Improving the performance of electric vehicles Castrol on series electronic oil

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improving performance electric vehicles castrol

Castrol, UK (Castrol) Announced the launch of for electric vehicles (EV) New brand of advanced fluids Castrol ON. This series includes electronic transmission oil 、 Electronic coolant and electronic grease . among , Advanced electronic transmission oil helps to extend the service life of the power train , And increase the range of electric vehicles . Electronic coolant can improve heat management , Keep the battery cool even under extreme conditions , So that it can withstand ultra fast charging (>150kw). Electronic grease can minimize the temperature peak , Improve the durability of components , While reducing weight , Make electric vehicles run more efficiently .

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Just like Castrol Accelerating the EVolution Determined by the Institute ,Castrol ON Electronic oil (e-Fluids) Help to bring the automotive industry closer to the three critical points of mainstream electric vehicle applications , namely 31 Minutes of charging time 、469 Kilometers and 36,000 beautiful element The price of .

As governments announced an accelerated ban on the sale of new internal combustion engines (ICE) automobile , And to 2050 year , The global 80% All passenger cars may be electric cars , Car manufacturers are constantly trying to , To reach the above critical point and ensure that electric vehicles can meet consumers' expectations .Castrol ON The product line will help to improve the performance and performance of electric vehicles “ Turn on the electric future ”.

Except for “ First fill ” Advanced application e-Fluids series , Castrol has also developed an electronic oil for the workshop Castrol ON e-Transmission Fluid E1, And will 2021 Annual direction BYD Workshops in China provide .

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Castrol senior vice president President Mandhir Singh Express :“ For more than a century , Technology and product innovation has always been the core of Castrol . We continue to create better products , To meet the dynamic and changing needs of customers . Through our accelerated development (Accelerating the EVolution) The report , We are sure that electric vehicles will be very promising 、 Charging faster , And have better economic benefits .Castrol ON The series can provide... For vehicles e-Fluids, To overcome a series of challenges . By using Castrol's vast technical expertise , We are helping shape the future of transportation .”

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