Application drawing of new Roewe rx5 Max exposed by split headlamp unit

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application drawing new roewe rx5

[ Car home   Domestic spy photos ] recently , We obtained the new Roewe from the latest issue of the Ministry of industry and information technology RX5 MAX Declaration chart . The new car adopts a new design style , The overall visual effect is more sharp .

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aesthetic , The new car adopts a new design style , Dot matrix elements are added to the interior of the large front grille for decoration , With split headlight set , Make the new car look wild . meanwhile , The rib line raised by the front engine compartment cover , It also improves the sporty smell of the car .

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In the tail , Compared with the sharp shape of the front of the car, it is relatively “ simple ” some . The polygonal tail lamp group is connected by a chrome plated trim strip , Match with the large trapezoidal built-in license plate area below , Enrich the visual hierarchy of the car . meanwhile , Two - sided exhaust layout , It also makes the car look more sporty .

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In terms of new car size , Its length, width and height are respectively 4676/1875/1725mm, The wheelbase is 2760mm. motivation , The new car will be equipped with the model produced by Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd 15C4E Of 1.5T The engine , The maximum power is 133 kw . More about new cars , We will continue to pay attention .( writing / Car home Zhouyi )

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