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yu shengchu wu yingqiu dongfeng

Yesterday, , Dongfeng Citroen Versailles has opened pre-sale . I can see you , 14.37 ten thousand —18.67 The price of 10000 yuan is an idea for enterprises . before , The wind from the East snow , Including some speculation in the public opinion field , The price of this car should be higher than this price . After all, this is a core model to reverse the passive situation of legal cars in China . I believe in the past few months , Anyone who has seen 、 People who have driven this car will be interested in its technology 、 Performance includes appearance and modeling 、 Impressed by the interior design . Obviously , The pre-sale price of Versailles is still very competitive .

The introduction of pre-sale price , Dongxue's marketing strategy gives people the feeling of going up and down . Such marketing tactics used to be common in Japanese cars . Starting from the product technical strength, seize the commanding height of a brand first , Form purchase expectations , Then sell at a lower than expected price , To impress consumers , Generate an impulse to buy . Such a move seems to me , As expected , It's unexpected . It is expected that Dongxue needs to sell well in Versailles to boost the confidence of the enterprise . On the issue of sales volume , Versailles dare not make any mistakes . And the price is the most direct 、 The most effective conservation measure . Unexpectedly, Dongxue's pricing is a great risk , And in the eyes of ordinary people , Not many people dare to do so . Dongfeng Snow's parent company, DPCA, has been in decline for some time , It was not until last year that the downward trend was stopped , There has been a slight improvement this year . Does Versailles want quantity or profit , It is a difficult question to answer in front of enterprise decision-makers . Let the profit amount come up. It's good to say , But if there is no sales, the loss is not as simple as the profit figure .

How to price Versailles ? It's a problem that requires equation thinking . It must not be decided by addition and subtraction . First of all, it's a good car , But over the past few years “ Discredit ” The image of has lowered the status of legal cars , It takes time and money to get back on a car “ The tuition fees ”, In this sense , Versailles may earn less money , The right to return “ The tuition fee is up ”; DPCA used to be a joint venture in China “ Three big ”, But I didn't do well for a while “ Left behind ”. I've been trying to catch up for the past two years . Especially this year, it is expected to achieve “ breakthrough ”. At this time, the most noteworthy thing is how to master the rhythm of enterprise development . Sales volume and profit are the two most direct indicators , But it is also the most difficult indicator to balance , For DPCA , We should also seek truth from facts .

Represented by DPCA “ Law car ” Why in the past “ Left behind ”? Many people say many reasons from many aspects . From the pricing of Versailles , In fact, we also see the importance of pricing and concentration in enterprise development . In the past , DPCA has done so much “ Teaching book ” A matter of style , Including the first hatchback 、 Safety collision 、 The concept of environmental protection , But forgot to do the brand well . Because of inaccurate positioning , No concentration . Want everything , I want everything , In the end, we must pay attention to one thing and lose the other . The pricing of Versailles may have figured out a truth : Today, the dragon is still gathering strength , You can't have both fish and bear's paw . I think this strategy is right .

I don't think enterprise development can make money at a loss . I believe that DPCA calculated an account for the East snow Versailles before setting the price . The key is how to calculate this account . Maybe it's a small account and a big one , Maybe forget it and make money in front of you , Forget to lose tomorrow . At least this time, the dragon must make a small account 、 Big account , The immediate and long-term accounts are considered together . From the final pricing, we can see , This kind of accounting logic is indeed unprecedented in the past period of time .

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