Foreign media: Tesla Shanghai R & D center is nearing completion, and the $25000 car is about to be put into production

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foreign media tesla shanghai center

【TechWeb】8 month 11 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , Tesla's R & D center in Shanghai is nearing completion , Seems ready to go into operation .


As early as 2020 year 1 month , Tesla announced , It will open a design and R & D center in China , In order to better serve China, one of its largest electric vehicle markets .

at that time , Tesla mentioned this plan on its official wechat , And said the company is recruiting designers and other workers to make “ Chinese style ” Tesla cars .

This year, 1 month , The media reported that , Tesla set up an engineering R & D center in China , And is recruiting engineers on a large scale 、 Designers, etc . Some people speculate that , Tesla's move is to expand the Chinese market , A smaller model may be launched for the Chinese market 、 New models with lower prices , The price of this model is about 2.5 Thousands of dollars .

Now , The media reported that , Tesla's R & D center in China is located in Shanghai , The R & D center is nearing completion . It is reported that , The R & D center is the company's first R & D center outside the United States , Still recruiting , Recruitment positions include automotive design 、 Automotive Software 、 Hardware design engineering 、 Materials engineering 、 powertrain / Energy Engineering 、 R & D engineering, operation and automotive engineering .

As the R & D center is ready to go into operation , tesla 2.5 The $million auto R & D project is getting closer to production . Earlier this month , Rumors from reliable sources suggest that , Tesla China has completed this highly anticipated 2.5 A prototype of a $10000 car . lately , Chinese sources said , This car will enter the trial production stage as early as the end of this year .( Little fox )