Tesla Model y made in the United States began to install the standard HEPA filter of "biochemical weapon defense mode"

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8 month 11 Daily news : According to the electrek reports , With Model X And then Model S Launch , Tesla has begun to install large-scale equipment in its vehicles Hepa Grade air filter . Now Tesla has brought it with 「 Biological and chemical weapon defense mode 」 Of Hepa The filter is a new type of filter produced in Fremont factory Model Y electric SUV Standard configuration of .

Tesla officials claim that ,Model X The filter in is larger than that of an ordinary automobile 10 About times , And it's more effective than an ordinary car filter 100 times , Because it can remove 「 At least 99.97% Fine particles and gaseous pollutants , And bacteria 、 Viruses 、 Pollen and mold spores 」. When it runs at full speed , Tesla claims , It is powerful enough to resist the attack of biological and chemical weapons —— Therefore, the model is named biological weapons .

It is worth mentioning that , Made in China Model Y The filter and function have been equipped , Tesla took the lead in producing in China Model Y The filter and biochemical weapon defense mode are introduced in . Last month, , Tesla will produce Model Y Also replaced with a larger new filter .

Musk said , Tesla in Model3 There is no space to install a large enough Hepa Filters make 「 Biological and chemical weapon defense mode 」 Play a role , But bigger Model Y There is this space .

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