Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. There were still camels walking at the scene of the accident

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yu yuexian died car accident.

8 month 9 Number , TV play 《 Rural love 》“ Thank you ” Actor Yu Yuexian was in a car accident while working in Alashan, Inner Mongolia , Unfortunately, he died because of his severe injury , At the age of 50 year . The bad news came , Everyone's first reaction should be incredible ! From now on ,《 Rural love 》 No thanks, big foot !

Yu Yuexian because “ Thank you ” One corner is well known and recognized by the audience , Little imagine , She was 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 As in “ Chen Wuzhen ” Is a real and classical beauty . She used to have the appearance of a current flow Xiaosheng , Now her career is booming , However , Tomorrow and the accident , Always don't know which comes first .

Mention the accident , I have to think of another star , He is a Hu Ge with both beauty and charm .

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