Announcement of model application drawing of Nezha u Pro lithium iron phosphate version

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announcement model application drawing nezha

[ Car home Domestic spy photos ]  recently , Ministry of industry and information technology announced Which zha U( Parameters | inquiry ) Pro Application drawing and information of lithium iron phosphate battery model . New car powertrain and cash Nezha U Pro The medium and low configuration models are the same , The most powerful 120kW, Because the new car is replaced with lithium iron phosphate battery , Therefore, the range is bound to change , However, at present, the declared information has no endurance mileage .

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Cash Nezha on sale U Pro Yes 400、500 as well as 610 Three series models , Its NEDC The endurance ranges are 400km、500km as well as 610km; Dynamic part ,610 Series models are equipped with maximum power 150kW, Peak torque 310N・m Motor , Other models are equipped with maximum power 120kW, Peak torque 210N・m Motor . The new car will be equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery pack from honeycomb energy technology , Range unknown , But thanks to lithium iron phosphate batteries , New car prices are expected to fall again .

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The appearance design of the new car is consistent with that of the current model , But the rear of the car is different from the current ternary lithium model “Pro” identification . In addition, from the matching information , New cars or halogen light sources 、 No skylight 、 The configuration version without panoramic image is optional , This will undoubtedly further drive down the starting price of the model . Cash Nezha U Pro The price range of commercial models is 9.98-15.98 Ten thousand yuan , How much do you think the lithium iron phosphate version is appropriate ?( writing / Car home You Dongqing )

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