Zhang Hanyun was scolded as a "bus" and fell in love with the sleeping scandal for 16 years. Now the King returns from a strong counter attack

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zhang hanyun scolded bus fell

Zhang Hanyun was scolded “ The bus ”, Sleep with gossip 16 After year , Now the strong counter attack King returns

The relationship in the entertainment industry is complex , All kinds of new things emerge one after another , Let the people eat melons with relish . Everyone has his own way of life , You don't know what you will be like in the future , But now you , The decision is in your hands , What kind of life do you want? It's up to you to work hard and create . The actress 15 Popular all over the country at the age of , She is Zhang Hanyun . her 15 Years old has won at the starting line , So good , The success of others is by no means accidental , It's the result of your own efforts .

Zhang Hanyun, who has artistic talent since childhood , When I grow up, I will enter the performing arts industry as I wish , But it's not good to enter the entertainment industry .《 Happy female voice 》 Zhang Hanyun's popularity rose sharply , The most popular program , Sweet song and face , There are countless fans , Loved by countless audiences . I thought Zhang Hanyun , Then it developed better . however , I didn't expect to be reported by interested people , Say she is “ The bus ”, Still sleeping with .

therefore , Zhang Hanyun's career has plummeted , Popularity disappeared .15 Zhang Hanyun is still reading , Popular she returned to school , Visited by many people , This atmosphere has been complained by many parents , The headmaster had to persuade her to drop out of school , Does not affect other students' learning .

Zhang Hanyun, caught in a scandal , Not only can't you go to school , And missed the college entrance examination . Soon , We didn't see Zhang Hanyun , Many people think she's been blocked ? But there is no real answer .

Zhang Hanyun disappeared 16 Years of time , As soon as it appeared, it surprised the audience , First of all 《 Near the border 》 in , All English dubbing is amazing , Then take part in the fire variety show 《 My sister 》 To shine , Zhang Hanyun proved herself again with her strength . And now Zhang Hanyun is no longer an ignorant girl , She grew up , Know more , She can resist any difficulty .

What others say about you , Don't contradict , Prove with your own strength , This is the real way to shut up a person . Now Zhang Hanyun surprised the audience , Become more beautiful , The temperament of the body can't move the eyes . Mature but also a little more charm , I hope Zhang Hanyun will get better and better in the future . Okay , That's all for the article , Don't pay attention to my friends. Pay attention to me , So as not to miss my latest article , It's also good to praise and encourage .

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