The sales of new energy vehicles continued to improve: the industry boom continued to rise

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sales new energy vehicles continued

New energy vehicle 7 Monthly sales are bright . Today's news from the passenger Union ,7 In June, the wholesale sales of new energy passenger vehicles reached 24.6 Thousands of cars , rose 5.1%, Year-on-year growth 202.9%.1-7 Monthly wholesale of new energy passenger vehicles 133.9 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 227.4%. Data display of Ministry of Commerce , New energy vehicles drive the growth of automobile exports ,1-7 month , Automobile exports increased year-on-year 102.5%, The growth rate hit a record high in the same period , Increase the overall export growth rate 0.6 percentage .

Market performance , The new energy vehicle index has risen in recent January 5.89%, Significantly outperformed Shanghai and Shenzhen in the same period 300 Index (-0.52%), Godsend material 、 Jiangling automobile 、 Double ring drive 、 Rio tinto's group 、 Shuanglin Co., Ltd 、 Putailai 、 BYD The cumulative rise exceeded 10%.

Ping An Securities reported today that , With the increase of policy and auto enterprises , The penetration of new energy vehicles in the global market is ushering in a new round of acceleration , The industry boom continues to rise . Galaxy Securities previously pointed out that , Under the stimulation of higher than expected growth in production and sales and favorable policies , The prospect of new energy vehicle industry chain and the certainty of future development trend are constantly improving . In the downstream lithium battery industry chain, the demand continues to increase , The upstream lithium salt supply side is limited by the shortage of lithium concentrate and the pricing mode of lithium concentrate may change, driving the soaring price of lithium ore and cost support , Lithium salt prices are also expected to rise significantly in the third quarter .

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