In July, the inventory coefficient of Chinese auto dealers was 1.45

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China Automobile Circulation Association 10 Promulgated by the 2021 year 7 month “ Car dealer stock ” Findings :7 The monthly comprehensive inventory coefficient of auto dealers is 1.45, Year-on-year decline in 24.1%, fell 2.0%, The inventory coefficient fell below the warning line .

China Automobile Circulation Association said , Due to the shortage of chips and insufficient automobile production capacity , The inventory coefficient of auto dealers has been continuously 5 Months down . Get into 7 month , Frequent extreme weather and epidemic control in some areas , The market demand performance is not satisfactory , Obvious off-season characteristics .

among , The inventory coefficient of high-end luxury and imported brands is 1.39, fell 0.7%; The inventory coefficient of joint venture brand cars is 1.43, fell 2.1%; meanwhile , The inventory coefficient of independent brand cars is 1.61, Sequential rise 1.3%.

According to the analysis , Global chip shortage for luxury 、 The influence of joint venture brand cars continues to expand , The overall inventory level is low 6 The month fell further . The independent brand cars are less dependent on imported chips , In addition, the pressure of some manufacturers is not reduced , Inventory level rise .

China Automobile Circulation Association said ,8 The month will show a seasonal rebound . With the chip shortage in the third quarter, the impact gradually weakened , Chip supply is gradually restored , Automobile production capacity will pick up . At present, the dealer's inventory is low , The power of passive reservoir replenishment is obvious . In the near future , China's Ministry of Commerce proposed to focus on the whole chain to promote automobile consumption , It also helps to release market demand .

in summary , The China Automobile Circulation Association predicts 8 Month on month sales 7 The month will rise , Inventory may rise slightly . But because of 7 The epidemic relapsed in some areas in late June , It also generates some uncertainty .

China Automobile Circulation Association suggests , The dealer should according to the actual situation , Rationally estimate the actual market demand , Reasonably control inventory level , In case of too much inventory pressure , Leading to operational risk . meanwhile , Do not slacken the epidemic protection , Continue to implement measures for epidemic prevention and control .

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