Provide autopilot development, four-dimensional map, new Kaiyi fixed point

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provide autopilot development four-dimensional dimensional

[ Car home   information ]  recently , We learned from relevant sources that , NavInfo announced that , The company received from Yibin Kaiyi Automobile Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ Kay wing car ”) Your fixed-point notice , The company will provide Kaiyi automobile with a complete set of automatic driving software and hardware product development services for the next generation of models, including vision hardware and domain controller .

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Announcement shows that , This time, NavInfo has become the designated supplier of Kaiyi automobile product development , It will further expand its product application and development , Enhance the impact of the business , It will have a positive impact on the future business performance of NavInfo .

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A new representation of four dimensions , This is the first time tier1 identity , Become a designated supplier of Kay wing automotive multi level automatic driving system. . NavInfo's new intelligent driving business , Involving from L1-L2.9 Level automatic driving full stack software and hardware products provide software and hardware integrated mass production solutions including parking domain and driving domain . 4D tuxin will be under the vehicle regulation level safety standard , Fully integrate high-precision maps 、 High precision positioning and other business advantages , With iterative data and value-added products , Seek the best user experience for customers .

According to the previous report , Four dimensional picture is expected to 2021 In the first half of the year, the operating revenue realized 14.41% to 35.21% Year-on-year growth , Revenue up to 11 One hundred million yuan to 13 One hundred million yuan . The expected revenue growth is mainly due to the Internet of vehicles 、 Chip and navigation business revenue growth impact . With the electrification of cars 、 The rapid development of intelligence , 4D new intelligent cockpit 、 The commercialization cooperation of automatic driving business continues to increase , Car networking 、 Advanced assisted driving and automatic driving services 2019 year 、2020 Achieve substantial growth in . At the same time, with the recovery of the automobile market , Automobile production and sales increased year-on-year , The revenue of NavInfo navigation business has increased .( compile / Car home Zhouyi )

 Provide automatic driving development The four-dimensional map has won a new Kaiyi fixed point Car home
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