Put on sports equipment and expose Tucson l n-line declaration map

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sports equipment expose tucson n-line

[ Car home   Domestic spy photos ]  recently , We got a set of Modern Tucson ( Parameters | inquiry )L N-line Declaration chart of the model , It is not difficult to guess from the way of naming , The new car will be equipped with a richer look package , Create a stronger athletic style .

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We can see from the picture , The new car will provide more options on the basis of the ordinary model , And optimize some details more in favor of sports style . such as , The new car will be equipped with a black exterior rearview mirror , Besides , The new car will also be equipped with reversing radar .

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besides , In order to further highlight the motion properties of the vehicle , The new car will also provide different styles of front surround for consumers to choose , The strong silver shield can make the vehicle more wild , meanwhile , The internal structure of trapezoidal air duct will also change significantly . Besides , The two-color roof design will continue to appear on new cars , Show the personalized style of the vehicle .

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Besides , As a sports model , The new car will provide more radical wheel rims for option , meanwhile , The window frame is designed in black , Replaced the previous chrome plated material , It can further improve the sense of motion of the vehicle . Besides , The front fender of the new car will also be equipped with N-Line The logo , Define the motion positioning of the vehicle .

motivation , The new car will continue to be equipped with one 1.5T The engine , According to the declaration information , The maximum power of the engine is 147 kw (200 horsepower ).( writing / Car home Andy du )

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