List of sales volume of 38 auto enterprises in July: most performed better than June

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list sales auto enterprises july

Although our country 7 The overall car sales data for the month has not yet been released , But integrating the information from various channels ,7 The off-season characteristics of the overall auto market in June are obvious , The latest data of the passenger association also shows ,7 The retail volume of passenger car market in January was 150 Thousands of cars , Both fell month on month . But even so , Judging from the performance of the mainstream car companies that have announced the sales volume of this month , It's not that bad .

The situation of negative year-on-year growth of multi car enterprises remains , But it's better than before

7 As the traditional off-season of the car market , It happened that the shortage of chips and the lack of terminal demand affected the continuous fermentation , The slowdown in overall market demand is expected . From the sales data of auto enterprises sorted out by Gaishi automobile ,7 There are still many auto companies showing negative growth year-on-year in June , But contrast 6 Monthly situation , Most of them have achieved month on month growth , And the year-on-year decline narrowed , In addition, many auto enterprises continue to grow at a high speed .

data display , Shanghai automotive industry corporation 7 Monthly sales volume is 352,546 car , Although it is down from the same period last year 22.95%, But contrast 6 month , The year-on-year decline narrowed , And slightly improved month on month . From its many brands , saic The public 、 SAIC general 、 SAIC general Wuling And SAIC passenger cars correspond to the overall performance of SAIC Group , It still fell year-on-year , However, it has improved month on month , SAIC Maxus fell month on month , But year on year 20.43% The growth of . front 7 month , SAIC's cumulative sales volume is 2,649,831 car , Year-on-year growth 5.71%.

Similar to SAIC , GAC group 7 Monthly sales volume is 180,518 car , Chain ratio 6 The month has come true 8.71% The growth of , Although it still shows negative growth year-on-year , But the decline has increased from last month's 11.01% Narrow to 1.86%. Among its brands , GAC Honda 7 Monthly sales volume is 60,468 car , Month on month improvement , The year-on-year decline narrowed to 15.71%. GAC Toyota 、 GAC passenger car 、 Gac-e'an maintained positive growth year-on-year , The month on month increases in varying degrees .1-7 month , GAC group has sold cars in total 120.7 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 19.7%, a 2019 Year-to-year growth 4.3%. Terminal delivery is even more popular ,1-7 Monthly cumulative terminal sales reached 122.7 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 21.8%, a 2019 Annual growth 4.4%.

It's different from the car companies , Chery group achieved double growth month on month , The group 7 Monthly sales of cars 83,678 car , Chain ratio 6 Monthly growth 14.47%, Year-on-year growth 49.6%, Continue to show a trend of rapid growth . It is worth noting that , Chery's overseas exports continued to grow explosively ,7 The volume of overseas exports reached 26,624 car , Year-on-year growth 194.8%, For the third time this year, it has set an all-time high .1-7 month , Chery group has sold cars in total 508,415 car , Year-on-year growth 74.6%.

Changan Automobile also performed well ,7 Monthly sales totaled 177,941 car , Not only higher than 6 month , Compared with the same period last year, it also increased 7.89%, front 7 The cumulative monthly sales reached 1,378, 788 car , Year-on-year increase 38. 44%. Its Changan Ford 7 Monthly sales reached 26,046 car , The performance is significantly better than before , Not only is the year-on-year growth positive , And the increase is as high as 19.88%. Chang'an Mazda 7 Monthly sales and 6 The phase difference of the moon is not big , But it failed to reverse the negative growth situation , stay 7 The month still presents 16.07% Decline . The Research Report of securities institutions shows that , This may be related to the mitigation of the chip shortage .

Above all , The sales growth momentum of many auto enterprises is 7 The month showed signs of improvement , And in what has come 8 month , This momentum is expected to remain .

China Automobile Circulation Association said ,8 The auto market will pick up seasonally in June .“ With the chip shortage in the third quarter, the impact gradually weakened , Chip supply is gradually restored , Automobile production capacity will pick up . At present, the dealer's inventory is low , The power of passive reservoir replenishment is obvious . In the near future , The Ministry of Commerce proposed to focus on the whole chain to promote automobile consumption , It also helps to release market demand . in summary , expect 8 Month on month sales 7 The month will rise , Inventory may rise slightly . But because of 7 The epidemic relapsed in some areas in late June , It also generates some uncertainty .”

Better autonomous performance , Independent sub brands show strength

With the sustained and rapid growth of the new energy vehicle market , And under the background of insufficient chip supply, the effective guarantee of some chips is ensured by strengthening the chain , Domestic independent auto enterprises have become the most powerful force in the domestic auto market .

Data display of CAAC , Chinese brand passenger cars 6 The overall market performance in June was better than that of the big market , A total of... Were sold in the current month 69.1 Thousands of cars , rose 1.7%, Year-on-year growth 16.5%, Account for the total sales of passenger cars 44.0%, The share is higher than last month 2.8 percentage , An increase over the same period last year 10.5 percentage . Combined with the previous data , The share of Chinese brand passenger cars has reached... For many consecutive months 40% above .

picture source : CAAC

from 7 According to the situation in June , Even if the new forces of car making, which have been growing very fiercely this year, are excluded , The performance of traditional independent auto enterprises is still relatively outstanding , The year-on-year growth is mostly positive , Even negative growth , The decline is also relatively low .

For example, BYD . BYD 7 Monthly new car sales 57,410 car , Chain ratio 6 Monthly growth 12.54%, Year-on-year growth 82.94%. It is reported that , The sales volume of BYD's new energy vehicles in that month reached 50,492 car , Accounting for% of the total sales volume of the month 87.95%, That's up from the same period last year 234.38%. This year, 1-7 month , BYD has sold new cars in total 304,099 car , Cumulative year-on-year growth 60.04%, Among them, BYD's new energy vehicles are sold in total 205,071 car , Year-on-year growth 170.62%.

Chery car 、 Great Wall motor 、 Jac auto and other independent auto enterprises 7 Monthly performance is also commendable . Among them, Chery Automobile 7 Month after month 55,566 Monthly sales of cars , Realized 62.4% Year-on-year growth ; Great Wall motor 7 Monthly sales volume is 91,555 car , Year-on-year growth 16.87%, front 7 In sales 709,766 car , Year-on-year growth 49.92%; Jianghuai Automobile 7 Monthly sales volume is 3.9 Thousands of cars , rose 6.57%,1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 32.4 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 31.7%.

It is worth noting that , In sorting out the sales data, Gaishi automobile found , GAC AIAN 、 Tank brand 、 Independent sub brands of jietu automobile and other automobile enterprises 7 The month has achieved outstanding performance .

last year 11 month , GAC Group officially announced at Guangzhou Auto Show , Gac-e'an will make its brand independent , In the future, it will be positioned as a high-end intelligent electric vehicle brand . And as we have learned , The first quarter of this year , Gac-e'an's cumulative sales ranking has jumped to No. in the industry 3, And in 5、6、7 In January, the sales volume exceeded 10000 for three consecutive months , Towards annual sales 10 The goal of 10000 vehicles . It is reported that , At present, ai'an intelligent ecological factory has 10 Thousands of cars / Annual capacity reserve , But due to the surge in user orders , Capacity utilization has exceeded 140%.

At this year's Shanghai Auto Show , Great Wall Motor officially released the tank brand , And launch a new brand LOGO. at present , Only under the tank brand tanks 300 Parameters picture ) A model is on sale , This year, 7 month , tanks 300 Keep selling , Achieve sales 5,470 car ,1-7 Monthly cumulative sales reached 38,543 car .7 End of month , Tank brands have ushered in new members , One tank 300 The city edition was officially launched and the reservation was opened , tanks 600 The first mass production vehicle officially went offline , As the second model of tank brand 、 The first model after tank independence , And the first model of the tank's business luxury series , tanks 600 It will be the world's first show at Chengdu International Auto Show , The follow-up performance is worth looking forward to .

tanks 300; picture source : Tank brand

JetBlue auto was launched this year 7 The brand upgrade will be completed in June , Become an independent brand of Chery group . JetBlue, which has just announced its brand independence, is in 7 In June, he handed over a brilliant report card . According to the sales data released by Chery group , JetBlue 7 Monthly sales reached 15,745 car , Year-on-year growth 92.76%. It is reported that , Depending on the Rapid way X70 The department and the Rapid way X90 It is two star product series , Jietu brand maintains a high growth trend , from 2018 year 8 Since the first product was launched in January , The cumulative sales volume is close to 40 Thousands of cars .

in fact , Not just the above car companies , Nowadays, more and more automobile enterprises are keen to establish independent sub brands . Although after leaving the parent brand , It is not easy for new brands to quickly establish new cognition in the consumer market , But on the other hand , This approach allows the new brand to establish more accurate communication and sales , With more targeted services , Improve brand influence , And at least from the current sales situation , The effect is pretty good .

New forces of car building continue to erupt , There are still many challenges ahead

As a major camp that can not be ignored in independent car enterprises , The new forces of car making are under the background of the continuous and high growth of the domestic new energy vehicle market , Continue to soar . According to the sales data compiled by Gaishi automobile , Weilai automobile, the leading manufacturer in the new forces of car making 、 Ideal car 、 Xiao peng car 、 Nezha car 、 Zero car 7 Monthly sales have increased significantly . However, Weilai automobile, which has always occupied the sales champion, is 7 The month is the ideal car 、 Xiao Peng's car exceeds ,“ Wei Xiaoli ” change “ Li Xiaowei ”.

The specific term , Wei Lai automobile 7 The monthly delivery of new vehicles is 7931 car , Ring drop 1.9%, Year-on-year growth 124.5%. allegedly , The reason why monthly delivery decreased month on month , Mainly affected by the supply chain . The relevant person in charge of Weilai automobile said , Weilai's full supply chain capacity is 7500+, Try to rush 8000 car . thus , Monthly delivery in recent two months , Will be in 8000 The car floats up and down .

7 month , The new car delivery volume of Xiaopeng automobile is 8040 car , rose 22%, Record monthly delivery .1-7 month , Xiaopeng automobile has delivered... In total 38,778 car , It's the delivery volume of last year 1.4 times . at present , Xiaopeng Automobile Co., Ltd P7 and G3 Two models are on sale , among P7 It is the main model of Xiaopeng , Its 7 The monthly delivery volume is 6054 car , Accounting for more than 70% of the overall delivery .

Ideal car 7 Monthly delivery exceeds... For the first time 8000, achieve 8589 car , rose 11.4%, Year-on-year growth 251.3%.7 Month is new Ideal ONE Second full delivery month ,6 month 、7 The new model of the month is ideal ONE Delivery has achieved month on month growth . Shen Yanan, co-founder and President of ideal automobile, said , Before the end of the year , Ideal cars will also launch heavy OTA upgrade , Will be ideal ONE Our product force has been pushed to a new height .

In addition to the above three car companies , Nezha car and Zero run car 7 Monthly performance also has a breakthrough . Nezha car 7 The monthly delivery of new vehicles is 6011 car , Year-on-year growth 392%, Hit a new high in monthly delivery . Zero car 7 Monthly delivery exceeded... For the first time 4000 car , achieve 4404 car , rose 12%, Year-on-year growth 666%. The continuous growth of monthly delivery of zero running cars this year is mainly due to the main models Zero run T03 Market performance , Zero run T03 The monthly delivery volume is 4283 car , rose 14%, It accounts for about% of the delivery volume of zero running cars in the current month 97%.

Zero run T03

The ferocity of the new forces of building cars can be seen from this , In the future, China's new energy vehicle market will enter an era of comprehensive competition , The diversified competition pattern will further develop in depth , The new forces of car building must be the participants that can not be underestimated . however , As far as the new forces of car building are concerned , They also face many challenges .

One side , Even new car manufacturers , Not only to face the competition of traditional car companies , But also face the competition of other new forces car enterprises . As shown earlier , Nezha car and Zero run car, which were originally relatively weak, are trying to narrow the gap with the first camp . Especially the Zero run car , In its 7 In June, the plan for the next five years was officially announced 2.0 Development strategy and objectives , According to its plan ,2025 The annual target sales volume will reach 80 Thousands of cars .

On the other hand , since this year on , Technology companies set off a new round of boom , Baidu 、 millet 、 sound of dripping water 、 skyworth 、360 And so on , Further expand the camp of the new forces of car making . You can see , The air outlet of new energy vehicles is strong , The threshold of the industrial chain is decreasing , Technology companies are gaining momentum to seize the blue ocean of cars , It is not ruled out that the follow-up will challenge the above new forces of car making .

In addition to being affected by the external competitive environment , The new forces of car building also have their own internal hidden dangers . For example, the current supply chain capacity problem faced by Weilai automobile , Another example is the current product layout of ideal automobile , Today, the ideal car is still only ideal ONE A model on sale , Although he took the championship from Weilai , But too single model is still a hidden danger of the ideal car .

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