Next year, a series of new generation electric vehicles will be launched, and the electrification process of BBA in the United States will be accelerated

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year series new generation electric

According to foreign media reports , German luxury car brand Mercedes Mercedes BMW and audi , It will start next year , Launch a series of new generation electric vehicles in the United States .

In order to meet the more stringent and costly emission reduction targets set by Europe and China , The automobile industry is transforming to electrification on a large scale , The German luxury car companies mentioned above are only some members . Last month, , Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes Benz, said it was accelerating its transformation to zero emission vehicles . The company expects to 2022 to 2030 Annual investment exceeds 470 Billion beauty element Develop pure electric vehicles . Next year, , Mercedes Benz will launch up to three pure electric multi-purpose vehicles and an electric medium-sized car in the United States .

And BMW will 2022 It was first released in the first quarter of 2013 BMW i4 and BMW iX Parameters picture ) Two electric models of medium-sized crossover vehicles . BMW's outgoing CEO in North America Bernhard Kuhnt Promise , To 2026 BMW in the American market 1/4 Sales will come from electric vehicles . to 2025 year , The automaker's electric vehicle delivery in the United States is expected to increase by 50% The rise of . meanwhile ,Mini Automobile is planning to develop future electric vehicles and crossover vehicles to cope with the rapid decline of the company's sales .

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Audi hopes to pass on its electric car E-tron Expansion of the lineup of series models , To accelerate the transformation of the brand to pure electric products . Audi announced this year , The company will launch the 2033 Sales of internal combustion engine models were stopped in , And will be 2026 In, we stopped developing new gasoline engines . This means , Leave it to the brand's existing cars 、 Sports coupe and crossover car lineup time , There is less than one complete product cycle left . When the , As more pure electric vehicles will come , The brand will update most of its existing gasoline powered vehicle lineup , And the above models 8 Short term extension of the product cycle of .

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