The power appearance is upgraded, and the application drawing of the new GAC Toyota ia5

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power appearance upgraded application drawing

[ Car home   Domestic spy photos ]  recently , We got the new model from the Ministry of industry and information technology Gac Toyota iA5( Parameters | inquiry ) Declaration information of . The new car is equipped with a newly designed front surround , And equipped with a maximum power of 204Ps(150kW) Drive motor . Besides , According to the declaration information, the supplier of ternary lithium battery carried by the new car is GAC Passenger Car Co., Ltd .

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aesthetic , The new car optimizes the front surround and the areas on both sides of the fog lamp on the basis of the original shape , Take the wing design as The visual effect of the front face adds a sense of movement . The rim is still painted in two colors , The shape is also quite dynamic , Tire size 215/55 R17 and 235/45 R18 Two specifications .

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The body dimensions of the new car are... Length, width and height respectively 4818/1880/1530mm, Wheelbase reached 2750mm, Older models in body length 4792mm Slightly increased . In configuration , There will also be no skylight version and wheels of different shapes to choose from . According to the declaration information , The new car will be equipped with ternary lithium battery produced by GAC Passenger Car Co., Ltd , The assembled drive motor is the motor of Japanese electric automobile ( Zhejiang ) Ltd. produces , Maximum power from the old model 184Ps(135kW) Upgrade to 204Ps(150kW). Other parameters about the new car have not been officially announced , We will pay attention to .( writing / Car home Sun Yichao )

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