been several situations . There is a ,FSD 9.0 You have to steer the vehicle to turn right into a lane , but CC I know it's a one-way street , If you forcibly turn in, you may collide with the opposite vehicle .
in other words ,CC As a human driver, I understand that one-way streets can't go , but FSD 9.0 Just think there is a way to go there . Fortunately, he took over before the vehicle entered the corner , Avoid driving backwards into a one-way street , There were no other vehicles on the one-way street .

▲FSD 9.0 Failed to recognize the one-way street

Another time on the highway , According to the route planned by the system ,FSD 9.0 The vehicle needs to be maneuvered into the rightmost Lane , Take the next exit off the highway .
however ,FSD 9.0 Failed to merge the vehicle into the rightmost Lane in advance , The car didn't react until it was about to miss the exit. It should have merged just now .
In this case , Human drivers tend to do two things at a time , Go straight ahead , Look for the next exit and leave the highway . and FSD 9.0 Don't think like humans , It still wants to follow the predetermined path , So he manipulated the vehicle and turned sharply to the right , Trying to cross two lanes in an instant 、 Drive to the planned expressway exit .
CC quick , When the vehicle turns right, it suddenly turns the steering wheel to the left , But the vehicle still inevitably ran over the white solid line . Fortunately, there were no vehicles driving at high speed in the next lane , Otherwise, a dangerous high-speed collision is inevitable .

▲FSD 9.0 Try to change lanes and drive to the exit of the expressway twice

There are more than... Dangerous situations CC One .Youtube Blogger AI Addict( hereinafter referred to as AA) Also found that ,FSD In some cases, it's not easy to use , It can even bring danger .
such as , In one test ,AA Just activated FSD Subordinates NOA function , His car Model 3( Did not specify which year 、 That version ) Just jerk to the right , Then the front of the car 、 The parking spaces are all on the bus lane , The front of the car almost collided with the gray pickup truck parked on the side of the road .
fortunately FSD 9.0 It soon came back , Make a sharp left turn before the collision , Let the vehicle drive back to the normal driveway .AA Find out ,FSD 9.0 Although it can accurately identify that there were two lanes to go , But I don't realize that the one on the right is a bus lane , Tesla can only go the one on the left . in other words ,FSD 9.0 For the time being, I don't have some common sense that human beings have .

▲FSD 9.0 Don't realize that the bus lane shouldn't go

It's not FSD 9.0 to AA The biggest shock . There is a , According to the planning of the navigation system ,FSD You should control the traffic to turn left at an intersection . In limine FSD Acting normal , But when the vehicle should turn left ,FSD Suddenly turn the steering wheel to the right ,AA My car almost hit a straight black car on the right SUV The left rear door .
luckily ,FSD Then turn the steering wheel to the left in time , Maneuvered the vehicle to complete a left turn , however AA Frankly, it's too dangerous .

▲FSD 9.0 Almost let AA My car crashed into the black on the right SUV

It's not AA The most dangerous situation encountered . Another left turn at the intersection , This time, FSD 9.0 Did well at the beginning , Successfully completed the left turn . But when the vehicle is already in the right lane ,FSD Suddenly he hit the left again ,AA My car almost hit the flower bed on the left side of the road and other parked vehicles .
This time, FSD 9.0 The steering input is not only large , It's also very fast , The car lens was tilted .AA Hurried to take over manually , Avoided this collision .

▲FSD 9.0 Almost let AA My car crashed into the flower bed and vehicle on the left

FSD 9.0 The problem of steering a vehicle suddenly is not an example ,Youtube Blogger Hyper Change( hereinafter referred to as HC) The situation encountered may be the most dangerous .
at that time HC Driving his Model 3( Did not specify which year 、 Which version ) Driving on a straight road , On the left side of the car is a row of cement columns , Above the column is the track of monorail urban rail vehicles .
The car was running well ,FSD 9.0 But suddenly manipulate the vehicle to turn left , I saw that the front of the car was about to be connected to the post ,HC Take over manually , Collision avoidance .
And then , Subconsciously, he quickly moved his arms down twice , Activated again FSD Subordinates NOA function . I didn't expect that as soon as my fingers left my arms ,FSD 9.0 Operate the vehicle again to turn left , If it were not for HC Take over again immediately , This time his car will hit the concrete pillar directly .

▲FSD 9.0 Twice in a row almost made HC My car crashed into the left cement column

03 .
9.1 The left turn is smoother But I can't find the right time for a long time

Local time 7 month 31 Day and night , Tesla pushed FSD Latest version FSD 9.1, After the update, many car owners can't wait for the new FSD Tested , And publish your own test video to the network .
CC Yes FSD 9.0 My performance is still fresh in my memory , He's curious FSD 9.1 How do you behave , He came to the intersection with his equipment and car for an unprotected left turn test ..
In this test ,FSD 9.1 At the beginning, I was able to plan the route more accurately , Also successfully let the vehicle walk on the scheduled route , However, the speed judgment of external vehicles is not accurate enough .
at that time ,CC The front of your car is about to merge into the innermost Lane in the opposite direction , But suddenly there was a large wave of vehicles coming from the opposite central lane ,FSD 9.1 But didn't slow down in time , I don't seem to know that if I drive past again, I will collide with the opposite car .
CC Judging from your own experience, it's too dangerous to go on , So he pressed the brake pedal and stopped the car .
He has good luck , After this wave of vehicles passed, there was no vehicle coming from the opposite side for a long time .CC I didn't choose to drive myself to complete this left turn , But activate again FSD, Give Way FSD 9.1 Finish the work just interrupted .FSD 9.1 Didn't let him down , Operate the vehicle accurately and complete the left turn according to the route arranged before exiting the program .

▲ In the first test FSD 9.1 Can accurately control the vehicle to turn left

And then CC A second test was carried out . At the beginning of this test , There are many cars coming quickly in the three opposite lanes ,FSD Not in a hurry , It's rubbing the car forward bit by bit 、 Take advantage of ,FSD 9.1 This operation is quite bold and careful .
A large wave of vehicles passed CC Found a good chance to turn left , Among the three opposite lanes, only one crimson car is driving in the middle lane , Although it's not slow , But away from CC Of Model Y There's still a long way to go .
If it is CC Drive your own car , He will seize this opportunity and slam on the accelerator , Turn the car into the left road before the crimson car reaches the intersection . but FSD 9.1 But showed excessive caution , It actually stopped the brake , Waiting for the crimson car about 2 The second time 、 Missed this turning window , There is absolutely no decisiveness that an old driver should have .

▲ In the second test FSD 9.1 Failed to grasp a good left turn opportunity

At this time CC Find out , There are cars coming at a faster speed in the three opposite lanes, but they are still far away from themselves , This is another good turning opportunity , If you don't go, it's too late , So he forcibly took over , Steer the vehicle to the left , Drove to the next road , The second test failed .
CC A third test was conducted . In this test FSD 9.1 It's very good , The choice of turning time is accurate , The turning action is executed cleanly , The driver did not intervene . however , In this test, there are very few cars on the three opposite lanes , Give it to FSD Too much time to choose the time to make a left turn .

▲ The third test is relatively simple ,FSD 9.1 Successfully passed

The next fourth 、 5、 ... and 、 In six tests , There are very few vehicles on the three opposite lanes , Even the opposite lane is empty for a period of time .FSD In this case, it performs better , Every time you can quickly 、 Make a precise left turn , No manual intervention required .
At the seventh test ,CC The situation encountered is very similar to that in the first test , He found a good time to turn left , However FSD My reaction was half a beat slower , It has turned the steering wheel to the right angle , But I didn't have time to accelerate the vehicle .
etc. FSD React 、 After starting to accelerate , A bright red car has come fast in the innermost Lane opposite , If you drive further, the two cars are likely to hit each other . and FSD But I didn't realize it 、 Accelerate yourself ,CC I have to press the brake pedal to stop the car , Then manually operate the vehicle to complete the left turn .

▲ In the seventh test FSD 9.1 The acceleration is half a beat slower

CC Express , Actually FSD The strength is still very strong , It can accurately plan the path , Can also be as smooth as an old driver 、 soft 、 Agile handling of vehicles , But maybe the control logic is set to be conservative , That's why I didn't take the turn .
CC My conjecture is not unreasonable , The next eight times 、 In the ninth test FSD The situation is the same as the seventh test , and FSD My performance has become more and more indecisive , In three consecutive tests, it was finally CC I take over the vehicle and complete the left turn .

04 .
9.1 The version mistook the red light for the green light Path planning is still flawed

troubled FSD 9.0 It's not just unprotected left turns , troubled FSD 9.1 Of course, the version is more than .
The bloggers mentioned above CC Find out ,FSD 9.1 The identification of traffic light signals is not accurate enough . There is a , The traffic light in front of him was red , But the central control screen shows ,FSD Distinguish the red light from the green light .
Yes, of course , This time, CC Your car is in the rightmost lane and is about to turn right , You can ignore the red light and continue driving , but CC I'm not sure , He's not sure FSD 9.1 The red light is recognized as green because you really recognize the wrong , Or because turning right can ignore the red light, so FSD 9.1 Just casually represent “ release ” The green light logo Put it on the central control screen .

▲ In the first test FSD 9.1 Mistake red light for green

And then CC Tested at the same intersection , This time his car was driving in the middle lane where only straight traffic was allowed . The measured results show that ,FSD 9.1 It's a real mistake to think of a red light as a green light .
According to the information displayed on the central control screen , When the vehicle is far from the traffic lights ,FSD 9.1 It can be accurately recognized that the red light is on . However, as the vehicle slowly approached the traffic lights ,FSD Suddenly changed his mind , After a while, I thought the green light was on , After a while, I thought the red light was on , This practice can be described as repeated horizontal jumps 、 Hesitate about what move to make .
FSD 9.1 I was very careful to change the speed from the beginning 32 miles / Hours ( About us 51.5 km / Hours ) Down to 10 miles / Hours ( About us 16.1 km / Hours ), It's like watching close to the traffic lights .
But after a while ,FSD 9.1 But more convinced that the green light is on , And manipulate the vehicle to accelerate , In an instant, it increased the speed to 17 miles / Hours ( About us 27.4 km / Hours ).
Such a move scared CC Step on the brake pedal and stop the car . The white steering wheel with blue background on the central control screen Logo It's out , prove CC Indeed, human intervention , It's not that FSD.
Fortunately, there are no vehicles moving fast on the road ahead , There are no pedestrians crossing the road ,CC My car didn't cause an accident . However ,Model Y The front of the car has also crossed the white solid line , If the police have to be picky, it's running a red light .

▲ In the second test FSD 9.1 Nearly maneuvered the vehicle through the red light

And then CC The third test was conducted at the same intersection , This time, FSD good performance , Both accurately identified the red light , And stop the vehicle behind the waiting line in time . There is a fly in the ointment ,FSD I'm too anxious this time , When braking, the front of the car is about... Away from the waiting line 4、5 Meter distance , It's almost a car Model Y The distance of the car .CC Express , This time, FSD Acting fairly normal , But it can be better .

▲ In the third test FSD 9.1 Prematurely stopped the brake

except CC outside ,HC Also found that FSD 9.1 There is still a lot of room for improvement .
FSD 9.0 He almost crashed his car into a cement column twice in a row , With a lesson from the past , Before the vehicle reaches the pillar ,HC I put my hands on both sides of the steering wheel early to take over .
Sure enough ,FSD 9.1 Also jerk the vehicle to the left , Almost let HC My car hit a cement column , Fortunately, he reacted quickly , Take over in time 、 Collision avoidance .
HC Express ,FSD 9.1 as long as “ Don't do anything? ” Can ensure driving safety , But it has to steer the vehicle to the left , And almost hit the front of the car against the cement column , It seems that Tesla still hasn't completely solved FSD The problem of wrong route selection .

▲ And FSD 9.0 equally ,FSD 9.1 It almost made HC My car hit a cement column

HC A total of more than ten cement columns were encountered on this road section ,FSD Almost maneuvered the vehicle and hit two of them ,HC Also manually intervened twice .HC Think , although FSD 9.1 Your performance is not good , But compared with FSD 9.0 There has been progress , At least the new version can reduce the speed , When suddenly turning, the steering wheel turns less , Make it a little less difficult for him to save the car .
however ,HC Yes CC Not yet encountered “ Left and right ” scene . The central control screen displays , According to the path specified by the navigation system , Vehicles should turn left here , but FSD But steer the vehicle to the right , And it's fast 、 Turn the steering wheel sharply , The camera angle of view swings because of the violent shaking of the car body .HC Had to intervene manually , Steer the vehicle to the right road .

▲FSD 9.1 Failed to completely solve the problem of left-right indiscriminate intersection

another Youtube Blogger RoadToFSD( hereinafter referred to as RTF) You're welcome , He said that once his car should turn right at the intersection , The rightmost road after turning right has been closed due to construction . At this time , Human drivers tend to turn straight , Then drive the vehicle into the open left lane , and FSD 9.1 It was like an iron heart that leaned the body to the right .
However , Maybe it's because environmental observation is not in place ,FSD 9.1 Manipulate RTF My car crashed directly into the road closure sign next to the safety island .RTF Only manual intervention , Press the brake pedal to stop the car .

▲FSD 9.1 Almost let RTF Your car crashed into a safety island

And then ,RTF He counted down the FSD 9.1 Of Bug, In addition to the lack of path planning ability, it also includes the failure to identify speed bumps 、 Identify parking signs on open roads , as well as CC Also encountered the mistake of turning the red light into a green light .
It is not difficult to see from the measured videos of the three bloggers ,FSD 9.1 There is still much room for improvement in environmental observation and path planning .

05 .
Conclusion :FSD It's too early to replace humans

not long ago ,《 Consumer reports 》 Once wrote an article accusing Tesla FSD The system function is not perfect and lack of protection measures , For reducing driver pressure 、 Improving driving safety is not helpful .
Although many overseas car owners said that the latest version FSD It gives them more automatic driving ability , however 《 Consumer reports 》 It is considered that the system still has a lot of room for improvement .
Now? , Tesla has launched FSD Beta V9.0 The first minor upgrade in the series FSD 9.1, This system has been highly praised by some car owners . however , There are still some car owners who accidentally or actively find FSD 9.1 Not good enough on some occasions , It can even be said to be painting the snake and adding to the foot . so , No matter how much fans love FSD, It's also a Beta edition .
Compared with the enthusiasm of some fans , Musk himself seems more calm , He has repeatedly called on car owners to observe the environment carefully 、 Be ready to take over , Even if their car is carrying “ Fully autonomous driving ” System . As for when Tesla can get rid of Beta These letters , I'm afraid only time can give the answer .
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