Millet rollover, why no one questioned Qualcomm?

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millet rollover questioned qualcomm

Xiao dragon 888 Severe fever has been discussed for a year , Qualcomm has yet to respond positively . So arrogant , Maybe it's because 5G After the fall of Huawei, the biggest competitor of the times , Qualcomm Xiaolong series has almost become the only choice for high-end Android machines .


It's hot this summer , millet 11 It's also hot , Qualcomm Xiao dragon 888 Hotter .

In recent days, , millet 11 The heat problem has become the focus , Caused by heat wifi fault 、 The motherboard is damaged 、 Problems such as signal cut-off broke out intensively , According to several media reports , The number of rights protection group of a Xiaomi user has exceeded 1800 people .

millet 11 The problem is still being dealt with , Relevant refund policies have also been introduced , millet 11 The specific problems of the model still need to be observed , But its chip Qualcomm snapdragon 888 Obviously, I can't escape the blame .

Since release , Xiaolong carried by major mobile phone manufacturers 888 A considerable part of the models have been exposed to heat problems , Xiao dragon 888 Also known by netizens as “ Big fire dragon ” The title of .

Despite the fierce dragon 888 The fever problem is serious , But as Huawei gradually withdrew from the chip market , Android flagship mobile phone chips have almost become Qualcomm's exclusive business , You don't have to , What kind of ?

But in recent days, , Qualcomm releases third quarter results , Results show that , Qualcomm's third quarter revenue was 80.60 Billion dollars , Compared with the same period last year 48.93 Billion dollar growth 65%; Net income of 20.27 Billion dollars , Same period as last year 8.45 US $billion growth 140%.

Near monopoly in Android high-end chips , Maybe Qualcomm hasn't spoken to Xiaolong yet 888 The confidence to respond to the heating problem , Moreover, no Chinese mobile phone manufacturer dared to stand up and publicly express its dissatisfaction with Qualcomm's chip fever .

This is the advantage of monopoly .

01、 Qualcomm Xiao dragon 888, You're hot

Xiao dragon 888 The problem of fever has a long history , Lu Jiu financial discovery , Wait for the platform in the post bar , Including Meizu 18、 samsung GalaxyS21U、 OnePlus 9 Pro Including many models equipped with Xiaolong 888 Consumers of all mobile phones reported that there was a fever problem .

In Baidu Post Bar community , Many mobile phone users make complaints about their phone fever. . Post Bar netizen “ Why 、 So concerned about ” Samsung S21 ultra The upper left corner is hot when running the game ( The motherboard of this mobile phone is in the upper left corner )、 Post Bar netizen “tangweijun225” Meizu 18 There is also a heating problem in use :“ Watch the video 、 Playing games is hot 、 Brush the video to indicate that the temperature is too high and start jamming .”

On Zhihu platform , Know user “ The lost brocade year ” Express :“ One plus control of heat dissipation has not been the first echelon , Plus Xiaolong 888, OnePlus 9 Pro It's even hotter .” The user told Lu Jiu finance :“ OnePlus 9 Pro It's a little hot when playing games , It's very hot to play when charging .”

On zhihu , Such as “ Everyone says Xiaolong 888 Severe fever , Not as good as 870, Useful 888 Can you tell me ?” Your questions have been answered 24.4 Ten thousand views , and “ Xiao dragon 888 Can I buy my mobile phone , I'm a little confused and say 888 Serious rollover ?” The problem has been solved 44.9 Ten thousand views .

In the video platform B In the middle of the station , a section 20 Of a second “ Xiao dragon 888 And 865 Actual measurement of heating ” The video of 3 All amount of play , Even ZTE officials B The station numbers are all typed out “ Worry about Xiaolong 888 High calorific value ?” To promote their ZTE Axon30Pro product .

Widespread heating problem , Also let Xiaolong 888 To be ridiculed as “ Big fire dragon ”.

Xiao dragon 888 How hot ? According to video up Main rice evaluation test display , Including Samsung 21U、 millet 11、 OnePlus 9 Pro、 meizu 18 Inside 8 Xiaolong 888 The model is passing 10 Minutes after simulated daily use test , The maximum temperature has been reached 41 degree . And under the same conditions , Carrying a fierce dragon 865、 Xiao dragon 870、 kirin 9000 Many models are in 40 Below degree .

And in the game test , Run the game 《 Protogod 》, Image quality fully open for use 15 Minutes later ,8 Xiaolong 888 The maximum temperature of the models has exceeded 45 degree , Meizu 18 And Meizu 18Pro The maximum temperature of 49.7 Degree and 49.8 degree . Except for fever , Several models have brightness reduction 、 Drop frame phenomenon , It is equipped with Xiaolong 865 Red rice K40 The frame rate performance is better than that equipped with Xiaolong 888 Red rice K40 Pro, Also ridiculed by netizens as “ reverse Pro”.

First view founder Wu Maolin to Xiaolong 888 We also agree with the general problem of fever :“ In our test , The only thing that can hold down Xiaolong 888 It should be Nubian Red Devils 6, Because I brought a small fan , Of course, this is also a kind of cheating .” 

02、 The process cannot be pressed 888 Large nucleus of ?

For Xiao dragon 888 My car overturned , At present, there are mainly Samsung 5nm Process problems and super large nuclear architecture problems .

One of the accused is Samsung 5nm process .

Because Apple monopolized TSMC last year 5nm capacity , Qualcomm has no choice but to choose Samsung as the OEM .

As the first to use Samsung 5nm The chip of Technology , Xiao dragon 888 The fever was accused with Samsung 5nm Related to process problems . According to the evaluation of geek Bay, a digital Blogger , After the game with the same conditions is used , kirin 9000 And apple A14 Two TSMC 5nm The average chip power consumption of the chip is 2.9W and 2.4W, And Samsung 5nm The dragon of Technology 888 by 4.0W.

According to the recent Taiwan media Digitimes Analysis of , In terms of transistor density , TSMC 5nm The process can only achieve 1.73 Billion transistors , lower than Intel Of 7nm Process of 1.8 Billion transistors ; Samsung's technology is even more backward ,5nm The process only reaches 1.27 Billion transistors .

In addition to Samsung's technology , Another accused is Xiaolong 888 Super large core architecture . In Xiaolong 888 At the beginning of publication , Lei Jun also used his microblog as his platform :“ This is the first time that the Android camp has a real super core ,X1, The area is A78 Of 2.3 times .”

But extreme performance comes with extreme heat , Wu Maolin thinks Xiaolong 888 The heat of has little to do with the foundry :“888 and 865 There are great differences in the design concept of large core , Xiao dragon 888 Add the concept of super large core , Significantly improved performance , But the improvement of the process is not so obvious , Eventually, the heat of the large nucleus cannot be pressed , Whether it's VC Heat dissipation is also through other so-called heat dissipation methods .”

Lu Jiu financial consulted Qualcomm and Samsung on the causes of fever , But no reply has been received . 

03、 Huawei falls , Qualcomm benefits

Despite the fierce dragon 888 Frequent exposure to heat problems , However, this does not hinder the hot performance of Qualcomm .7 month 29 Japan , Qualcomm releases third quarter results , Results show that , Qualcomm's third quarter revenue was 80.60 Billion dollars , Compared with the same period last year 48.93 Billion dollar growth 65%; Net income of 20.27 Billion dollars , Same period as last year 8.45 US $billion growth 140%. Due to performance exceeding expectations , Qualcomm's share price rose nearly 30% after hours 3%.

Qualcomm's rapid growth exceeded market expectations , But in reason . As Huawei gradually withdrew from the mobile phone market , The flagship phone equipped with Qualcomm chips has almost become the only choice for Android users . Compared with the monopoly of Android flagship by Huawei and Samsung in the past , Today's mobile phone market pattern is more favorable to Qualcomm .

This year, 1 New Qualcomm in June CEO Anmeng also said in a conference call after the release of the financial report :“ In the past, the market was highly concentrated , The current market situation is more favorable , We and Xiaomi 、OPPO、vivo There's a partnership . The current situation is much healthier , At least five comparable companies are promoting the high-end mobile phone market , Created an incredible opportunity for us .”

“ High concentration ” Our market has become “ Five families push together ”, Naturally, it is inseparable from the fading out of Huawei . Under multifaceted sanctions , Huawei mobile phone shipments fell one after another , According to the Canalys data display , stay 2020 Fourth quarter of , Huawei's shipments fell out of the top five for the first time . In the charts of some data institutions , Huawei has been classified as “others”. In the domestic market , millet 、OPPO、vivo And other manufacturers gradually took over Huawei's share , These manufacturers are Qualcomm's customers .

The fall of Chinese giants has also given Qualcomm a lot of confidence , Amun told Reuters in an interview :“ We will expand in the Chinese market .”

How much chip share does Huawei give up ? According to the Counterpoint data display ,2020 Second quarter , Huawei Hisilicon's share of the global smartphone chipset Market 16%, And come to 2021 First quarter , Huawei Hisilicon's share is only left 5%.

Sun Yanbiao, a chaodian think tank, made a rough estimate for Lu Jiu finance and economics :“ Share of Huawei's withdrawal , The main beneficiaries are apple and Qualcomm , Qualcomm has almost achieved the equivalent of 5% Global chip market share .”

As Huawei's remaining inventory of chips gradually runs out , Huawei will further give up its chip share . In a conference call after Qualcomm announced its third quarter results , Said Akash parsivala, chief financial officer of Qualcomm , Qualcomm does not have the ability to accurately estimate Huawei's exit 100 How much of the $100 million market can be divided by Qualcomm , But they are confident that 9 We got some of these shares this quarter . 

04、 Can Qualcomm's position be shaken in the short term ?

Despite the heat problem , But it doesn't hinder Xiaolong 888 It's out of stock . According to Sina Financial News , Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi group, said :“ If not Xiaolong 888 Shortage ,( millet 11 Series of mobile phone ) Sales will far exceed this figure (300 ten thousand ).”

With the first batch of Xiaolong 888 More and more mobile phones are on the market , Qualcomm has also created rapid growth . According to local time 3 month 28 Qualcomm's second quarter results released on the th , Qualcomm's total revenue in the second quarter was 79.35 Billion dollars , Year-on-year growth 52%; Net income of 17.62 Billion dollars , Year-on-year growth 276%.

With Kirin 9000 Gradually deplete inventory , Samsung Orion is not supplied on a large scale , Xiao dragon 888 Almost Android 5nm The only choice in process chip . At Samsung 、vivo、OPPO、 Xiaomi and other major mobile phone manufacturers are among the latest top equipped flagship phones , Almost all use Xiaolong 888 chip .

But that doesn't mean Qualcomm can't be shaken . From the data of mobile phone shipments in recent years , A considerable part of Huawei's lost share was eaten by apple , It can be seen that in the high-end machine market , There is no absolute barrier between Android users and Apple users .

Android camp , Although Qualcomm is the king of high-end flagship aircraft , But in terms of total sales , MediaTek is in 5 The month briefly surpassed Qualcomm . According to the CINNO Research data display , This year, 5 month , The United Nations Development Branch 870 Million shipments ranked first in the domestic market , Qualcomm 770 Wan is in second place .

From a longer scale, the growth of MediaTek will be more obvious . According to the Counterpoint data display , stay 2020 First quarter , MediaTek accounts for only half of the global smartphone chipset market share 24%, A year later 2021 In the first quarter of 2007, it reached 35%. In the same period , Qualcomm's market share has also declined 2%, from 31% Change into 29%.

Take Tianji as an example 1200 MediaTek's medium and high-end chips, represented by, are also making efforts , This year, 3 month ,realme The flagship of the launch GT Neo Officially equipped with Tianji 1200 processor , And achieved in 20 Sales breakthrough within days 20 Good results of 10000 units .

GT Neo The success of may encourage more manufacturers to use Tianji processors , According to foreign media 91mobiles The news of , Recently one vivo The new model appeared on a running platform , The new model is equipped with Tianji 1200 processor , There is a view that this mobile phone is vivo X70.

Of course , On the high-end flagship chip , MediaTek still lags far behind Qualcomm in competitiveness . In Xiaolong 888 Release 8 After a month , MediaTek has yet to launch its own 5nm chip .

The lack of competitiveness of competitors may be the suck of Qualcomm arrogance. . since 2020 Since its release at the end of the year , Xiao dragon 888 The fever problem has been going on for almost a year , Qualcomm has been slow to give a positive response .