Krypton established an automobile sales and service company with a registered capital of 10 million yuan

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krypton established automobile sales service

Companies check APP Show ,8 month 6 Japan , Hangzhou Polar krypton Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. was established , The legal representative is Zhao Yuhui , The registered capital 1000 ten thousand element RMB , The scope of business includes : New energy vehicle sales ; Sales of electric accessories for new energy vehicles ; Auto parts retail ; Minibus rental and operation services ; Used car dealers ; Charging pile sales, etc .

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Enterprise inspection equity penetration display , The company is wholly owned by Zhejiang jikrypton Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd , The chairman of the latter is Li Shufu . This year, 3 month , geely Automobile Holding Co., Ltd. announced the establishment of polar krypton company , The company is owned by Geely motors 、 Geely Holding Group Co invested and established . among , Geely motor shares 51%, Geely Holding Group holds 49%.7 At the beginning of , Geely Automobile withdrew from the shareholders of krypton Automobile Co., Ltd , Shanghai Huapu Guorun Automobile Co., Ltd. was added as the shareholder , After this equity change , Krypton auto is wholly owned by China Resources . meanwhile , Geely motor's board of directors announced , For the development of krypton brand , Krypton group has entered into CEVT Acquisition agreement 、 Vast energy acquisition agreement and Ningbo Weirui subscription agreement , To acquire 、 Assets and technologies required for the production and sale of electric vehicles .

From the recent continuous actions of Geely and krypton , Geely's desire to develop high-end new energy brands is particularly urgent .

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