Exposure of new Texin dev 1 standard changing tianqin brand new car application drawing

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exposure new texin dev standard

[ Car home   Domestic spy photos ]  In recent days, , We have obtained a set of application drawings of tianqin brand pure electric vehicle from the Ministry of industry and information technology . According to the previous information , Tianqin brand is the latest product name of the former Xinte automobile , New models and new features DEV 1 It's similar , However, a new nameplate is hung on the front of the car , The nameplate at the rear of the car is also changed from China FAW to China heavy truck .

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 Car home

In this year 5 In the declaration information of the month , The product trademark of Xinte automobile has been changed to tianqin brand , And produced by heavy truck Co., Ltd . Declare the appearance and new features of the new car DEV 1 be similar , All belong to micro pure electric vehicles , Closed front face with inverted C Headlamp combination , Both sides of the lower bumper are decorated to imitate the fog lamp , Echo with the round headlights above . The front part of the car , A brand new tianqin card is hung LOGO, The middle letter V Match with circular logo , Quite a memory .

In addition, the vehicle has options similar to the sports version , The main changes are in the front part , Both sides of the lower bumper are designed with decoration similar to air inlet , Create sharper lines for the front of the car . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 3740/1655/1550mm, collocation 185/55 R15 Wheel rim , Small and lovely .

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The rear of the car is still narrow at the top and wide at the bottom , The round garnish strip connects the left and right tail lamps . The rear nameplate shows the model name or “ Electric star ”, The other side shows that the car is a model produced by China heavy truck . motivation , The maximum power of the new car is 35 Kilowatt motor 、 Ternary lithium battery provided by GuoXuan high tech , Although at present NEDC The range is uncertain , But Xinte DEV 1 Mileage to 350km(NEDC standard ), As a reference .( writing / Car home Jiang Tianshuang )

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