What is the function of "skylight"? Many car owners don't know until they are scrapped. It's a waste

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function skylight car owners don

Many car owners will struggle with various configuration problems when buying a car , Skylight is one of them . Some car owners spent a lot of money to buy a belt Window car Son , In the eyes of many people, this is a decoration without much use . before , The sunroof is just a configuration on some medium and high-end cars , There are no ordinary cars at all . Now? , Many ordinary cars are equipped with car skylights , The configuration is more comprehensive . But few people know how to use it , Because many people have never paid attention to its function . What is the function of the sunroof , Today, let's talk about !


1. Interior daylighting

When the weather is fine , Open the sunroof during driving , There is plenty of light in the car , Will look brighter and wider , It also helps to enjoy the scenery outside .

2. Ventilation

The main function of the skylight is ventilation , Due to the principle of negative pressure , The sunroof can extract the exhaust gas from the car , Of course , The exhaust doesn't slip in through the skylight . When driving at high speed , Open the side window , It's uncomfortable to face the wind , But the wind coming in from the skylight is relatively mild , The ventilation effect is also better .


3. Reduce fog and noise

It rains a lot , Seasons with large temperature difference , The front windshield is always prone to fog during driving , Affect the driver's line of sight . But we just have to tilt a vent behind the sunroof , It can achieve the effect of rapid demisting , At the same time, you don't have to worry that the rain will be blown into the car .

in addition , Driving at high speed , Open the sunroof for ventilation , The wind resistance and wind noise are much smaller than those of the side windows .

4. Rapid cooling in summer

High temperature in summer , As long as the car is exposed to the sun , The temperature inside the car will rise sharply , Open the door , Just a hot breath came to my face . At this time, we don't have to hurry to turn on the air conditioner to cool down , Open the skylight first , Use the negative pressure formed during driving to speed up the discharge of hot gas , The cooling effect will be quite obvious .


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