Volkswagen may launch id.2 small electric SUV, which will use lithium iron phosphate battery cell

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volkswagen launch id.2 id small

According to foreign media reports , The public Will launch a small low-cost pure electric SUV, The new model will be named ID.2. It is reported that , The car is likely to be produced in Spain together with the SIAT brand .

in the past 3 Mid year , Volkswagen Group has been developing low-cost MEB Platform pure electric vehicle , Volkswagen brand ID.3 and skoda Enyaq And other models use this platform . The group's project is called MEB Entry, Is expected in the future 10 In the middle of the year, the project will be for the public 、 Skoda and SIAT brands have added at least 4 New models .

According to the naming law of Volkswagen brand ,ID.1 and ID.2 Will be a super small SUV And a small SUV. Volkswagen Group recently said ,ID.2 Will take the lead in landing on the market , It is expected that the car will be in 2025 Release before the end of the year .

although ID.2 It also needs to be 4 It will take years to officially release , But the public is likely to announce its appearance soon . not long ago , Head of Volkswagen brand Ralf Brandst?tter In an interview, he said , The new model may appear at the Munich auto show as early as next month , But then it will appear in the form of a concept car . He said , A new car “ The price is about 2 Thousands of European element , It has a compact structure , And it has features you can't imagine in this level of vehicle ”.

aesthetic ,ID.2 The length of the front and rear overhangs will be reduced as much as possible , To give full play to the advantages of pure electric platform , Achieve a longer wheelbase , And more interior space . The overall length and height of the car should be the same as Tukai Parameters picture )(T-Cross) be similar , But the space inside the car will be similar to the larger probe song (T-Roc) Quite a .

In order to meet the needs of consumers with different budgets ,ID.2 And others MEB Entry The model will provide batteries of different capacities . The lowest selling price ID.2, Its battery capacity may be only 30 KWH , The range is about 120 miles ( about 193 km ). And the most expensive version , Can provide 45 Available battery capacity in kwh , Mileage to 180 miles ( about 289 km ).

by comparison , And ID.2 Signs of the same level e-2008 Provides 45 Available battery capacity in kwh ,WLTP The endurance mileage under working conditions is 206 miles ( about 331 km ), The car sells for... In the UK 30,730 pound ( enjoy 2,500 After the pound subsidy ). therefore ,ID.2 The price needs to be much lower than this level , To get the favor of consumers .

The main factors affecting the price , Cell technology, of course . Earlier this year , The public announced “ Unified battery ” Platform plan , And said the plan could save up to 50% Cost of . But the company's head of battery technology Frank Blome Express , Although the company plans to use a standardized battery housing design , But vehicles with different prices , It is possible to use different battery chemicals .

ID.2 It is likely that lithium iron phosphate will be used (LFP) Electric core . Compared with the more common nickel cobalt manganese and nickel cobalt aluminum ternary cells ,LFP It was thought that the energy density was lower . But not long ago , In order to avoid the cost increase caused by the rising price of nickel raw materials , Tesla began to use more LFP Electric core , The popularity of this battery chemical composition is also beginning to become higher and higher .Blome Express :“ This kind of battery is cheap and durable . It can withstand many charging cycles , This makes it very suitable for short endurance vehicles .”

Now it's almost certain ,ID.2 It will be produced in the Spanish factory together with the models of SIAT and Skoda . Volkswagen plans to build in Europe 6 A cell factory , The company confirmed last month that , The third factory will be located in Spain .

Earlier this year , President of SIAT Wayne Griffiths Express :“ We hope from 2025 Year begins , In matorell (Martorell) The factory produces... Every year 50 Ten thousand city electric vehicles . In terms of potential sales in Spain , Urban electric vehicle will be a huge project .”

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