Behind the "Xie Dajiao" car accident: why Alashan camels take a walk on the road

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xie dajiao car accident alashan

8 month 9 Japan , Famous actors 、 TV play 《 Rural love 》 in “ Thank you ” Actor Yu Yuexian , He died in a car accident in Alxa, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region .

According to the relevant person in charge of the traffic police detachment of Alxa League Public Security Bureau , Yu Yuexian took SUV Vehicles and on the road 2 A camel collided , Yu Yuexian was killed in the accident , The driver and other passengers were injured ,2 A camel died . The cause of the accident is under investigation .

In the relevant news review area , Many people are puzzled that camels go on the road at will . But in fact , In what is known as “ Camel Township in China ” Alashan region of , It's easy to see camels walking around on both sides of the road , Traffic accidents caused by camels are also common .

The first financial reporter has visited Alxa League many times in recent years , Many Gacha and herdsman families interviewed also raise camels . In Jilantai Town, Alxa League , Local herdsmen often spontaneously organize “ Shuttle · Qianfeng camel Culture Festival ” Nadam activities , So as to protect and carry forward the unique camel culture of Alxa .

Erdenula, a local herdsman, told the first financial reporter , Camels seen on the grassland , Most of them have owners , Camels also recognize their homes . Wild camels also have , But not much . Cultured camels are not afraid of people and vehicles . The driver in the pastoral area saw the camel , Or slow down , Or make a detour .

Alxa League is located in the west of Inner Mongolia , In Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region 12 The largest area among the four league cities 、 The population is the least .

According to recent statistics , The total population of the League 25 ten thousand people , The number of camels in stock is 12 Wanfeng . Alashan is the hometown of camels , At present, it is undergoing transformation and upgrading 、 Expand and strengthen the camel industry .

The number of Bactrian camels accounts for one third of the country

The place where the accident happened S228 The line is a dart . It should be noted that , There are many roads in the West , There are no intermediate guardrails and side guardrails . The local herdsman told the first financial reporter on the phone , There are corresponding prompts along the highway in pastoral areas , But the number is very limited . Because the road is flat and straight , Sparsely populated , Usually the speed is very fast . At night with limited vision , It is difficult to respond in time in case of emergencies .

A car owner who had many self driving experiences in the West sent a message online to express his condolences . He thinks that , Tragedy may involve three risk factors : In the morning 3 More driving time 、 Alashan's special road situation , And driving reaction when encountering accidents in pastoral areas .

Near the village , It is common for camels to cross roads . Some herdsmen also told the media , If a driver who doesn't know the habits of camels , The probability of a car accident will be higher .

The reporter is in an Alashan League “ Leadership message board ” Found on ,2020 year 7 month 20 Japan , There was a message saying , In recent years, the section from Alxa Right Banner to Jinchang , Many camels were killed by cars on the road , Causing economic losses to farmers and herdsmen , Bring hidden dangers to people's travel . The message suggests that fences be erected on both sides of this section , Prevent livestock from entering .

The inspection office of Alashan Right Banner Committee said in its reply , In order to effectively strengthen road safety control in agricultural and pastoral areas , Fully guarantee the safety of people's lives and property , Effectively prevent traffic accidents caused by livestock on the road , Constantly standardize and improve the traffic safety awareness of motor vehicle drivers , The traffic police brigade of Qi public security bureau is applying for green reflective tape from the traffic management detachment of the league , The plan is distributed to herdsmen along the line ( Tied between the necks of livestock ), Used to remind passing vehicles to pay attention to livestock .

Reply scale , Will urge Su mu ( Township administrative regions ) By setting up an uninterrupted fence along the road 、 Repair damaged fences, etc , Keep livestock off the road . At the same time, check along the line ( Administrative village ) Issued a rectification notice , Urge Sumu and Gacha to actively publicize to farmers and herdsmen , Manage their livestock , Stay away from the road .

The number of camels in Alashan League has been restored to 12 Wanfeng . Photography / Zhang Ke

Held in the pastoral area of Alashan League, Inner Mongolia “ Shuttle · Thousand camels ” Nomadic culture Nadam . Photography / Zhang Ke

Expert introduction , China is one of several important Bactrian camel producing areas in the world , Total about 30 Ten thousand , Alashan Bactrian camel 、 Xinjiang Bactrian camel 、 Sunit Bactrian camel is the main variety , It is mainly distributed in Xinjiang 、 Inner Mongolia 、 qinghai 、 Gansu and other provinces are dry 、 desert 、 Grassland . Alashan is the area with the largest number of Bactrian camels in China , It accounts for about one third of the national total .

Wang Lixing, staff member of Alxa survey team of National Bureau of statistics 、 Ren Yuxia introduced , Alxa League is a traditional grassland animal husbandry area , The number of Bactrian camels in Alxa League has long been in the forefront of the country .

Wang Lixing introduced , In Alashan League and other places , Camels are scattered , Go with nature . Because of its soft hoof , Not only will it not trample on the grassland , It can also promote plant regeneration and fertilization 、 Reduce pests 、 The effect of reducing rat damage , It is the main regulator in the desert biological chain .

It has been listed in the national intangible cultural heritage list

Special ecological environment , It provides a natural growth paradise for camel, a unique animal species in desert and semi desert areas .

Historical data show that , Alashan has more than 5000 Camel domestication history in , It is one of the earliest domestication sites of Bactrian camel . This makes the camel and desert ecological environment form a harmonious symbiotic and balanced relationship .

“ Alashans grow up with camels 、 Co migration , This derived and accumulated Alashan's unique sacrificial camel 、 The custom of raising camels of Mongolian nationality with camel racing and camel making technology as the main content , It has been listed in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage protection list .” Wang Lixing said .

Alashan League pastoral area, Inner Mongolia , Herdsmen led camels to show . Photography / Zhang Ke

Wang Lixing introduced , Camels are the history of nomads 、 Topics in the economic and ecological fields , It is also one of the cultural symbols of Alxa . For nearly a century , The human animal interaction mode represented by camel transportation, a unique mode of transportation , He has made external contacts in Alxa region 、 Material exchanges and economic and cultural exchanges play an important role .

Dalintai, a researcher at churiya pastoral area ecological research center in Inner Mongolia, told the first financial reporter , Goats on the grassland 、 sheep 、 cattle 、 Horses and camels have different feeding preferences . On the grassland , Mongolian herdsmen emphasize that there are five kinds of livestock , Mix and match your different breeds , It's an art , It is also a professional economic requirement . The closer we get to the desert , The more horses and camels there are ; The closer to the market , The more sheep and goats there are .

Statistics display ,1982 year , Alashan Bactrian camel reaches 251472 peak . thereafter , Due to the long breeding cycle and low breeding efficiency of camels , The number of camels in the league has increased by nearly 20 Continued decline in ,2003 The annual stock is only 5.59 Wanfeng .

Wang Lixing introduced , In recent years , With the introduction of national protection policies , The number of camels in Alashan League has gradually recovered .2018 According to the data of animal husbandry census in summer 2004 , The number of camels in Alashan League has been restored to 12 Wanfeng .

Camel industry has huge business opportunities

2017 year ,《 Guiding opinions of Alxa League administrative office on promoting the adjustment of economic structure in agricultural and pastoral areas and accelerating the development of advantageous and characteristic industrialization of agriculture and animal husbandry 》 And 6 Relevant supporting policies have been issued , Alxa Bactrian camel is positioned as a characteristic industry in high-end animal husbandry .

Wang Lixing 、 Ren Yuxia has investigated the number and income of camel breeding in Alxa area . data display ,2020 year , The local camel meat market price 50 element / About a kilogram 、 Camel milk 70 element / About a kilogram 、 Camel hair 55 element / About a kilogram . To breed 100 Camel calculation , The net income of camel products can reach 15 Ten thousand yuan or so .

at present , Alashan League feeds 20~400 Camel herders have 2000 Yuhu , Yes 74 A professional cooperative involves the camel industry , Members 1624 Household . The government has built a standardized scale milk source base of camel raising professional cooperatives by means of civil construction and public assistance, exceeding 10 home , Support the ecological pasture for breeding Bactrian camels 108 Household .

Yabuli Town, Alxa Right Banner has 5 A Gacha , First financial reporter learned , this 5 A Gacha is building “ One village, one product ” New pattern of characteristic industries : Nuri gaigacha relies on desert natural resources to build jiukeshu scenic spot ; Yihe hutuggacha relies on the construction of milk station and roadside advantages , Develop camel industry 、 Build a camel team tourist post station ; Badan Jilin Gacha relies on the natural advantages of Shahai to develop tourism industry . In these Gacha , Camels play an important role .

Bayinta haigacha, alateng OBO Town, Alxa Right Banner established tuowang agricultural and animal husbandry professional cooperative , Built a milking room 、 Camel ring 、 Forage room, office room and other infrastructure . At present, the cooperative has camels 300 Multi peak , Milking female camel 200 Multi peak , We also buy milking female camels and raise them in the base , Increase Gacha's collective economic income .

“ Everyone just needs to take a stake in camels , Dividends will be paid at the end of the year .” Bayintao haigacha Party branch secretary Liu Jingyuan introduced , The way of raising a camel is one camel a year 1000 A dividend of $ , Camel milk base pays to Gacha every year 3 The rent of 10000 yuan .

Alashan League, Inner Mongolia City Scenery . Photography / Zhang Ke

According to the first financial reporter , Many domestic businesses have also found huge business opportunities in camel industry in recent years .

at present , Alxa League has camel hair products processing enterprises 6 home 、 Camel meat processing enterprise 10 home 、 Biotechnology and functional product enterprises with camel products such as blood fat as raw materials 3 home 、 Camel tourism and cultural enterprises 8 home 、 Camel milk processing enterprises and cooperatives 11 home .

Up to now , Alxa Right Banner relies on desert and sandy resources , It has cultivated and formed a characteristic agriculture and animal husbandry dominated by camel industry , The annual output value of camel industry has reached 1.3 One hundred million yuan , The income from raising camels accounts for the net income of farmers and herdsmen 50% above .

Build around “ National camel industry R & D and production base ” The goal of , In recent years, Alxa Right Banner has also strengthened scientific research and Research on camel product research and development , The first camel Research Institute in China was established —— Inner Mongolia camel Research Institute , And was approved as an autonomous region level academician expert workstation . at present , It is actively applying for the national camel Research Institute .

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