[test drive] shadow leopard vs civic, cheese or pizza?

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test drive shadow leopard vs

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Shadow leopard is a new force of domestic sports cars , Civic is the traditional benchmark in the joint venture brand , Two cars born in different times collide , It's not just sparks , But to see from the shadow leopard , Domestic brands should not only move the cheese of joint venture brands , But looking at the whole pizza .

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Among the new cars on the market recently , GAC motor shadow leopard is the most distinctive one ,6.95 Zero hundred second acceleration 、 Motion enhancement mode 、 Four outlet exhaust with electronic valve control 、 Ejection start mode 、 And a fighting look …… Shadow leopard's interpretation of sports compact car is very good . In addition, Su Bingtian, its spokesman, created 9 second 83 After the history of , Shadow leopard also adjusted the price of the entry-level car to 9.83 Ten thousand yuan , Welcome a wave of strong praise .

In contrast, domestic compact sports cars , Civic is definitely the representative of no other choice , after 10 The evolution of the next generation , It is the most successful product in the world . In the market , Various about civic “ myth ” It's also emerging in an endless stream , Formed an extremely large group of loyal fans .

But the development speed of independent brands is amazing , The performance it has 、 To configure 、 Materials and prices , It is difficult for joint venture brands to do , In this context , Can shadow leopard challenge the joint venture model of the same level represented by Civic ?

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