BYD denied supplying blade batteries to Tesla

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byd denied supplying blade batteries

8 month 11 Japan news : According to Phoenix. Com , BYD responded “ Blade battery supply Tesla ” Rumours of the , BYD said the company had never told the media that it would supply Tesla “ Blade battery ”, Also not indicated “ Blade battery ” Will be used for Model Y.

A few days ago , Media reports said , BYD will supply to Tesla in the second quarter of next year “ Blade battery ”. Currently equipped with “ Blade battery ” Tesla models have entered C Sample test stage .

The blade battery is BYD in 2020 year 3 month 29 Battery products released on the th . The battery adopts lithium iron phosphate technology , Will be carried first on “ han ” models . Compared with the traditional battery pack ,“ Blade battery ” Improved volume utilization 50% above , In other words, the range can be improved 50% above , It has reached the same level of high energy density ternary lithium battery .

But this year 6 End of month , Ningde Times announced , The company and Tesla on 2021 year 6 month 25 An agreement was signed on , It is agreed that the company will 2022 year 1 Month to 2025 year 12 Supply lithium ion power battery products to Tesla during the month .